Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C19 In the next Life
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C19 In the next Life
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C19 In the next Life

Her words made Fu Rongxiao's face change slightly. However, it only lasted for an instant. The next second, he laughed as if he had just heard a great joke. "If that makes you feel better, then just continue thinking it over!" "Gu Yuxun, you want me to fall in love with you …"

"In the next life!"

In his next life!

Until Fu Rongxiao slammed the door and left, those words still echoed in Gu Yuxun's mind, pulling on every nerve of hers. She felt numbed with pain and no longer felt anything.

For a long time, she just squatted in the corner in a daze. Suddenly, she remembered that Dong Yebai had warned her not to think too much about it. Now, she was making a joke again …

The worst thing that a woman could do was lose her life for a man.

Back then, when Gu Yuxun married into the Fu Family, Chen Yi had used the excuse of focusing on having children to force her to resign her job of making a living. She and Fu Rongxiao were already like this. Although she said that she wouldn't get a divorce even if she died, no one could guarantee that they wouldn't break up at any time. If she did not stand up for herself now, once she got divorced in the future, not only would she starve to death, even her mother and brother, who were far away on the other side, would starve to death as well.

Now, they were all depending on their father-in-law for the medicine and living expenses!

When Yang Muxi heard that she was coming back to work, her mouth curved into a grin.

"My young mistress, you have finally made a wise decision this time!" Yang Muxi took Little Guai's drink from the refrigerator and handed it to Gu Yuxun. Little Guai was Muxi's son. He was three years old and was living with his grandma. Sofia would only bring him home with her on the weekends. After all these years, Gu Yuxun had no idea what Little Guai's father was really like. Every time the child asked, Muxi would tell him that the father had gone to outer space.

Gu Yuxun suspected that Yang Muxi, this idiot, did not even know who he was having a son with. However, judging from Little Guai's exceptionally pretty face, his father must have had good genes.

Would the "Lantian Building" still have people? "I want to go back to my old place. Everyone knows each other, and with you here, I have a companion." Gu Yuxun said as she sipped her drink.

"Yes!" The lack of staff in the project department had recently turned crazy. There were many people, but there were only a pitiful few with talent. We're currently in contact with Universal Hotel for a new project in their amusement park. That is an extremely large quota, for the second half of the year, you can even compare to a few years' worth of salary! Our family's Little Guai has a new toy! "You should take advantage of this situation and quickly return, so that you can earn a good sum of money!" Yang Muxi was beaming with joy as she spoke.

"Universal Hotel?" Gu Yuxun mumbled those words and subconsciously thought of that man.

"What?" "What are you doing in a daze for?" Yang Muxi nudged her with the tip of her foot. She pulled it back and said, "It's alright, what do you want to talk to boss about?"

"No need to speak." Tonight, our project department will gather together for a drink. You will come with me, and we will talk about your work with our boss. "In the past, when you were about to leave, he was on the verge of tears and begging you."

Gu Yuxun laughed. "I haven't done any decorating for two years, and I don't know how much I have left."

"Don't belittle yourself. It's settled tonight. Prepare yourself."

In the evening, the people from the Lantian Construction Company had arranged to drink at the OT F 10 nightclub. When Yang Muxi and Gu Yuxun arrived, they were already seated in a circle. They were all old colleagues, so when they saw Gu Yuxun, they all stood up and started shouting excitedly. When they heard that she was coming back to work, the female colleagues started gossiping.

"Young Mistress Fu was unhappy with the arrangement and wanted to come out to torment herself?" Sister Ya asked.

"Of course, it's so interesting to hang out at work with you guys and come out for a drink." She smiled wryly and raised her head to drink a few more mouthfuls of wine.

"How's your relationship with your husband?" "Young Master Fu was not easy to tame, and news of him appeared on the headlines." someone asked.

Gu Yuxun's face was slightly pale as she clenched the wine cup tightly. Actually, he had already been drunk quite a bit by his colleagues just now. At this moment, he felt a little dizzy.

Yang Muxi was singing by the side. Seeing that her expression wasn't too good, she came over to smooth things over, but the room's door was pushed open by another colleague, Bei Bei, who had just returned from the bathroom.

"Yuxun, I just saw your husband."

Bei Bei looked a bit embarrassed, causing Gu Yuxun's scalp to go numb. As expected, she heard her say, "You're hugging a woman!" "Why aren't you going to take a look!"

The expressions of everyone present changed. All kinds of gazes looked over at Gu Yuxun, somewhat sympathetic.

Gu Yuxun took a deep breath and slowly stood up. He was drunk and his feet felt a little wobbly. Yang Muxi blamed Bei Bei for being insensible. She stepped forward to support Gu Yuxun. "I'll accompany you to go out and see what kind of demoness she is!"

"No need, all the goblins have nothing to do with me." Gu Yuxun's voice seemed very soft in the noisy room. She patted Yang Muxi's shoulder as if nothing had happened. "You sit down. I'll go to the washroom."

Yang Muxi was worried and wanted to follow him. Gu Yuxun shook her head at her and had no choice but to sit back down. In her heart, she scolded Fu Rongxiao from beginning to end.

After walking out of the noisy private room, her heart quieted down as well. She immediately thought back to what Bebe had just said. Without pausing, she went into the bathroom.

However …

As he was about to cross a box, the door was suddenly pushed open from the inside. He subconsciously raised his head and saw a familiar figure.

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