Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C11 Once Again an Isolated Room
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C11 Once Again an Isolated Room
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C11 Once Again an Isolated Room

If she had worked hard, she really would have grinded her teeth and killed this 150 thousand. However … She didn't want to part with it.

"I have no money!" she admitted frankly. After saying those words, despite the overwhelming guilt in his heart, he intentionally straightened his back and put on a righteous air.

"Do you still want to show off?" he continued.

"..." She gritted her teeth, but no words came out of her mouth.

Dong Yebai seemed to be very satisfied with her silence. He took out a card from his wallet and handed it over to the manager to pay for it. He turned around and looked at her pale face before slowly saying, "Also, don't think that you're being too sentimental next time. It's really embarrassing."

"What is it?" "When did I make love to myself?" Who was he teaching? Being rich was amazing!

On the side, those who had been standing beside Dong Yebai watching the joke finally couldn't bear to watch any longer.

"My lady, no, ma'am, did you misunderstand?" "Young Master Fu, it is only your husband who has some business dealings with us …" Ji Yulin of the three men said.

"I …" My husband and you... " Heavens! Therefore, that bottle of wine …

Dong Yebai looked at the expression on her face with appreciation. He wanted to bite his tongue and kill himself. He asked casually, "How is it?" I give a bottle of wine to my business partner. Isn't that too much? "

Not only did she want to bite her tongue to commit suicide, but she also wished that she could dig a hole and bury herself alive! [What the hell is this? I thought he was obsessed with that night...

F * ck! Gu Yuxun, you can really die now!

He cursed himself as he quietly slipped away. Even when she walked out of Golden Age with her head lowered, she could still hear the burst of laughter from behind her.

"Yebai, what's she doing in your room?" Hm? "That one?" The few of them laughed as they walked out of the restaurant.

Lan Xiao bumped into Dong Yebai's shoulder and warmly asked, "Did you do it?"

"Well?" How about her bed? " Ji Yulin snickered.

"Is someone else's wife a different story?" Gu Yinchuan also asked.

Dong Yebai's face darkened, "Do you all not want to work anymore?" How dare you make fun of him!

Shut up. He was joking, but no one wanted to lose their job!

When Dong Yebai's Maybach drove out of the garage, Gu Yuxun was still parked by the side of the road.

Using the rearview mirror, he carelessly glanced at the figure. A dark light circulated within his deep eyes, but he quickly returned to being indifferent.

He drove away calmly.

On the night of the second anniversary, Gu Yuxun once again stayed in her room.

On the luxurious European style bed, she hugged the quilt and leaned against the headboard blankly. She raised her head and watched as time slowly passed by. She felt that her heart was as empty as the entire room, as if it hurt …

In the end, he didn't hold back and dialed Fu Rongxiao's number. However, what came over time after time was only the cold and flat mechanical voice.

"The number you dialed has been turned off..."

He weakly threw the phone to the side. Thinking that he might be hugging that woman called Su Silan and falling asleep right now, he felt as if his heart was being tormented by fire. The pain penetrated her nerves inch by inch.

Subconsciously, she hugged herself tightly and lay back on the bed, forcing herself to close her eyes.

When the sky started to turn white, she fell asleep. But when she closed her eyes, Chen Yi was already knocking on the door.

With great difficulty, Gu Yuxun propped herself up and looked around her subconsciously. The empty spot caused her to feel pain in her eyes. Marry Day, Husband's Day/Night Away...

"Gu Yuxun!" The granny lost her patience and shouted from outside the door. She knew what it was for. Thinking of the machines she was about to face, she felt like she couldn't hear anything. She covered herself with the blanket and went back to sleep.

She was just an ordinary person. She would be afraid, and she would also want to flee.

Chen Yi stood in the doorway and glanced at her. "Why don't you go wash up?" Immediately go to the hospital for an examination! I have an appointment for you. "

"Mom …" The bold words she had spoken two days ago now made her want to back down.

"What?" "He doesn't dare to go?" Chen Yi unceremoniously hugged her chest, "If you don't want to, then so be it. You can call Rongxiao right now and change the direction. I will accompany you to the Civil Administration Bureau."

She glanced around the room again, and when she saw the empty bed, she gave a little "tut" and shook her head. "Even a husband can't hold it, you're a failure!"

The scornful words were like a slap on Gu Yuxun's face. Her slender fingers gripped the door handle tightly and barely suppressed the surging emotions in her chest. It was clearly summer, but Gu Yuxun felt chilled to the core.


A person sat alone in the dark corridor, surrounded by couples. The young girls were just as afraid of the upcoming situation as she was, and the boyfriend hugged them and coaxed her gently.

Her tone was filled with pity and pity.

Only she …

Only she … So sad … So pitiful …

Was her husband also so gentle towards the woman called Su Silan?

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