Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C15 I'm Not Cheating!
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C15 I'm Not Cheating!
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C15 I'm Not Cheating!

Dong Yebai released her and glanced at her mockingly. "I lied to you?" "So, Mrs. Fu, what happened here was nothing at all?"

After a pause, he looked up at her haughtily and sneered, "You have really opened my eyes!"

"You …." "Shut up!" Gu Yuxun's face flushed with anger at his confident and unperturbed look.

This guy … How could he be so indifferent about what had happened that night!

The tenth time was gone!

Dong Yebai pointed at her slapped cheek and warned her, "You better explain yourself properly for this slap. Otherwise, I don't mind asking your husband for an explanation."

"You …" This man! He actually had the nerve to threaten her!

"You don't know anything!" He didn't understand anything! Although that sentence may not have any effect on you, but for me, it's more important than anything! " Her heart ached as she sniffed. She obviously didn't want to cry, but her tears were like pearls with a broken string. "My tenth time …" This time, it was really gone! "Are you happy?"

Dong Yebai was slightly shocked as he stared into her teary eyes.

The first time?

Had he heard wrongly? Fu Rongxiao had clearly been married for two years, she … Why was there a first time?

It was really gone. What did that mean? Could it be … She was recently...

Realizing this, her eyes suddenly darkened as she stared at her. "What do you mean?"

At the mention of this, Gu Yuxun got angry again. She walked quickly toward him and raised her hand to hit him, but he reached out a step faster and caught her. She struggled, but he held her tighter.

Her whole body was almost touching his chest. Tears welled up in her eyes. They looked so fragile, like foam that could burst at a touch. His gaze flickered as he repeated the question, "What do you mean?"

Because she was sad, because she felt wronged, her strong voice also softened, like a wounded child. "I..." "Today, I had a gynecological examination..."

Suddenly realizing what was going on, Dong Yebai frowned and glared at her. "Are you stupid?" "He hasn't even had a one-time experience, yet he went to get a gynecological examination?"

"You're still mad at me!" What right do you have to be mean to me? You lied to me, we have... "Only with that would I be so stupid!" What happened that night was still a bit hard for her to say.

Dong Yebai looked at her from top to bottom with a cold gaze. "Are you really dumb or are you just pretending to be stupid?" Did it happen the first time? Don't you feel it? "Don't you know if it hurts?"

"Now I know, I know!" "Is that enough?" As if venting, she cried out, wrenched her hand free, and swung her fist at him. "I'm dying of pain," she said. Are you satisfied now? Was he overjoyed? Only I... Only a fool like me wouldn't want it! What a pity it was to have to waste the first time on those machines! "I hate you, I hate you!"

The more she spoke, the angrier she became, and the harder she cried, the more powerless her fist became. In the end, she could only helplessly grab onto his shirt collar and lie on his chest crying.

Dong Yebai's eyes dimmed as he heard her sad cry. "I didn't touch you, which proves that you didn't commit adultery. I thought you would be happier."

That night, the two of them did almost shoot their guns off, but at such a crucial moment, a woman who called out another man's name was definitely not her type! What kind of woman did he, Dong Yebai, want? How could he be a substitute for someone else?

"What do you know?" "Which woman would want her first time to be spoiled by a cold machine?" she sobbed back.

Was there really a marriage contract? Everyone made a sound.

Staying in the hotel all day. "" What do you know? "Which woman would want her first time to be spoiled by a cold machine?" she sobbed back.

He looked at her with a dark glint in his eye. "Would you rather give it to me for the first time that night?"

Stunned, the next moment, Gu Yuxun's cheeks were covered with the pink of peach blossoms.

His eyes were filled with an inexplicable fear of meeting Ye Xiao's eyes, and even his breathing tightened. Only now did he realize how close the two of them were to each other … His expensive hand-made shirt was smeared with her tears, but that didn't affect his dignity in the least. His handsome face was lowered, and his impeccable facial features were so close to his face that it was breathtaking.

Her heartstrings seemed to have been struck by something. She was so shocked that she quickly took a step back.

Dong Yebai grabbed her arm and shouted, "Go to the sofa and sit down!"

She uneasily withdrew her hand and obediently went to sit on the sofa. Remembering his question just now, like he was concealing it or explaining it, he shouted, "I didn't mean it that way just now, don't let your imagination run wild! Yes, you're right! Actually, I'm really glad that I was destroyed in the hospital the first time! "I'm not cheating!"

Dong Yebai looked at her with a heavy gaze. He did not understand what Gu Yuxun was thinking. Before he could say anything, the phone in his pocket rang.

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