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C19 Deep into the Night

She went back to the bedroom of Shui Jun Jue and Yuan Run Qing, quickly tidying up the room. She had been used to this for a few days. Actually, it was very simple. It only took her an hour or so to finish everything.

Mo Xiao's hand subconsciously picked up the photo frame on the small table again, looking at the two of them embracing each other. The two of them matched very well, and Mo Xiao was a little curious too. The Yuan Run Qing in the picture looked a lot younger than her current self, a few years younger than her current self, but the current Yuan Run Qing …

Mo Xiao shook her head. She really didn't understand.

The servants of the Shui family never said much, and she had no way of asking. However, she had always felt the need to know why Yuan Shuiqing had agreed to let her give birth to a child for Shui Junzhi.

He looked at it again and again before finally putting it down.

After cleaning everything up, she left with satisfaction. She returned to her room, and Mo Xiao locked himself up for the whole day. Even if he brought her to his room to eat, there was no point in going to the cafeteria.

After a boring day, Mo Xiao had been living in the Shui family for more than half a month. Shui Junzhi had really forgotten about her.

That morning, Mo Xiao was also waiting in the shadows of the stairs as she watched Shui Junxiang disappear through the door. She turned her gaze back to the door of Shui Junzhi's room, and soon, Yuan Shuiqing walked out.

"Oh, so it's you. Is something the matter?" However, Mo Xiao had also changed. The more she stayed in the house, the more nervous she became.

"Madam, perhaps you could arrange for me to do something else. I want that contract …"

However, before she could finish, Yuan Run Qing interrupted her and said in a cold voice, "The contract is already signed, so you may leave."

With a frown, Mo Xiao watched Yuan Run past her and out of the villa.

However, she knew that as long as Yuan Rusheng didn't say anything, she would never bring up the matter of changing jobs again.

After twenty days, everything was still the same as it was on the day she first arrived.

It was already dark by the time Mo Xiao returned to her room after eating only a little. Recently, she had fallen in love with books. The study room of the Shui family was very big, so he followed her in to choose his books.

The light from the lamp on the wall softly shone on the book. Mo Xiao was also quietly reading the book and was completely captivated by the story in the book.

When she saw the depths of her emotions, she actually couldn't hold back her tears.

Why was the female lead in every book suffering like this? When she thought of her current situation, her tears couldn't help but flow freely for the first time in many days.

The page was a little blurry, but it was gradually overshadowed by the page. The shadow made her look up absentmindedly. In the darkness of the night, her tall figure and handsome face stood silently before her.

For a moment, she thought it was a dream. She lifted her finger and placed it on his wrist. A warm feeling spread through her limbs and bones. "You …"

She had only said one word when his voice floated over in a low voice. "Go take a bath."

The book in her hand silently landed on the bed. She sniffed the faint fragrance of the cologne on his body, and her two legs felt as heavy as lead. However, step by step, she walked into the shower room under the man's gaze.

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