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C17 Bizarre

However, she did not understand. Why would his wife, Yuan Liuqing, personally look for a beautiful woman for Shui Jun.

"Madam, she's not a virgin anymore, but she's still clean. Look …"

Mo Xiao lay on the bed quietly. All the tests had made her wish she was dead. Yes, she was no longer a virgin. After last night, everything had changed.

However, none of the red and green TT's she had meticulously prepared could be used. She couldn't help but laugh at herself as she whispered: "Did he ask for this?"

"Yes." Yuan Run Qing was still gracefully sitting in her chair as she replied to her. She waved her hand and said: "That's enough, you all can leave now."

The two girls quietly left the room, leaving only Mo Xiao and Yuan Run Qing in the room. The air seemed to be filled with a heavy atmosphere.

That kind of silence gave people a suffocating feeling. What was to come would eventually come. Mo Xiao bit his lips and spoke before Yuan Wenqing, "Speak, just tell me what to do." If it was just a maid, then there would be no need for her to check her body. She remembered that night in Xinyuan Garden when she promised to let him have a taste of the water.

It's fine as long as you clean my room and his room after Jun Jue and I leave in the morning. As for the rest of the time, unless Jun Jue and I have special requests, you are free to do whatever you want. But at night, I think you should know what to do.

Mo Xiao chuckled softly. "That's all?" She was a little doubtful that Yuan Run would be so generous as to find a woman like her to be her husband's shipmate.

"Yes, Jun Jue won't come, nor will he stay in your room for the night, except for your unsafe period. We just want a child, and if you get pregnant, then when you give birth, the child will belong to Shui Family, and you will have nothing to do with the child from then on, and you will have to leave Shui Family."

"That's it?"

"Yes, if you agree, then please sign this agreement."

She took the agreement and glanced at it. The code was so long that she even wrote down how she ate and dressed when she was pregnant.

Did she have a reason not to?

She was the one who had angered Shui Junwen, and she was the one who said that she would give herself to him.

Moreover, thinking of how Mu Li could only agree to it, it was clearly stated in the agreement that after everything was over, he would give her an extremely substantial amount of living expenses.

Rich people were truly rich people. In a situation where there was no other choice, accepting or not accepting her was nothing to the Shui family.

She didn't need to think about it at all, everything was set in stone now. From the moment she returned home, everything was set in stone. Grabbing the pen in Yuan Shuiqing's hand, she quickly signed her name, "Mrs. Yuan, I will remember my role. When the time comes, please help me settle the Mu Family and give me freedom as well."

"OK, deal." Yuan Runqing took the agreement and left gracefully. Mo Xiao, who was left alone on Simmons' bed, also lay there quietly. For a long time, he did not move, like a statue.

Whose world, at this moment, began to dim.

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