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C15 Confusion

After wrapping Mo Xiao up carefully with the bed sheets and holding her in his arms, Shui Junwen walked into the presidential suite and walked into the elevator from the lobby. Shui Junxian walked into the presidential suite and walked into the hotel and opened the elevator from the lobby. After wrapping Mo Xiao carefully with the bed and holding her in his arms, Shui Junxian walked into the presidential suite and walked out of the hotel and walked into the elevator.

Mo Xiao didn't know how long she had slept, but when she woke up, her whole body hurt. She opened her eyes in a daze, but when she caught sight of the luxurious hotel, she was surprised.

Her memories instantly returned. She seemed to have been taken to Mu Li's residence and forced into some sort of pill by Mu Li. After that, it was …

It was the Water Sovereign's Awareness.

Remembering that beautiful face that resembled a duck, her heart skipped a beat. Was he the one who sent her here?

Her long eyelashes fluttered as she scanned her surroundings. A dozen bills were neatly placed next to the pillow beside her. Mo Xiao picked them up in surprise. What did he take her to be? Did he really take her for a chicken?

At the same time, a small slip of paper floated down and gently landed beside Mo Xiao. As he picked it up, he saw that it was a series of numbers written in the style of 'Long Feifeng'. This should be Shui Junzhi's cell phone number, right?

Mo Xiao didn't know anything. He just stared at the numbers and she had the urge to curse at him. He thought she was a chicken and she thought he was a duck.

However, her things were long gone. He didn't know where she had been when Mu Li's men threw her into the car. She didn't even have a phone, unless she was using the hotel phone in her room.

However, she didn't want to spend even a little bit of money on Shui Jun.

Gritting her teeth, she decided not to let her meet Shui Junzhi again. Otherwise, she would definitely make him suffer. So what if she was saved? Wasn't this the same as Mu Li who had humiliated her? This money was a humiliation.

Standing up tiredly, Mo Xiao realized that her fair skin was now dotted with red spots. The spread of the bed sheets seemed to have some kind of afterglow, which made her face turn even redder.

He pulled up the bed sheet and really did not want to look. However, after pulling it up, he realized that there were red spots on it, causing him to feel even more irritated.

It was her blood, she knew.

No one knew what kind of body she was, much less have any memories of her first time.

He dragged his aching body into the bathroom step by step. In the mirror, he was in such a sorry state, wringing open the shower of flowers, desperately trying to wash away the little red dots. However, he discovered that the little red dots became brighter and brighter, like blossoming flowers blooming on her skin.

Mo Xiao really didn't dare to wash it off. Otherwise, it would be like trying to magnify those bruises herself.

She finally washed herself clean and went back to her room refreshingly. Only then did she realize that she did not have a single piece of clothing on her.

Frowning, how was she supposed to get out?

Ye Zichen glanced at the phone on the table. It seemed like this was the only way she could make a phone call. Although she had a decent memory, she couldn't remember a complete phone number other than the numbers.

What should he do?

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