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I can't stay in this room forever, right?

She didn't even know how long Shui Junzhi had paid her for the room.

Ye Zichen's gaze fell on the number on the slip of paper. He clenched his teeth and unwillingly dropped his finger once, twice … Her heart had been pounding ever since she'd pressed all the numbers.

Shui Junzhi's handsome face floated in front of his eyes. Mo Xiao felt as if his heart had jumped out of his throat. She was so afraid of hearing his voice all of a sudden.

"Hello, may I ask who you are?" A melodious voice came from the phone in his hand. When the phone landed on the table with a "Peng", Mo Xiao was also stunned …

"Hello, may I ask who you are?" The melodious voice of Yuan Runqing continued to sound out, but Mo Xiao was getting angrier and angrier. Shui Junzhi, the phone number he left for her was actually from Yuan Runqing. What was he going to do?

Recalling last night's dew, the word 'mistress' popped up in her mind in an instant, but she quickly denied it.

She wasn't even a mistress, and he was just helping her solve her urgent problems.

She could be stubborn again, but when she thought back to last night's experience, she even imagined her fate after leaving this hotel. She was definitely caught by Mu Li's people again, and the moment she thought about Mu Li's disgusting evil expression, her stomach couldn't help but churn.

In that instant, Mo Xiao also made a decision. She didn't want to be a hero with her knowledge and practice, but at least she had to protect herself. No matter what, she shouldn't fall into Mu Li's hands.

He picked up the phone again with a hint of unease, "Hello, this is Mo Xiaoyi."

"Oh, so it's Miss Mo. What, is something the matter?"

Shui Junzhi, he really deserved to die. He actually did not explain anything to Yuan Shuiqing, or perhaps Yuan Shuiqing was deliberately making things difficult for her. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Does the Shui family still need a maid now?"

"Miss Mo, do you mean that you've already decided to become a maid with the Jun Jue?"

Mo Xiao really wanted to bite off her tongue. Then she wouldn't need to say anything, but logic told her that if she tried to be brave again, the result would be Mu Li forcefully feeding her pills. She didn't dare to do so. "Yes." With just a single word, she had made up her mind.

"That requires a physical examination, are you willing?"

"Wishing... "Meaning …" She didn't know how much longer the two words sounded, but at this moment, she really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide herself. When these two words came out, she felt that the thing she feared the most was Yuan Run Qing, but he quickly responded to her.

"Alright, then tell me where you are right now and I'll send someone to fetch you." Mo Xiao was relieved as he knew that she was in a dire situation and Yuan Run Qing offered to send someone to pick her up.

Ye Ci took a glance at the name of the hotel on the matchbox on the table, then told her hotel and room. She then asked in a weak voice, "Can you bring me a set of clothes?"

"Okay, fifteen minutes from now it will be the two people who will be taking your medical examination last night. Goodbye." With that, Yuan Run Qing hung up.

Mo Xiao slumped down on the carpet, powerless. It was just a phone call, but she seemed to have exhausted all her energy.

Wrapped in a bed sheet, her gaze fixed on the door. Fifteen minutes later, she could only wait for the two women to come and take her away.

In that moment, she felt as if she had been taken in and humiliated. But this time, it was her own wish.

His mind flashed with that handsome face of Shui Junwen. It turned out that he had simply treated her as a useless woman. He had only wanted her for the most primitive of human needs.

His heart throbbed. Being his maid was just a tool.

However, she did not understand. Why would his wife, Yuan Liuqing, personally look for a beautiful woman for Shui Jun.

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