Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C2 Hugging You Are My Husband
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C2 Hugging You Are My Husband
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C2 Hugging You Are My Husband

The woman wore a pair of Lei Si pajamas, revealing a large area of sparkling and translucent skin.

Perhaps it was due to the alcohol, but a blush appeared on her palm-sized face.

This woman was a complete demoness!

But why would she suddenly appear here?

Her long fingers lightly flicked and she elegantly lifted up her lower jaw.

He looked down at her, his voice low and magnetic. "Who are you?"

"Don't disturb me..." Gu Yuxun pouted, subconsciously wanting to slap his hand away.

Unfortunately, his strength was not small. She was only able to force herself to open her eyes after waving her hand a few times.

As if she had seen him clearly or not, she suddenly sat up with a silly smile, opened her slender arms, and hugged the man unexpectedly.

The man's body stiffened as a dangerous dark glint flashed across his eyes.


"Do you understand what you're doing now?" Holding the back of her head, the man lifted her face from his neck. His rich voice was sexy.

As if understanding his words, she nodded her head and smiled even more. Suddenly, she stole an incense stick from his lips. He was stunned for a moment. Then, he heard the words seeping from her lips, "Husband …" "You're back …"


This woman was already married?

He clasped the back of her head and looked again. She didn't look like a married woman.

But, if he was married, why would he come to his room?

He frowned and tried to push her away, but she held him tight and pushed him back against the bed.


In the next moment, her eyes suddenly turned red, and her face revealed an expression of grievance.

"Why do you never want me?" We're husband and wife, aren't we? "But is there a husband and wife like us in this world?" she asked mournfully, her eyes bleak. He twisted his body and leaned down, getting closer and closer to him.

This damned woman!


"You'll have to pay the price for provoking me, little demon."

The dark, hoarse male voice slid by. Long fingers lifted her lower jaw, bent her head, and forcefully kissed her with thin lips.


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