Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C6 Divorce Yourself
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C6 Divorce Yourself
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C6 Divorce Yourself

Returning to the Fu Family, both Fu Rongxiao and the elder were absent.

Chen Yi was focused on cleaning up Fu Yao's injuries. Because she had already scolded her in the car, Gu Yuxun was able to relax a bit. She went into the bedroom and lay down wearily on the bed. The soft blanket touched the wound on her face, making her cry out in pain.

He took a towel and wiped the wounds on his face that had been scratched by Fu Yao. Looking at the miserable state he was in in in the mirror, his eyes suddenly filled with pain.

These past two years, how could she bear to let him live such a miserable life?

He took a deep breath and threw the towel on the azure stone countertop in a depressed manner. When he saw the small dress that Fu Yao had torn, he suddenly remembered that strange man in the hotel.

Those images uncontrollably popped out from her mind, causing her to blush and feel extremely guilty.

However, all of this only served to remind her of an even more shameful fact … She … He had cheated!

She didn't have the courage to tell Fu Rongxiao. Although Fu Rongxiao was much more outrageous in this marriage.

Squatting powerlessly in the corner of the bathroom, with his back leaning against the cold bathtub, he couldn't stop his tears from streaming down his face.

The phone in the bedroom rang. She grabbed the extension in the bathroom and pressed it to her ear.

"Hello …"

"What?" "Weak?" On the other side, the person who called was Yang Muxi.

Hearing her voice, Gu Yuxun felt as if she had just heard her family's voice. Her voice suddenly became choked with sobs. "Muxi, I'm finished!" What should he do? "This time, I am really going to die!"

Yang Muxi was also frightened by her. Since when did she cry like this? " Don't scare me! What happened? "Say it properly, I will analyze it for you!"

Yuxun recounted everything that had happened last night to Yang Muxi, shocking her so much that she didn't say anything for a long time.

"Aren't you going to analyze it for me?" "Make a sound!" Gu Yuxun urged her on in a displeased manner.

"You have to give me some time to digest it." Yang Muxi took a deep breath and tried her best to digest the fact that Gu Yuxun had cheated before uttering a shocking sentence. "Gu Yuxun, divorce her!"

She was stunned.

"The enemy is very generous, he started off with Chanel!" This kind of man, of course you have to continue to be a golden turtledove! Quickly tell me, have you eaten any good fruits in Fu Family? Fu Rongxiao is even more outrageous, leaving you in your room while fluttering the colorful flags outside. F * ck! This wasn't a person! "Take advantage of this betrayal and get rid of him!"

Gu Yuxun's head hurt. "Muxi, stop bullshitting."

Humans aren't trash, how can they be disposed of so easily? What's more, that damned man was still … The person carved in his heart...

"How am I bullshitting?" "If you don't seize the opportunity now, it will be too late later in the future!" Yang Muxi warned her seriously. Such a change of marriage, how long will it last? Besides, she was in her prime right now!

Gu Yuxun pressed her temples in discomfort and did not say a word. Yang Muxi then asked, "Hey, I'm asking you a question. How skilled was that man last night?" Is it too rough ?//Does it hurt you? "From the looks of it, you seem to be lacking in strength even when you speak?"

"Enough is enough, how can I remember so much?" She blushed and lied. In fact, he remembered the man's kiss. It was arrogant and domineering, like his entire being.

Aiya, why did he have to think of this again? It was really enough!

"Okay, okay, I won't ask." Are you in pain? Do you want me to send you something to mend your health? "


"She paused, then looked down at her body." "It doesn't hurt."

"No?" Heavens! It couldn't be that his was too small, so … The last time I heard her say it, she didn't hurt once because she was as small as a toothpick. "

Yang Muxi rolled her eyes, "Forget it, forget it. I think you should look for someone else. This person is not qualified!" "It's a pity. She can grow, she's rich, but why does it have to be …"

"I'm tired, so I won't tell you." She didn't even give him the slightest bit of comfort, nor did she give him any ideas. Instead, she urged him to divorce her. Gu Yuxun felt a little powerless.

Yang Muxi only thought that she was tired from last night's torture and did not continue arguing with her. She only urged her to rest more.

Gu Yuxun hung up the phone, feeling confused. The whole morning had been so chaotic that she had forgotten she was in pain. And, wouldn't it bleed the first time? Heavens! She was so careless that she even forgot to check the bed to see if there were any traces of blood!

Could it be as Muxi had said, because he was too small, so … He wasn't in pain?

She couldn't believe it.

Such a good-looking man with a first-class figure had actually been crippled at the first rank somewhere. A man without style was too pitiful! He actually dared to say … Was he a normal man?

Gu Yuxun had no idea that her thoughts had already left the topic. She let her imagination run wild. Squatting there, she actually fell asleep just like that.

Squatting down, he actually slept for three hours.

"Hey!" "Gu Yuxun!" A familiar voice came from above, and she was kicked in the foot.

"Gu Yuxun, if you don't wake up, you can try!" That pleasant voice felt like it was going crazy. She tried very hard to lift her heavy eyelids … Fu Rongxiao had always been a impatient person, so she had to wake up quickly.

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