Husband, Please Be Gentle/C13 Please Take Me away
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Husband, Please Be Gentle/C13 Please Take Me away
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C13 Please Take Me away

Shui Junwen's face turned ashen. "Don't move."

Mo Xiao heard it too, but her body wasn't under her control at all. She continued to rub herself against him, it was so comfortable. Seeing that he didn't respond, she anxiously asked, "Why didn't you send me to the washroom? I want to pour cold water over it. "

"Little girl, this is Mu Li's territory. If you dawdle any longer, he'll be back."

Mo Xiao wasn't able to react in time. "Please bring …" Take me with you, please. " Just thinking about Mu Li's appearance made her feel disgusted. If Mu Li touched her body, she would rather die than continue living. She really wouldn't live anymore. "Please, please take me away …"

With a frown, he carried her to the window quickly and slipped to the grass along the rope he used to come in. They covered each other in the night, and he actually managed to avoid the hidden sentries that Mu Li had set up.

Shui Junwen pursed his lips. He was probably just sleeping at this time. There was only one word to describe the management of Mu Li's opponent, and that was: "Poor.

He was so weak that it was only then that he could enter the Mu family's residence as if it was no one's place.

Under a tree outside the wall, the black Lamborghini exuded a sense of respect as he led the man towards the front quickly. Just as he stopped, the car door opened and Qiang respectfully said, "Young Master, please get in."

Shuijun felt like she was stepping forward, so she carried Mo Xiaoyi and sat in the back seat. "Drive."

"Yes, young master."

The Lamborghini quickly started up and quickly left the range of the Mu Family's influence.

The woman in his arms rubbed against his body like a kitten. His body, which had been tightly wrapped in the bed sheets, was now mostly exposed. Under the dim light of the street lamp outside the window, Shui JunJue could see the seductive red lips of the woman.

That color lured his finger down slowly, landing on her lips and gently rubbing it, "Ah …" "Mhmm …" In just a moment, Mo Xiao bellowed.

He was so handsome, so enchanting. He remembered the way he drank in Xin Garden. He was really handsome. She would rather give him than Mu Li.

"Shit!" Shui Junzhi frowned. Although the interior of this car was quite spacious compared to ordinary cars, it was still far from being able to handle a rooming house. He had only visited the Mu household at night, so it was too inconvenient for him to open a rooming house.

He put his hand on her lips, not wanting to make her speak, so he went to the hotel. However, Mo Xiao just hummed, "Hmm …" "Howl …" She really felt very uncomfortable, to the point of making her let out these unconscious monosyllables.

Hearing the single voice, all the instinctive thirst in Shui Jun's body was stirred up. He pressed his fingers down quickly, and the glass that separated the front row from the back slowly fell down. Only he and she remained in the sealed space, and at this moment, her coquettish voice stopped spreading.

Her lips pursed into a slight curve. As she slowly descended, Mo Xiao's hands had already wrapped around his neck, unwilling to let go.

With a tug of his hand on the scattered bed sheets, a refreshing feeling instantly spread throughout the car, creating a scene of enchantment.

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