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Husband, Please Be Gentle/C7 Unable to Let Go
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C7 Unable to Let Go

Yuan Runqing placed his finger on the bed and said, "Take off your pajamas and lie down."

Mo Xiao was not shy when it came to women. However, at this moment, she felt as if she had been humiliated to the extreme. She put her hands in front of her chest, stared at Yuan Shuqing with fiery eyes, and said stubbornly, "I don't want to."

Yuan Runqing smiled faintly, "Up to you. If you are unwilling, feel free to do so." She casually made a gesture of invitation, obviously leaving with her.

Mo Xiao also hesitated as countless possibilities flashed through his mind. Young Master Mu's people would definitely be squatting outside the Shui family's villa. The moment she leaves, she will be captured by Young Master Mu's people …

However, everything that Yuan Ri Qing was going to do to her was very hard for her to accept. It was like the process of a beauty pageant for a prince. Was this going to be a medical examination?

No, she didn't, she really didn't.

She had thought that the Waterlord's Awareness was like a duck, so she paid the money and left after patting her buttocks. Since then, they had never had anything to do with each other, but now, she knew that it was impossible.

Her pajamas were still hanging on her body, but it was a loose contrast to her beautiful figure. She lifted her head to look at Yuan Runqing again. She did not like the opening scene in the Shui family.

"Miss Mo, I will give you a minute to consider it. If you are unwilling, then please leave." Yuan Runqing calmly sat down and lowered her head to examine her manicured hands. She simply treated her like nothing.

She gritted her teeth and even imagined what Young Master Mu would do to her, but she still said, "I won't."

"Alright, then I'll send Miss Mo off. Please forgive me for not sending you off. Goodbye." Yuan Run Qing stood up from the bamboo chair, turned and left gracefully.

Seeing that the two women didn't leave, Mo Xiao had to take her clothes and go to the washroom. She quickly changed out of her pajamas, but in a short while, she was back to the same Mo Xiaoyi.

"Miss Mo, this is your bag." One of the women handed over her bag. When she received it, she suddenly thought of the two sets that Shui Jun had put back in her bag. Thinking about it, she believed that he wouldn't need to use her own set.

When she walked out of the guest room, she thought that she really did owe Shui Junxian a favor. He protected her well in the Xin Garden, but in the end, she didn't repay him.

As she walked in the yard, Mo Xiao couldn't help but to line up and look around. She didn't know which room Shui Jun Jue lived in, but at this moment, even she didn't understand. She just wanted to say goodbye to him, but she couldn't find him.

"Miss Mo, after you." The woman beside him urged, as if there was something unfortunate that could happen if she stayed any longer.

Mo Xiao finally turned around and walked out of the Shui Mansion with big steps. Behind him, there was a corner of the curtains in the corner of the villa, which were currently curling up with smoke, and sometimes his gaze would fall on the skinny figure of the man who was smoking. His eyes would be locked on the figure standing outside the gate, and his ears would be filled with the expression of "I'm not" when she bit her lips, "I'm not," her heart would tremble, she would close the curtains, and she would pinch the smoke into the night, thinking that everything was gone, but she would not pinch the woman's back.

Lonely, lonely. It was as if someone in this world had raised his hand to pick up his phone, "Qiang, follow her. If there's anything, report it to me."

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