Husband Comes At Midnight/C8 There Is Nothing to Say
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Husband Comes At Midnight/C8 There Is Nothing to Say
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C8 There Is Nothing to Say

"She encouraged me to do it when I was drunk," she said.

Seeing my expression, Xu Zhe immediately pointed to the unhappy Ms Lan who was pushed by him and said: "Qiao Mu, believe me, I really have no other choice. The huge debt pressure is suffocating me, and I don't dare to let you know about the usury. He could only use the wine to quell his worries. After being bewitched by her, he was distracted for a moment. "

"Xu Zhe, you motherfucker!" You were the one who asked me to help you, and now that you have recovered, you actually dare to go back on your word! "

When Ms Lan heard Xu Zhe's excuse, she could not hold it in anymore and directly swore.

Xu Zhe did not want to be outdone, so he yelled at Ms Lan: "Lan Qing, shut up, I was really blinded by lard, that's why I listened to you and let Qiao Mu go to Chenhuan."

Then, she turned to me and said, "But, Qiao Mu, I clearly said that I would only let you drink with me to earn money." When I found out about you this morning, I came to see her so I could ask her what the hell was going on. What happened yesterday was all done behind my back by her to curry favor with Fifth Master Qin. I really don't know about it. "

Xu Zhe put on an innocent expression, and I scoffed, "Xu Zhe, like I said, I only want you to tell me the truth, and you still want to lie to me. If I didn't purposely say two hundred thousand as three hundred thousand, how could you be in such a hurry to find Ms Lan? When I first came in, the two of you were arguing over that hundred thousand yuan, and now you still dare to say that you don't know. Do you really think I'm stupid!? "

"Qiao Mu, it's really not what you think. I admit, I did use the website as an excuse to trick you to go to Chenhuan, but I swear, I did say it with her and only let you drink with me. If you didn't tell her this morning, I would still be in the dark. She said a hundred thousand just now because I knew she sold you. I couldn't hold back my anger anymore, so I asked her for the money. "Since what has happened has already happened, she should give us a portion of the money that we should get."

Listening to Xu Zhe make a face that seemed to take it for granted, I was stunned.

I looked at Ms Lan, who stood silently by the side after being yelled at by Xu Zhe. A trace of ridicule flashed in her eyes. Her expression was a little cold, as if she was sneering.

I don't know if it's because Xu Zhe spoke the truth that she didn't bother to refute it, or if it's because she reached an agreement with Xu Zhe that I didn't know about.

At this moment, Ms Lan remained silent.

I have to admit that Xu Zhe's acting skills are really superb. At least, at this moment, I am truly impressed from the bottom of my heart.

If at the beginning, I was subconsciously unwilling to believe Master Gu's words, then towards following Xu Zhe with the intention of proving his innocence, I hope that my situation isn't that terrible.

Then —

Now, under Xu Zhe's continuous evasion, I have to admit that my husband of more than a year is actually such a despicable villain.

I squeezed the check. I'm not a detective, and I've never learned microanalysis. I'm just an ordinary wife.

The truth is often worse than people think.

Although, at this moment, I still don't have the courage to face the truth head on, but I clearly know that everything Xu Zhe said is just to cover up the truth.

Seeing that I didn't make a sound, Xu Zhe anxiously grabbed my arm with both hands and said: "Qiao Mu, believe me, you are my wife. No matter how weak I am, I can't possibly rush to put on my green hat."

I still didn't react. Xu Zhe was unable to figure out what I was thinking and frowned. "Could it be that you really don't care about my explanation based on Master Gu's words alone?" Qiao Mu, I admit that I was wrong to look for other women behind your back. "However, no matter what, I am still a normal man. You should know your own illness well. Even if I've let you down, there's still a reason for it. You can't deny everything to me just because of this!"

After saying that, Xu Zhe seemed a little excited, unconsciously using his hands to press down on me.

My arms hurt from his grip, and I couldn't help but frown, but he was completely unconscious. He only looked at me anxiously, as if I was the one hundred thousand yuan.

I forcefully shook off his hands and coldly snorted. I turned to Ms Lan and said, "Ms Lan, tell me, what I want is the truth. If you can prove that Xu Zhe is not telling the truth, then this one hundred thousand yuan is yours."

Xu Zhe was a bit dissatisfied when he heard my words. He wanted to say something, but my eyes glared at him. He opened his mouth but did not dare to say anything in the end.

I think I underestimated the relationship between Xu Zhe and Ms Lan. I thought that since they would argue over that one hundred thousand yuan, they would definitely fall out over the one hundred thousand yuan in my hands.

What I didn't expect was that Ms Lan actually didn't do as I expected. She sneered and said, "Qiao Mu, so what if I did it, but I didn't put a knife to your neck, and I didn't tie you up and send you to the guest's bed. You did it with the guest yourself, so now you blame me instead. "What, you want to build a memorial archway after becoming a female cousin?"

She and Xu Zhe had a tacit understanding, even disagreeing with what I said.

Angry, I said to Ms Lan, "I have written the contract clearly in black and white. I am only responsible for serving the drinks. Every time I go to work, I take a few antidotes, and yesterday was no exception. If you hadn't secretly drugged my wine yesterday, I wouldn't have been so drunk. If you do this, you're not afraid that I'll sue you. "

"Heh," Ms Lan smirked and said with a smile that didn't reach her eyes, "Call me out. What are you going to complain about? Do you have any evidence that I drugged you yesterday?" Without any evidence, it would be known that you would become a laughingstock. If I were to sue you, hurry up and sue me. The one who will be humiliated when I see it will be you … "

"You!" "

I opened my mouth angrily and only said "you" before I stopped.

I have nothing to say to that!

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