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C2 Wait for Me

"Haha …" The man continued to laugh as he ripped off another package. He waved the transparent object in front of her and asked, "Are these all for you to use in one night?"

Mo Xiao was also stunned by the man's charming smile. "You, what did you say?" She didn't hear wrongly, right? There were at least 20-30 of them. What did he take her to be?

"Don't you have enough for one night?"

"Hey, you go …" Just as the word 'dead' was about to come out, a man flashed by and pulled a woman who was walking past him. "Here …"

The woman turned around. "Oh, sir, are you looking for me?"

"Wrong, go away." The man growled bitterly. He was as cocky as he could be. Mo Xiao obediently swallowed that word and pressed his lips to the man's, saying in a low voice, "Kiss me." As she spoke, she took the initiative to cover the man, but when her lips touched his, she stopped moving.

"Hur hur, what's wrong?" As the mocking male voice rang out, he unexpectedly hugged her and stood up. At the same time, his thin lips didn't want to lose any of it as it continued to ravage her lips.

"You … What do you want? " Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the back of a man not far away, so she could only lower her voice again.

"Don't you want to carry you to your room?" After saying that, he actually carried her in his arms with one arm. Then, he let go of his lips, bent down, and picked up her handbag. Then, he casually picked up two of the red and green TT's and put them in.

Such a casual action made her think of the word 'graceful'. Could a 'duck' be this elegant?

Also, he was carrying her like this as he left, yet the woman in front of him ignored him. Could it be that she wasn't angry at her for stealing her man?

All of this also confused Mo Xiao. At this time, she couldn't say anything as those people were still searching for her. If it wasn't for the man hugging her tightly and her head sticking tightly in his embrace, she would have been discovered a long time ago.

However, a man still followed her and pushed her shoulder. "Turn your face around and let me see."

She did not move. Her heart was trembling, and she even heard her own heartbeat. It was fast and loud.

Her whole face was buried in the man's arms. She could not see his expression, but she heard him say coldly, "What? You want my woman too?"

[Waterlord's Awareness]? This name sounded familiar, but Mo Xiao, who was too anxious to be discovered, couldn't figure out where she had heard this name before.

"Oh, it's Mr. Shui, please."

When the man finished speaking, Shui Junwen held her and walked forward with large strides. Hearing his footsteps, she felt a steady and powerful pounding on her heart. It was the sound of the door being pushed open, and she seemed to be safe.

Who was he?

At this time, Xiao had already felt that he might not be a 'duck'. If it was a 'duck', that man wouldn't be so respectful to him.

She heard the sound of the door closing behind her, and then Shui Junwen placed her on the soft sofa. The man sat in front of her, his slender fingers lifting her lower jaw, causing her to have no choice but to face him directly. He smiled as he looked into her eyes, "Girl, just wait a minute for me, I'll be back."

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