Husband Comes At Midnight/C18 Carelessness
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Husband Comes At Midnight/C18 Carelessness
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C18 Carelessness

I emptied my bag and rummaged through it, but I couldn't find the check.

I meticulously recalled all the details of the afternoon. From the moment I returned home, I came to Chenhuan, and I was certain that the cheque was still in my bag during this entire process.

When I slept at home, I locked the door from the inside. Xu Zhe didn't enter the room, and the bag never left me until I entered the Chenhuan Rest House. I locked the bag in the locker room.

Furthermore, Xu Zhe was afraid that I would give the cheque to Ms Lan the moment I entered the Chenhuan. This meant that Xu Zhe wouldn't have secretly taken the cheque; if it wasn't Xu Zhe, then Ms Lan would be the only one left to steal the cheque.

At this moment, I realized that I had been careless.

Ms Lan is the supervisor of Chenhuan, so she definitely has a spare key. It would be easy for her to open my locker to take my cheque.

However, I completely ignored this matter. At this moment, I was extremely vexed. I hated Ms Lan for her despicable actions, but at the same time, I was blaming myself for being careless.

I have to admit, I thought too simply of human nature!

Now that the cheque is gone, what can I take to return it to Master Gu. A hundred thousand yuan is not a small sum. If I told Master Gu that someone stole it, he would probably think that I was just putting on an act.

I don't know why, but the thought of him misunderstanding me made my heart hurt.

At the moment, my mind was even more confused than the mess of objects that I had emptied out of my bag and was lying in disarray.

Could it be that Ms Lan's group was going to take the money?

No, no!

I quickly put the things on the table back into my bag, opened the door, and went straight to the front desk.

I'm going to find Ms Lan. I'm going to question her face to face.

It's not my style to swallow my anger!

When I walked to the lobby, I coincidentally saw Xu Zhe talking to Ms Lan. Both of them didn't look too good.

Could it be that the loot was not evenly distributed? I walked over with a sneer in my heart.

Ms Lan saw me first before I got close to her. He reached out his hand to pull Xu Zhe, who was still talking, and signaled him to stop talking.

At first, Xu Zhe was a bit impatient, but when he saw me, his expression became unnatural again.

Originally, I could only confirm that the matter of the cheque being stolen had something to do with Ms Lan. As for Xu Zhe, I'm not sure if he knew or not.

At this time, looking at their expressions, I was sure that Xu Zhe was also involved.

"Xiaofang, why are you here? Weren't you accompanying Master Gu?"

Ms Lan asked unnaturally when she saw me walk up to her. In Chenhuan, people usually call me by my stage name. Even if Ms Lan knew my real name, she would only call me Xiaofang. This is the rule.

When Xu Zhe saw me, an expression of surprise flashed across his face. I didn't miss it.

He thought I was accompanying Master Gu and wouldn't have the time to appear here. He even watched the conversation between him and Ms Lan.

I ignored Ms Lan's question and said to Xu Zhe, "Xu Zhe, why are you still here? I have to reminisce about old times with my old lover, find a place and close the door, okay? "

To be honest, even if I don't really love Xu Zhe, I've been a husband and wife for more than a year. I'm not happy with him repeatedly slapping me in the face like this.

"Qiao Mu, I …"

Xu Zhe didn't know how to explain. His lips moved for a long time, but he could only say these few words.

Of course, if he was still able to say such obvious things, then he would be in trouble.

I coldly snorted and turned to Ms Lan, "Ms Lan, you're the one who took the one hundred thousand yuan cheque from me, right?"

I didn't like to beat around the bush. Since I decided to confront Ms Lan face to face, I didn't want to beat around the bush with her. I went straight to the point so that I wouldn't waste everyone's time.

Although I knew there was no surveillance in the lounge and Ms Lan definitely wouldn't admit it, I couldn't help but feel nervous.

Even if I knew that in the end I wouldn't be able to get the check back, I thought it would be nice to stab her in the face and make myself feel better.

"Xiaofang, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

Ms Lan's answer was exactly the same as what I expected, but that innocent expression of ridicule on the corner of her mouth made me feel that it was dazzling no matter how I looked at it.

I coldly said, "I left my bag in the locker in the lounge. The cheque inside is gone. You're the only one who has the spare key to the locker. If you didn't take it, who else could have?"

"What, Qiao Mu, are you saying that the one hundred thousand yuan check is missing!"

The moment I asked that question, Xu Zhe asked with a shocked expression.

This fellow's expression of surprise, I'm practically going to give him a perfect score.

"Hehe, Xu Zhe, aren't you tired of pretending?" I guess you were just discussing how to split the loot. "Let me guess, maybe you guys are unhappy because of the uneven distribution of the loot?"

I said with a sneer.

Xu Zhe disagreed, "Qiao Mu, what are you thinking about? I really don't know. Are you sure that the cheque is missing? Could it be that you accidentally hid it somewhere and forgot about it? Or did you intentionally say that the cheque had disappeared because you were afraid that I would ask you for it? "

"Xu Zhe, you really don't need to pretend. You're not tired, I'm tired from watching. If you don't know about this, even if you beat me to death, I won't believe it. "

"Qiao Mu, you, what are you talking about!"

Xu Zhe was a little embarrassed from what I said. Perhaps he didn't expect that the person who was usually warm and gentle like Tuntun would actually speak so sharply. To be honest, before today, I never spoke loudly in front of Xu Zhe again.

Perhaps it was because of this that he thought I was easy to bully.

"Ms Lan, I'll be honest with you. I told Master Gu to return the one hundred thousand yuan cheque. Now that you took it away, I can't explain to Master Gu."

I can see that Master Gu is not someone that Ms Lan can afford to offend. I hope that Ms Lan can weigh my words.

"Xiaofang, you are so funny. Which eye of yours saw that I took your cheque? The police handled the case with a lot of emphasis on evidence, and now that you're here, you don't have any evidence at all, so you're saying that I stole your cheque. "Who do you think I, Lan Qing, am? Do you think that if everyone loses something in the future, you'll have to come here to find it?"

"Yeah, Qiao Mu, Lan Qing isn't that kind of person. You'd better think about if you hid the cheque somewhere."

Xu Zhe chimed in on the side.

"You, shut up!"

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