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C11 Aghast

Mu Li smiled sinisterly, before waving his hand impatiently at the two women and said, "Release her, then get out of here."

With that, Mo Xiao finally regained her freedom, but her body was no longer under her control.

The speed at which the pill was taking effect was so fast that it shocked her.

Her consciousness was still somewhat clear, but she was still so powerless, as if she had been stranded on a beach. The feeling of helplessness made her feel like she was suffocating.

A strange feeling began to rise within her body. Heat was nothing but heat, and there were small worms swimming in her blood. She couldn't help but want to twist her body to get rid of that indescribable itchy feeling.

Then, a hand landed on her face, and her fingers rubbed her cheeks, "Look, she's still young, if I knew this would happen, then why would I try to be brave? Young master, it's been three days since I last tasted a woman, today you have to treat me, young master, or else I'll make you wish you were dead."

He really didn't know what to do. The current her was not a match for Mu Li, the heavens, quickly send a deity to save her, pray, pray for the deity to save her, as long as she was saved, she would be willing to become that deity's slave in the future. As long as it wasn't Mu Li, she hated that bastard.

However, Mu Li's hand didn't leave her face at all and continued to stroke her cheeks. "Look, your face is already red. If you want to, then get up and wait upon me, young master. "

Gritting his teeth, Mo Xiao wished he could kick him again. However, she couldn't control herself now, so she didn't have the strength to deal with this bastard in front of her.

"No …" "No, go away." She finally lifted her hand to take off the cloth in her mouth and shouted. However, the voice she made was not a roar, but a low moan. Mo Xiao knew that the one who was going to control him was not her, but the bad guy in front of him, Mu Li.

"Are you sure you don't want it?" The man lifted her chin. Looking at her alluring red lips, Mo Xiao felt disgusted. However, his body quivered out of instinct. That pill was getting more and more powerful.

"What are you trembling for?" Do you want it? " She was forced to look at his face. If he wasn't a scoundrel, Mu Li could be considered a handsome man. However, because of his reputation as a flower, he only made Mo Xiao feel disgusted.

"Don't... Go away... "Go away …" She pushed at his body in panic, but Mu Li's lips were slowly bending down. As long as it touched him, then …

Mo Xiao didn't dare to think further. She closed her eyes in fear. She was helpless.

Suddenly, the phone rang beside his ear. The hand on his chin loosened as Mu Li impatiently picked up the phone. "Why do you not know the rules? Why are you calling me at this time of the day?"

"Young Master, the old man is here."

What? Old Man Mu is here at such a critical time!"

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