Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C16 Business Prodigy
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C16 Business Prodigy
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C16 Business Prodigy

Dong Yebai took it out and took a look. It was Chen Linhao's private number. He then glanced at Gu Yuxun before slowly turning around to avoid her gaze.

"Director Dong, are you going to send her away?" Chen Linhao's voice came from the other side. Dong Yebai subconsciously turned around and saw her staring at his work plate in a daze. The sign read "President Dong Yebai of Asia Pacific".

When he turned around, he said curtly, "No need, I can handle it."

"One more thing. I want to talk to you, Director Dong." Chen Linhao said on the other side.

Dong Yebai lowered his voice, "About her?"

"Yes, it's about Miss Su." She returned home. Just as you said, the first person she sought was her first love, the successor of the Fu family … "Fu Rongxiao."

"What did they do?" Dong Yebai asked casually. His gaze slowly fell outside the window.

"Miss Su opened a presidential suite in Universal, but Fu Rongxiao and Miss Su didn't come out from morning till night. They also called for room service."

Dong Yebai sneered and knocked on the table, "What?" She didn't know he was married? "

"Maybe not." Chen Linhao thought for a moment. "Director Dong, the guest who just entered your office is Fu Rongxiao's wife. Do you want to let her go to Miss Su's room?"

"Don't worry, she has other uses."

Although Chen Linhao didn't know what the Boss was thinking, he trusted in its wisdom, so he didn't say anything else.

After hanging up, Dong Yebai stood by the window for a while as if he was deep in thought, then he turned around. To think that the target would be a calm sleeping visage. It was obvious that she was not sleeping soundly. The light from outside the window fell on her face, and the golden halo caused her delicate eyebrows to lightly knit together. Broken tears were still hidden in the corners of his eyes.

Dong Yebai leaned lazily on the edge of the table and looked at her from top to bottom.

What kind of marriage was it between her and Fu Rongxiao that allowed her to remain a virgin for two years? Did she even know about the matter between Fu Rongxiao and Su Silan?

"Director Dong." When Jin Yun knocked on the door, his thoughts were distracted.

"Come in." He went around to the desk and sat down. Jin Yun walked in quickly with the documents in her hand. She was slightly surprised to see the person who had fallen asleep on the sofa.

What was going on? He had just slapped Director Dong in the face, and now he was sleeping soundly.

"Don't bother with her, give me the documents." Dong Yebai extended his hand towards her.

Only then did Jin Yun remember. She handed over the document. "This is a case developed by the Universal amusement park …" "Regarding the construction team, Vice-president Lan has just selected the Lantian Construction Company to let you have a look."

Dong Yebai looked around and then signed with his pen.

Jin Yun took the signed documents and prepared to leave. Before she turned around, she quietly placed a piece of ointment on the table.

Dong Yebai looked at her and she laughed dryly. She carefully tapped on his right cheek twice, "I heard that this ointment is very effective in reducing swelling." And … The three vice presidents asked me to greet you on their behalf. "

Dong Yebai's expression darkened!

What greeting? Those three fellows were obviously taking pleasure in his misfortune! At the moment, the culprit was actually sleeping soundly!

Gu Yuxun hadn't slept last night, so she was sound asleep. When he woke up, it was already a few hours later. Her whole body ached from the discomfort of her sleeping posture.

He yawned and forced himself to sit up, rubbing his sore shoulders as he looked around.

Heavens! She actually fell asleep in Dong Yebai's office!

Nightfall had arrived, and the entire office was dark. Only the neon lights outside the window could be seen. Besides, the office was eerily quiet. No one was there.

Gu Yuxun quickly picked up her bag and walked out. There were still a few people busy in the secretary's office. When they saw her coming out, they cast their curious and gossipy gazes at her, making Gu Yuxun feel awkward.

Dong Yebai actually didn't wake him up when he left. If she had been more sleepy, she might have been able to sleep until tomorrow morning.

Walking out of the administration building, through the blue swimming pool and the bushes dotted with lights, Gu Yuxun walked out of the hotel lobby, facing the sea breeze. Standing on the marble floor, he looked back at the majestic hotel building.

So that man was actually the CEO of this hotel!

Taking down Dong Yebai of Asia Pacific Hotel at the age of 28!

He had seen his resume in the financial magazine several times, and it was full of praise.

The overseas backgroud, born in a typical Wealthy Class family, started doing business at the age of 12 under the guidance of the former chairman of Asian Union Group. At the age of 16, he became a professional acquisition expert, specialising in buying hotels that were about to go bankrupt. He is a regional president at the age of 8 and a regional president at the age of 22.

These experiences had long been mystified by the media, and this man was regarded as a business wonder.

Gu Yuxun had never thought that she would ever have anything to do with this person. However, after today, the two of them would never have anything to do with each other again. Even if they met again, they would only be strangers that passed by each other. His lie, in exchange for a slap, had cleared the debt between them.

Taking a deep breath, he walked into the brightly lit street. She looked at the lonely figure on the ground and thought back to everything that had happened today. The pain in her body began to spread out inch by inch, disturbing her heart.

Where was her husband now?

When he got home, his mother-in-law Chen Yi was on the sofa, flipping through a fashion magazine. When she saw Gu Yuxun, she immediately mocked, "What's the matter?" He didn't answer the phone all day, yet he looked so ugly. The result was not good, right? "

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