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C3 Good Woman

In my mind, I vaguely recalled the scene from last night. Looking back at how the two of them were naked and facing each other honestly, I couldn't believe what I saw!

At that moment, I was not only surprised that I actually went to bed with her, but even more surprised that I had sexual aversion! How could all this have happened with him?

But what happened last night was so real. There was no resistance, no coercion, and even more so, I took the initiative.

I was stunned and confused.

"I know I'm handsome, but you don't have to look at me like that. Your gaze makes me think that I didn't feed you last night... You took the initiative last night, so it must have been a long time since we met.

His eyes were wide open as he lazily slept on his side on the bed. His brows were stiff, and his eyes were flickering with the light of prey. Even though I was speaking shamelessly, my expression was extremely cold. The effects of seeing and hearing were completely different, yet they were mixed together. It was very mystical, causing me to fall into a daze.

It wasn't until he pinched the flesh of my waist that I came to my senses. I hurriedly pushed him away, rolling and crawling until I accidentally rolled under the bed.


The floor was hard, and even though it was carpeted, I fell painfully and couldn't help but cry out.

Realizing that I was completely naked and that I couldn't care less about the pain, I grabbed a piece of clothing from the floor and covered my chest.

I picked up one of his shirts and, ignoring everything else, pulled it on and got up from the floor. On the floor, on the bed, on the sofa, more or less scattered fabric was scattered, indicating the intensity of last night's fighting.

"You're wearing my shirt, are you trying to seduce me?"

The man on the bed sneered as he watched me pick up my clothes one by one.

I glanced at him, and by then he was out of bed, leaning half against the back of the bed, and the quilt, as he rose, had slipped to the side of his waist, revealing his smooth chest. I quickly turned my head away, not daring to look at him.

"Master Gu, I'm only drinking with you in Chenhuan, I have never done anything else. I can't remember exactly what happened yesterday. However, this kind of thing can't be done easily. Since it has already happened, I don't want to pursue it any further. I hope that after we walk through this door, the two of us will walk on the opposite side of the road, and forget what happened yesterday! "

My face was cold and my voice was flat and flat, and I tried to make myself seem nonchalant about it. For this kind of man, sleeping with one or two girls would probably make them eager to stay far away from him.

Moreover, I always felt that the way he looked at me was extremely unusual. This man was too dangerous.

I found all my clothes, but there was one small item that I couldn't find at all. Kneeling on my knees, I looked down to see if I had fallen under some piece of furniture, but my bare, white buttocks were exposed to the man's eyes.

The man on the bed rolled his Adam's apple uncomfortably and joked, "Are you looking for the one in my hand?"

I straightened up and looked back at the small red object that he was gently swinging with the tip of his left index finger: Isn't that what I was looking for?

I flick, blush, and throw myself at him, trying to snatch him away, but he holds out his hand and I jump empty. As I lay on top of him, he chuckled and said, "If you want to, just say so."

I thought he was talking about my wife. "I want it. Give it to me."

I reached out to grab him, but he suddenly flipped over and pressed me down. "As you wish."

After saying that, his fingers directly lifted the hem of his shirt. Only then did I realize that he was trying to mislead me.

"I, I didn't mean that."

He scoffed. "A guy with different words and deeds."

His hands did not stop moving. Wherever his fingers went, sparks would be seen starting from the tip of his finger. It was as if stars were setting off a prairie fire.

In a hurry, I pressed his hand down. "I-I'm married."

I don't know why I said that, but I knew I had to stop it.

If I can console myself for last night's reaction to alcohol-stimulated hormone fermentation, I'll be too ashamed to let events unfold while my mind is completely clear.

Hearing my words, his movements paused for a short moment. His dark eyes were very deep, his thin lips were pursed slightly, and his face was expressionless. However, I felt that he was probably angry from the low pressure that was assaulting his body.

I think it's because of my words. He probably doesn't want to have anything to do with a married woman, so it's fine if he didn't know yesterday, but now that he knows, he'll probably lose all interest. He was still holding me down, but I wasn't so nervous anymore, as if I was sure he would stop.

"Oh, really, a good woman …" Before he could finish.

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