Husband, Please Be Gentle/C20 Uncontrollable Panic
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Husband, Please Be Gentle/C20 Uncontrollable Panic
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C20 Uncontrollable Panic

She twisted the flower to spray the warm water onto her body, but it was unable to suppress the panic in her heart.

Shui Junzhi was currently in her room. She could still smell the faint scent of his body through his nose and mouth. It was the scent of cologne mixed with body wash. He had come over after taking a bath.

He didn't even bother to bathe in her room.

Yes, the shower in his room was as big as a rented room.

In fact, she had already washed herself before Mo Xiao went to bed. She came in again to rinse the water, and to ease her nervousness.

But, the fear made her flush the water for more than ten minutes without any intention of stopping.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the mosaics. That tall and straight figure made her instantly guess that it was him. She wanted to tell him that she would be out very soon, but her mouth was wide open, not knowing what to say.

The door was suddenly pulled open. The man in pajamas calmly looked at Mo Xiao, who was being drenched by the shower. Then, the man's magnetic voice sounded, "Mo Xiaoyu, how much longer do you want to wash?"

"Ma..." "Immediately …" She took off the towel on the shelf subconsciously and put it on.

Shui Junwen leaned against the door lintel, his beautiful face splashed with water, but it gave him an indescribable feeling of pleasure. Watching her throw the towel over her, he only took one step forward before stopping in front of her. Then, he bent over and caught her off guard, lifting her up.

Kiss, fall down with his big steps.

Mo Xiao closed her eyes in panic. She didn't dare to look at him or refuse him. It was perfectly justified for him to come to her room.

Her thin lips instantly fell on her lips. Her lips were so soft and gentle that it caused her to gradually let go of her panic. Everything that should have happened a long time ago, there was no need for her to be afraid.

The man carried her to the bed and rolled her along with the inertia. The moment he stopped, Mo Xiao realized that she was on Shui JunJue's body.

The towel had fallen to the ground a long time ago, and her body was so close to his.

Only Mo Xiao, who had experienced that night, didn't know what to do next. He just laid on top of the man. Hearing his heartbeat, her heart started to beat faster.

The man's slender fingers instantly landed on her head. With a press, she was forced to bend her head down and her red lips landed on his. She was forced to passively kiss his lips …

There was no longer any preparation. He didn't even give her time to get used to him. Just when she didn't know what to do, everything had already begun.

Mo Xiao's quick and powerful movements were like a small boat that had been jolted up and down.

Suddenly, with a low growl, the man stopped all his actions, but only for a split-second. Then, as if he had never done anything, he moved away from her, turned around, picked up his pajamas gracefully, put them on, and walked out of her room. Until his back disappeared from Mo Xiao's line of sight, Mo Xiao was still in a daze, staring at the direction he had left.

He did not say a word to her, except to ask her to come in.

Sure enough, she was just a tool.

Mo Xiao lay still for the whole night.

In the morning, without any appetite, she quietly walked into Shui Jun Jue and Yuan Runqing's room. The bed was still as messy as it was every morning, making her wonder if she came back with Yuan Runqing after he had done it with her …

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