Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C12 Why Are You Lying to Me
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C12 Why Are You Lying to Me
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C12 Why Are You Lying to Me

Subconsciously gripping the bag in his hand, he wanted to make himself stronger, but the jealousy and bitterness in his heart couldn't deceive him.

"T23, Gu Yuxun!"

The nurse in room B called for her number, and she came back to her senses. She stood up and said, "Here."

She followed the nurse into the examination room, where a young female doctor was on duty. Seeing her enter, the other person raised his jaw expressionlessly and ordered, "Lie down and take off your pants."

Remove... Take off your pants?

Gu Yuxun was slightly startled as she stood there blankly, looking at her with a helpless expression.

"What are you standing there for?" "Hurry up, there are still people waiting behind us!" When she didn't move, the doctor urged her again.

Taking a deep breath, she braced herself and walked over to the bed. The doctor frowned and ordered, "Take off one leg of your pants."

Flipping through her medical record, she asked, "Married?"

It was difficult for Gu Yuxun to adapt to this situation. When she took off her pants, her hands were trembling and her fingertips were so taut that they turned white. Hearing the doctor's question, it was only a false answer, "..." "Yes."

"All right, lie down."

An instruction, an action. She lay down stiffly and looked at the pale ceiling. The fear in her heart grew, and she felt as if she were a fish that could be slaughtered at any moment. She even wanted to escape immediately.

"Open your legs wide, they're all women, don't be so nervous."

She bit her lower lip and slowly opened her legs in shame. When he thought of his current predicament and humiliation, he suddenly felt an indescribable ache on the tip of his nose.

She did not know what she had done wrong in this marriage, why she had been constantly humiliated by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law for the past two years! Why did she have to suffer all these humiliation when her husband was outside hugging other women and falling asleep!?

Pain! Endure it!

"Have you had sex?" the doctor asked.

Gu Yuxun's heart tightened when she heard her words.


That night should have passed, right?

However, this one and only time, it wasn't with her husband …

Moreover, her husband had never wanted her for the first time! This was a huge irony!

"Why is it going on for so long?" The doctor thought her reaction was strange.

She embarrassedly bit her lower lip and blushed as she nodded. "Yes."

"Oh." The doctor responded and then accurately inserted the ultrasound device into her body.

But there was something so tight that the machine couldn't get in, and the doctor didn't take it to heart, just said, "Relax, relax!" How am I supposed to check if you're so tense? "It's a pure waste of each other's time."

She clung to the cold edge of the bed and tried very hard to relax.

The next moment...

He felt something cold and bone-piercing pierce through him.

"Ah …" The tearing pain suddenly came, causing her to suck in a breath of cold air. Her face was as pale as paper, and a layer of cold sweat immediately broke out on her forehead.

How to... Things? Why... So painful?

The female doctor's face immediately turned pale as she stared at her with astonishment. The aseptic cloth on which he was pouncing had already been stained with blood. "You …" You... Didn't you say you had sex? " The doctor took a moment to complete his sentence.

Saying something like this could be considered a medical accident. If she really wanted to sue him, then that would be terrible!

Gu Yuxun almost suffocated from the pain. Upon hearing the doctor's words, she panted several times before feebly asking, "What …" Meaning? "Are you talking about me …"

"You're still a place!" You really are! Why are you lying? "Let me tell you, you can't blame me for this. I've already asked for your opinion. You're the one who is not telling the truth!" The young doctor, fearing responsibility, immediately shunned the responsibility.

What she didn't notice was that Gu Yuxun was lying there stiffly on the ground, completely dumbfounded. Before this, he was still a … Where? In other words, nothing happened between him and that man that night?

Then, why did he lie to me?

So much so that now …

She had foolishly and ridiculously given her tenth time to a machine! A cold machine?

She suddenly wanted to laugh, to laugh at her own pity. She thought, No woman like her...

He really wanted to be like all the other ordinary women and hand over his most beautiful first time to his own husband, to the person he loved the most. However …

That man would always be disdainful towards her …

Never, never mind …

Gu Yuxun, you are so pathetic!

The doctor suddenly moved the cold machine. Although the other was already very careful, he was still able to pull at her wound, causing her to wince in pain. However, in the next second, she clenched her teeth and tightly clamped onto the machine.

Her tenth time...

However, in the next second, she clenched her teeth and tightly clamped onto the machine.

"Don't push!" The doctor was taken aback by her gesture.

"Continue!" Enduring the pain, she spoke out word by word. "Her eyes were red, but she refused to show weakness in front of outsiders. She stubbornly said," "Give me the results of the examination. I want the results!" "

As matters stood, she who had nothing left only wanted to earn herself a little bit of self-respect …

Even though her dignity had been shattered in that family!

The doctor didn't dare to move. He only looked at her uncertainly. She slowly closed her eyes. She could hear her voice trembling, but it was determined. "Go on!" "Don't worry, I'll bear all the consequences myself. It has nothing to do with you …"

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