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C3 How Much Is One Night of Spring Dawn Worth

Shui Junzhi stood up and walked out of the VIP box.

A man who could afford such a room was either respectable or expensive, how could he be a duck?

Mo Xiao panicked. She didn't know what he wanted to do, but the moment he disappeared from the room, the first thought that flashed through her mind was: run.

With this thought, Mo Xiao jumped off the sofa and looked down at his clothes. He was still very neat, only a slight wrinkle appeared on his face, and with a pat of his hand, the wrinkle disappeared. With light steps, he arrived at the door, turned it slightly, and opened it a crack.

The last thing he wanted was to have anything to do with someone of nobility.

Let's go.

Without any hesitation, 'bang', Mo Xiao rubbed his forehead.

Who was it that stood by the door?

The waiter.

But at the moment she raised her head, she was shocked. "Water..." "Mr. Shui …"

He still had that brilliant smile on his face, and his magnetic voice sounded out from between his thin lips. "What? You want to run away after using it?"

Forced by his imposing aura, Mo Xiao couldn't help but step back. His feet soon returned to the VIP box, and his brain started to work. He was so handsome. If he could do it with such a handsome man, she wouldn't lose too.

Take it for granted, sooner or later, those schemes were all prepared for such a moment, weren't they? Moreover, she had provoked him herself.

Mo Xiao also stood in the middle of the VIP room, both of her hands slowly began to unbutton her clothes, her heart was beating so fast, one, two, when there were only two small things left on her body, her legs became weak, and she started to walk towards the man who was staring at her, her expression was calm, but only she knew how flustered her heart was.

With both arms around the man's neck, she decided to give it to him. "Mr. Shui, I, Mo Xiao, will remember everything that I said. I can afford it. Is one thousand yuan enough? "

The man lightly lifted her chin once again, his handsome face suddenly bending down. As he got closer to her, his intoxicating male aura was mixed in with it. Just when she thought he was about to kiss her, he suddenly stopped and said with a chuckle, "Woman, are you sure you can afford it?"

Mo Xiao didn't have any confidence anymore. He was wondering if he was a duck or a person who was either noble or not.

After several rounds of competition between the two, the latter finally gained the upper hand. She always remembered the respectful expression of the man who chased after her when he heard the three words' Shui Junzhi '. The person who could make even Young Master Mu's men tremble in fear was definitely not an ordinary person. "I …" She pursed her lips. If the man in front of her didn't buy her, then as long as she was pushed into the hall, she would be captured by Young Master Mu's men. Nobody could be clearer than her about the consequences.

"You what?" It was the same smile. Although it was nice, it made Mo Xiao feel like he deserved it. However, he didn't dare to speak carelessly again.

"Mr. Shui, it was just a joke just now. Mr. Shui decided on everything." An intelligent person was a handsome person. Moreover, she should at least be grateful to him since she did not expose him despite knowing that those arrogant men were looking for her.

The man's smile became even brighter. He tapped the piano on the sofa and asked, "Woman, are you really letting me decide everything?"

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