Husband, Please Be Gentle/C12 Hug in the Bosom of Your Bosom
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Husband, Please Be Gentle/C12 Hug in the Bosom of Your Bosom
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C12 Hug in the Bosom of Your Bosom

"Little!" With a low growl, Mu Li had no choice but to stand up. He glanced at Mo Xiaoyu on the bed, put his hand on her face, and suddenly pinched, saying evilly, "Be good and wait for me. I'll be back soon."

"Howl …" Mo Xiao swallowed her saliva as well. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

The sound of the door opening and closing rang out in her ears, but in just a moment, only silence remained in the room. The itchiness was so unbearable that she had to support herself on the bed to stand up, and perhaps the cold water in the bathroom could cool down the fire burning in her blood, but she had no way to stand up, grit her teeth, and used all her strength to roll away.

Just as Mo Xiao was about to get up to go to the washroom, a shadow fell on her body. Mo Xiao also saw two legs. Her long legs made her raise her head for a long time before seeing the owner of those legs. It was actually him. "Ah …" Did she see a ghost? How could Mu Li's bedroom have seen Shui Junzhi? It must have been her eyes that were blurry, it must have been.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again. It was still him. He bit his lip, feeling pain. "Shui Junwen, is that you?"

"What? You don't recognize me so soon?" He originally wanted to let Qiang follow her and report about her situation, but he didn't expect that when Qiang told him that Mo Xiao had also been taken to Mu Li's car, he actually rushed over without thinking at all.

What was this?

At this moment, looking at the little girl in front of him, Shui Junwen raised his eyebrows. Although he was looking down on her from above, and was even looking at a woman who was naked in front of him, the one who felt uncomfortable was actually him.

What the hell.

"Ah, no, no, please... "Please …" Mo Xiao was also talking incoherently. An indescribable impatience welled up from all over her body, making her want to find a way to get rid of it.

"Begging me for what?" It seemed like he was wrong, it was just an ordinary woman. He had been pretending before, but thinking of the colorful TT's in her handbag, she must have had an unparalleled thirst for men.

Mo Xiao lifted his finger with much difficulty and swept it with his eyes towards the washroom. "Please …" Please take me with you... to the bathroom. "

"What for?" Did she not find her appearance enticing enough? She had taken off all her clothes. Could it be that she wanted to splash a few water droplets on her body to increase her allure?

"Cold..." Cold water, I want to pour cold water over it, I, feel uncomfortable. " Mo Xiao didn't know how to describe the feeling she was experiencing now. She really needed to pour cold water on it. The sooner the better, but she felt weak all over.

When the skin and her skin made contact, he finally understood why she reacted in such a way. It was because Mu Li had actually given her that kind of food.

He grabbed the woman's body with his long arm and pulled her into his embrace. Then he pulled the bedsheet over the bed and quickly wrapped her up, "No."

"Why?" She really couldn't take it anymore. "Please carry me to the bathroom, quick." As she spoke, her body couldn't help but rub against his through the sheets. That rub felt so comfortable that it made her tremble violently …

Yet, to his surprise, it shook him.

Between the legs of his casual pants, he felt a little out of control.

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