Husband, Please Be Gentle/C9 Longing to Escape
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Husband, Please Be Gentle/C9 Longing to Escape
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C9 Longing to Escape

Time passed second by second. Mo Xiao quietly straightened up, his back against the door, his bound hand slowly rubbing to the handle of the car, listening to his heartbeat. In fact, how scared he was that only she knew.

There was a turn in front, and the driver drove at a moderate pace. The man next to him was snoring louder and louder.

She could not wait any longer. She only hoped that she would run into someone important after getting off the car. That way, she could be saved.

Closing his eyes, Mo Xiao pulled his hands behind his back. Instantly, a gust of fresh air entered his nose, and he took a deep breath. He was caught off guard and fell out of the car like a ball.

The turn slowed, and she hoped the driver hadn't noticed her escape.

However, the open car door brought the sound of her body hitting the ground to the driver's ears, "Brother Hu, wake up, he ran away." With a quick brake, the driver looked behind him and shouted loudly.

The fear coupled with her instinctive desire to escape made her stand up with great effort. Her hands were tied so she couldn't run fast, but this was her last chance to escape. If she couldn't escape and fell into Mu Shao's hands, her fate would be miserable.

Mo Xiao ran with all his might. She wanted to shout, but she couldn't. She just couldn't spit out the cloth.

However, no matter how fast she was, she couldn't be faster than the other people on the road. The driver had already stopped the car, and Hu-ge had already jumped down from the car, and sped towards her. A car drove past Mo Xiao, and it seemed to have slowed down a little, but when she got close, she saw Hu-ge grabbing her, she stepped on the accelerator and sped past it.

Hearing the footsteps behind her, Mo Xiao also felt despair in her heart. She really was unlucky. She had obviously escaped from Young Master Mu, but she was still caught.

Tightening his shoulder, that man kicked her body, one time, two times, each time using the most powerful force. Mo Xiao also cried out, the pain made sweat trickle down her forehead, her whole body didn't seem to belong to her, she couldn't even take two kicks like that.

The man kicked him twice more, causing Mo Xiao's stomach to spasm in pain.

"Stinky girl, I'll see if you dare to run. If you want to die, you'd better know. I'll let you die a little more quickly. Now, no, I'm going to tell young master to play with you until you die, you stinking girl …"

While the man was still cursing, Mo Xiao closed her eyes in despair. She couldn't even move, much less run away.

She was thrown back into the car and continued to drive. She was so quiet that she didn't seem to be there, only her breathing was still by her ear. She was still alive, but how hard was it to be alive?

As she heard his footsteps, her heart beat faster and faster. When she was thrown down again, she was on the cold floor as Brother Hu's voice floated into her ear: "Young Master Mu, they are here."

A shadow moved to Mo Xiao Yu's body and kicked her body. She heard Young Master Mu say coldly, "Wash her and send her to my room."

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