Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C13 One Slap in Public
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C13 One Slap in Public
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C13 One Slap in Public

"This …." "Since you said so, I will continue the examination." the doctor asked uncertainly.

"After seeing her nod heavily again, he resumed his work. Seeing the pain on her face, he could not bear to only say," "Bear with it, it will hurt a little once more."

Yeah, it hurts the first time...

Most women's first time would be painful and sweet.

Only she …

Only she … What a pity, what a heart, all but sadness …

Throughout the entire process, Gu Yuxun lay there stiffly, bearing all the pain. For a moment, she thought she was dying of pain. At that time, she hated Fu Rongxiao.

If he had spoken even a word for her when her mother-in-law had asked for an examination, she might not have been so sad as to have lost her first time here …

When he walked out of the hospital, it was already afternoon. The tearing pain on her lower body made Gu Yuxun's every step feel as if her entire body had been filled with hot pepper water.

"Sis, are you alright?" A passerby looked at her pale face and asked with concern.

She leaned on the hospital wall and shook her head. "I'm fine."

"But you look awful."

She smiled weakly. "I'm just a little tired..."

This marriage, she persisted so tiredly...

Hearing her words, the passersby didn't say anything.

After getting a taxi, she directly gave the address that she wanted to go to … At the hotel.

The phone in her bag rang again and again. She took it out and looked at it in a daze before putting it back.

Unsurprisingly, all the calls were from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Probably, they all hoped that their results would be unsatisfactory …

Fu Rongxiao, the man who was her husband, had not had a single phone call since he left hurriedly last night to this very moment. Even if it was just a superficial word of condolences, there wasn't any.

His heart sank again …

In the lobby of the hotel.

As soon as Gu Yuxun entered, a waiter came up to her politely. "Looking at her pale face, he asked worriedly," "Sis, you don't look good. Do you want to rest for a while?"

She must have turned as white as a ghost, she thought.

"No need." "She dragged her aching body to the front desk and pleaded weakly," "Could you help me check up on lodger 2418 four days ago?"

"T2418?" When the waitresses at the front desk heard this number, they all looked at Gu Yuxun. Then they all looked at each other, exchanging glances.

She was baffled, but no longer had the energy to ask.

"I'm really sorry, customer, but our hotel keeps our guest's information a secret and can't casually divulge it." Moreover, that was their Asian Union Group's CEO, the top BOSS! How could he casually reveal the information?

Just when Gu Yuxun was disappointed, a tall figure walked into the hotel lobby in a hurry.

Behind him was his secretary Jin Yun, who had her head lowered as she quickly made her report. All the staff greeted him respectfully when they saw him. He only gave a slight nod in response.

When he heard the number "T 2418", he stopped in his tracks. "The assistant, Chen Linhao, took the lead and looked at the front desk. After confirming the information, he turned around and said," "Director Dong, it seems that that person wants to transfer your information."

Dong Yebai narrowed his eyes, his gaze falling on that slender back. It's her again? Gu Yuxun.

"Shall I go and take a look?" Chen Linhao asked.

Dong Yebai put the document back in Jin Yun's hand and shook his head, "No need, I'll go take a look myself."

After the boss had walked past, Jin Yun narrowed her eyes at the slim back of the woman at the front desk and said to Chen Linhao, "That person seems to be the young mistress Fu Family who caused trouble at the hotel last time." "Hey, tell me, could it be that you've gotten involved with our CEO?"

There were really a lot of women who wanted to get involved with Director Dong. Even if they got married, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Chen Linhao hit her on the head with a piece of paper and scolded her, "Speak less, do more!"

"It hurts!" Jin Yun rubbed the top of her head and quickly followed.

Just as Gu Yuxun was trying her best to persuade the receptionist, the receptionist's expression suddenly changed. Her line of sight fell behind her.

His previous apologetic and courteous attitude immediately changed to one of respect. Suspicious, she turned to see what was going on, but then she heard a familiar voice calling out from behind her, "Looking for me?"

He was slightly startled, and his small face turned somewhat pale. His hands subconsciously gripped the bag tightly.

Unable to control himself, he thought of all the pain and grievances he had just suffered, and remembered his tenth time being buried like this. Suddenly, he lost control of his emotions. Biting down hard on her lips, she suddenly turned around. Without saying anything, she raised her hand and slapped him.

Her attacks were fast and ruthless. Not to mention the bystanders, even Dong Yebai had never expected it.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air in shock. Heavens! The president of Asian Union International Group Asia Pacific, actually... He had actually been slapped by a woman in front of everyone! This... What was going on?

Then look at someone who's been slapped...

At this moment, his extremely handsome face was extremely gloomy. It was as if a tempest would arrive at any moment, so cold that it would make people tremble.

Bring her in!

Jin Yun and Chen Linhao were also stunned by the slap. But soon, Chen Linhao Ji came back to his senses. "Where's the security guard?" "Why are you still standing there?"

He then turned to Gu Yuxun and said, "Young mistress, no matter who you are, you must take responsibility for all your actions today. I will have my lawyer contact you!"

She didn't listen to Chen Linhao's threatening and warning. She stared at Dong Yebai with red eyes and asked loudly, "Why are you lying to me?"

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