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C17 Inseparable

Gu Yuxun took a deep breath, forced a smile, and gently placed the result in front of Chen Yi. "Take a look."

Fu Yao happened to come out of the shower as well. Hearing her words, she immediately broke into a smile and ran to Chen Yi's side. "You can't have children, can you?" "Mom, let Dad see the result. I don't believe that he would rather have this wife than a grandson!"

Chen Yi frowned as she stared at the result, silent for a long time. When Fu Yao looked over, her smile froze on her face. "How could it be normal?" "Could it really be my brother …"

"I hope you remember what you promised me the other day." Gu Yuxun looked at them with neither a servile nor overbearing manner. Looking at their ashen faces, at least for the moment, she felt a rush of pleasure. He didn't say anything else and just turned around gracefully with a smile.

The moment he turned around, the smile on his face gradually stiffened. Behind her, Fu Yao's voice called out, "How can this be normal?" "Mom, you won't have any reason to chase her out of the house in the future!"

When he was bathing, the water would touch his wounds and it was still the pain of a wolf. The underpants that she had changed off were stained with the dark red color of dried blood. It was so eye-piercing that it caused her eyes to feel hot.

At that moment, the bathroom door was slammed open. She was shocked and looked up to see Fu Rongxiao standing at the door. He had obviously drunk some wine, and his eyes were somewhat unclear.

In the end, he had still returned …

After a day and a night, his shirt had already been changed. However, the aroma of the alcohol was still so strong that it made her sick to her stomach.

As if she hadn't seen him, she squatted down to wash and change her clothes.

Fu Rongxiao stood there looking down at her. After looking at it for a while, she suddenly said, "Gu Yuxun, let's get a divorce!"

The washing froze, and in the next instant, she rubbed the clothes even harder. The tip of his nose was so sore that even his heart ached.

As if he was very dissatisfied with her nonchalant attitude, Fu Rongxiao reached out and dragged her up.

Fu Rongxiao seemed to be very dissatisfied with her nonchalant attitude towards him as he did his duty as a wife. He reached out his hand and dragged her up. His actions were violent, as if he wanted to crush her to pieces.

"Gu Yuxun, are you deaf or dumb?"

Taking a deep breath, she met his eyes and only said, "No."

These two simple words were straightforward and forceful, fully displaying her determination. Fu Rongxiao immediately grabbed her lower jaw with great strength. Instantly, a red mark appeared on her snow-white skin and a bone-piercing coldness shot out from her eyes. "Gu Yuxun, do you still have dignity?" Hm? "For the sake of your Fu Family's prosperity, you can really do anything you want?"

How could the pain in his body compare to the pain in his heart at this moment?

After she had been humiliated and tormented, he didn't offer a single word of condolences. The first thing he did after returning home was … Get rid of her! Moreover, it was completely out of his life. In his eyes, she was just that kind of person! He thought that the reason she had married into the Fu Family and tasted everything was so that she could become rich and prosperous?

"Yes, for the sake of the glory of Fu Family, for the sake of my mother and my younger brother, I will not divorce you!" Annoyed, she threw the clothes in her hands to the ground, splashing foam all over their faces. She glared at him like a wounded hedgehog, her eyes full of stubbornness. "Fu Rongxiao, I won't leave even if you say a hundred times!"

Fu Rongxiao was infuriated. He tightened his grip, causing her face to turn pale, "Now that Silan is back, Mrs. Fu's position belongs to her!" You should have known! "Gu Yuxun, you are nothing in my eyes, understand?"

Gu Yuxun stubbornly tried to cut him off. "All these years, when I was surrounded by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, you never said a good word for me. Now you turn around and hope that I can help you. Why should I?"

She laughed until her eyes turned red. "Yes, I may be nothing in your eyes, but in the eyes of outsiders and Su Silan, I'm your wife!"

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through his deep eyes. Fu Rongxiao knew that this woman was stubborn, but he didn't expect her to be so hateful when she was stubborn. With a tug of her long arm, she was pulled out of the bathroom. The next moment, he threw her onto the bed furiously.

When that huge figure pressed down, Gu Yuxun was so shocked that her eyes were wide open. She subconsciously struggled to get up, but Fu Rongxiao quickly held her hands above her head.

His eyes were dark and grim, and they shone with a dark, dangerous light, like a wild leopard galloping on the prairie. Her entire body, including her aura, was filled with aggression, as if it wanted to swallow her whole.

"Fu Rongxiao, you …" "What are you doing?" She had never seen someone like him before. It made her so excited that even her teeth were trembling.

"What do you think?" Wasn't it my wife? "Married for two years, you should at least do your duty as a wife!" With that, he waved his hand and pulled at her thin nightgown.

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