Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C10 Didn't You Want to Pay Me Back
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C10 Didn't You Want to Pay Me Back
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C10 Didn't You Want to Pay Me Back

Gu Yuxun sat there blankly, looking at the dishes on the table with a cold sneer on her face. In his eyes, was she really unworthy of being held back like this, to be able to be abandoned like this at any time? Now... He couldn't wait to rush into the embrace of another woman …

As if she had lost her temper, she forked a steak and started to chew on it. The red wine that had not been touched before was now poured into her mouth. It was clearly sweet and delicious, but now it tasted completely bitter.

Was Mrs. Fu's position going to change at any time? Gu Yuxun, what's the point of keeping such a marriage?

"Director Dong, how's the food today?" "Does everyone like it?" She heard the manager of the restaurant ask the guests ingratiatingly.

"Yes." It was a short, crisp answer. However, she shivered and immediately recognized who it was.

Ye Zichen turned his head and saw that the man and the group of people were walking outside, while the manager was following them like a small follower.

Who was he?

Without waiting for Gu Yuxun to clear her mind, that figure flashed past her once again. His line of sight didn't shift an inch.

Was he really a transparent person? Was the whole world like that bastard Fu Rongxiao, looking down on her?

Without knowing where she got the courage, she shot to her feet and yelled after the figure, "Hey!" "Mister Dong, wait a moment!"

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks, even the restaurant manager turned around. After sensing the interest in the gazes of the other three, Gu Yuxun felt a little vexed.

"Mr. Dong, the guest seems to be calling you." Dong Yebai slowly turned around after the manager reminded him. In the dining hall, the light was hazy and his beautiful profile was hidden within it. His gaze landed on her body in a neither light nor heavy manner. He did not speak, but asked with his eyes.

All the attention was focused on her, including the women in the restaurant who were eyeing him. Gu Yuxun was embarrassed, but she bit her lip and asked, "How much did the wine cost?" I'll return it to you. "

Under everyone's curious eyes, his expression did not change. "No need." It's just a bottle of wine, I can afford it. "

Saying that, he turned around to leave. He didn't even have a second to linger around.

Isn't this person too funny? This kind of noble and elegant attitude, it was as if she was the one who was the one who was courteously serving the wine just now!

Gu Yuxun took a deep breath and said, "Hey!" "Stop right there!"

Annoyed, she took a step forward and stopped him in his tracks. He frowned without leaving a trace. The three people beside him seemed to be very happy to see him being pestered by a woman. They could not help but chuckle.

"It's just a bottle of wine. If you can afford it, I can afford it." Mr. Dong, right? I'll return the money and we'll owe each other nothing. So please don't send me any more wine in the future. No, the next time I see you, I want you to act like you don't know me. "Tell me, how much is this wine? I'll return it to you right now."

What's going on?

Everyone's eyes were wide open as they looked over.

Dong Yebai lowered his gaze and looked at her calmly. "Madam, you are the one who is troubling me."


"If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have remembered the last time you came into my room."

"She came into your room?" As soon as he said that, the other three men cried out in unison. Hmm, it seems like it's very ambiguous!

The gazes of the other women were like sharp swords as they swept across Gu Yuxun's body.

It was as if everyone could see what had happened that night.

Gu Yuxun was completely dumbfounded when she was thrown into the center of the storm. That night's events were still swirling in her mind. Her little face was red with anger. "You …" You're going too far! "Who said anything about that night?"

As if no one's glance could affect him, he ignored her and calmly looked down at the manager. "Tell Mrs. Fu the price of that bottle of wine."

"Yes, Mrs. Fu, this bottle of wine is made in France in the last 70 years, Vicanpy..."

"Just tell me the price!" Gu Yuxun felt that she was about to be burnt to ashes by those contemptuous gazes. Now, she only wanted to return the money.

"150 thousand." Would you like to pay in cash or swipe your card? " The manager said straightforwardly.

"Ten …" "A hundred and fifty thousand yuan?" Gu Yuxun's eyes widened in astonishment. "What kind of wine is this? It's so expensive!"

The manager opened his mouth to introduce her, but Dong Yebai acted as if he didn't see the astonishment on her face. He lightly instructed her, "Cut out the 150 thousand on my bill and give it to Mrs. Fu."

"Well, are you satisfied with this?" He turned and looked at her with a certain pride in his deep eyes. Yes! That was to be proud!

Gu Yuxun froze in place, as if she had just eaten a fly. She didn't have 150 thousand to sell here, right?

Although her father-in-law had given her a gold card with a huge amount on it, when would she take it out to use? They were all using Fu Rongxiao's secondary card. Moreover, she had never dared to spend money without thinking. Although she married into a rich family, that life left her with no sense of security. Normally, she wouldn't even dare to buy a purse.

It would be strange if Fu Rongxiao didn't doubt killing 15W all of a sudden! When the time came to investigate, he would know everything.

"Aren't you going to pay me back?" Are you dumb now? " Seeing that she didn't say anything, Dong Yebai asked again. No matter how you looked at it, it sounded like ridicule.

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