Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C5 It Was You I Beat
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C5 It Was You I Beat
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C5 It Was You I Beat

"What?" The photographer frowned and looked back. "With one glance, he could tell that this was the Young Mistress Fu Family that everyone was talking about." Hey, isn't this Gu Yuxun? "

"Yes, it's her!" Everyone recognized her.

The light flashed. Everyone spread out and made a path for her to walk towards Fu Yao.

Fu Yao stared at her in surprise. She didn't notice her ice-cold aura and asked arrogantly, "Gu Yuxun, why are you here?"

"Excuse me, sister-in-law, but I'm not here. Where should I be?" Her smile was neither warm nor cold. "Am I supposed to be caught in the trap of you and your mother-in-law, drunk by you, and sent to another man's bed?"

At the end of her sentence, her eyes became as sharp as knives, causing Fu Yao to be slightly startled.

The surrounding reporters were all sighing with emotion. They all lowered their heads and started writing on their books. She looked good! So it turned out to be the old granny and sister-in-law who had schemed against their daughter-in-law. Wasn't writing it down a noble family grudge? It was indeed not easy to be a wife of a Wealthy Class!

After being exposed on the spot, Fu Yao felt embarrassed. "Gu Yuxun, don't talk nonsense!" "If you don't take care of your private life, don't push the blame onto me and my mother!"

"Is that so?" Shall we call up the hotel tape and have a look? "If it was you guys who did it, then immediately apologize to me!" She raised her voice in a bluff. In fact, how could she dare to play the tape? She transferred the tape and walked into the wrong room last night. Her whole affair with that man was exposed!

"You …." Okay, so what if Mom and I did it? Let me tell you, Gu Yuxun, you'd better be tactful and stop cheating! "In my family, no one likes you except my father!" Fu Yao gave her a contemptuous look. "Who knows if you, a vixen, are secretly luring my father!"

Gu Yuxun gasped. Without thinking, she raised her hand and slapped Fu Yao in the face. " "Pa …" It was abnormally clear. The spotlight crackled.

"You dare hit me?" "Gu Yuxun, do you know who you're hitting?" Fu Yao covered her flushed cheeks and gritted her teeth.

"I hit an unfilial girl like you!" What you said just now wasn't only insulting to me, but also insulting my father-in-law … "Your father!"

"Gu Yuxun, you have no right to teach me a lesson!" Fu Yao wasn't someone who was easy to deal with. She grabbed Gu Yuxun's hair and pounced forward.

On the other side, the people slowly walked over, but stopped far away when they saw the chaos here.

"Director Dong, I think you should take the elevator on the other side!" Chief Secretary Jin Yun suggested, while the other assistant, Chen Linhao, stood protectively in front of him.

Dong Yebai didn't move, he only looked at the messy scene in front of him and asked, "Who is she?"

"Which one are you talking about?" Jin Yun asked as she searched her memory for a huge database.

"The one who made the first move." Dong Yebai also didn't expect to see this woman here again. He had seen her enchanting appearance last night, but he didn't expect to see such a fierce side of her so early in the morning.

The one in the green dress? She is the daughter-in-law of the Fu Group, and her husband is Fu Rongxiao, who is often the subject of gossip. "

Fu Rongxiao is her husband?

Dong Yebai remembered what she said last night when she was drunk. Did she treat him as Fu Rongxiao? Her cold eyes suddenly turned dark and became even colder.

"Director Dong?" Seeing that he didn't make a sound, Jin Yun called out to him in a testing manner after a long time of looking at his figure.

"Let's go." Dong Yebai came back to his senses. He looked away from Gu Yuxun coldly and walked into the elevator without looking back.

The result of the two women disregarding their image was that … They were all battered and exhausted.

Chen Yi, the mother-in-law, had rushed over after hearing the news. When she saw that her daughter had suffered greatly, her face immediately flushed red and swollen, and she wished that she could slap her face back at that moment. However, the reporters were present, so he had to restrain himself. Ye Zichen handed out red packets one by one, then dragged his daughter out of the hotel after she did her best not to send out what happened just now.

Quickly entering the elevator, he looked back and saw Gu Yuxun still standing there with a pale face. He felt annoyed and glared at her. "Why aren't you leaving yet? Are you trying to embarrass yourself by standing here?"

Gu Yuxun took a deep breath and followed the two off without saying anything.

Fu Family's car was parked right in front of Universal Hotel's gate. Uncle Fu hurried down to open the door for them. The moment Chen Yi got in, she immediately made a fuss at Gu Yuxun, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. "Gu Yuxun, are you looking down on our family?" Do you know who you are and what your status is? "You actually dared to slap my daughter!"

Fu Yao whimpered, adding, "Mom, look at my swollen face, don't you?" Is it ugly? "If there hadn't been so many people around, she might have tried to slap me to death!"

"She dares!" If she dares, I'll kill her first! "Let's see what kind of person they are to dare act so arrogantly!"

Gu Yuxun was sitting in the front seat, looking at the road as if she didn't hear the sharp words coming from behind. Uncle Fu looked at her sympathetically, but did not say anything. He was already used to this kind of scene.

In the past two years, Gu Yuxun had always kept a low profile at Fu Family. Even though she and her sister-in-law would occasionally choke on each other, she had always kept to her duty and never had a falling out with her mother-in-law.

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