Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C7 You Can Take a Bath
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Husband's So Strong and Fierce/C7 You Can Take a Bath
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C7 You Can Take a Bath

However, before she could open her eyes, her wrist was grabbed by a big palm the next second. Her whole body was pulled up like a sack of hemp. "Get out of here, don't waste my time washing …" "What happened to the wound on your face?"

The fierce words came to an abrupt stop. Fu Rongxiao's gaze landed on her face and his handsome eyebrows frowned.

By now, Gu Yuxun was awake. When his gaze fell on her, she brushed his hand away and said, "You take a bath, I'll go out first."

He turned to the side, trying to avoid the tall man and to get out of the bathroom.

With a sudden movement of his long arm, he easily scooped her back. He staggered and crashed into his chest. They were so close that she could feel his heart beating, beat by beat, like a drum beating against her heart.

The man from last night had a completely different aura from Fu Rongxiao …

Wait! Why did he think of that guy again?

"Let me go …." She pushed him. They had clearly been married for two years, yet who knew how many times they had come so close to each other. However, it just had to be … She didn't have the slightest ability to resist this man.

He did not move, only catching her chin with his hand, his actions unusually forceful. "I ask again, where did your injury come from?"

"You don't have to know..." She took his hand from his.

Fu Rongxiao sneered, "Gu Yuxun, have you been beaten silly?" "No matter what, you are still my wife in name. Now that you have been beaten, do you know how embarrassing it is for me?"

He smiled bitterly.

Look! She already knew that he would never care about her. However … Just now, she actually had a pitiful shred of expectation …

Even Gu Yuxun couldn't help but laugh at her own imagination.

She said nothing and wanted to go again. Looking at her cold expression, Fu Rongxiao was extremely annoyed. He frowned and refused to let her go. He fixed his eyes on her. "What are you doing out there?" he asked. I didn't get home last night. "

Gu Yuxun had been in a terrible mood all morning because of Fu Family and his mother. Now, after Fu Rongxiao's repeated questioning, she became even more upset, "Didn't you always ignore me?" "Besides, Mr. Fu, you are often out of the house. Have I asked you where you are?"

In this family, every time she was wronged, he would either watch from the sidelines or add insult to injury. Thus, she had long since gotten used to suppressing everything in her heart, so much so that she could barely breathe …

Letting go of her, Fu Rongxiao smirked, "You'd better not have done anything to let me down!" "Gu Yuxun, even if I don't love you, I won't fall in love with you in the future. But you are still my, Fu Rongxiao's, woman. If you dare to put on a green hat for me, I will make you die an ugly death!"

With that, he even warned her by fiercely biting her snow-white ear.

She froze there. Her ears were clearly filled with the heat that belonged to him, but … At this moment, she felt chills down her spine …

Gu Yuxun was pushed out of the bathroom and stood stiffly in the bedroom. His words were still echoing in his mind.

I didn't love you before, and I'm not going to love you in the future...

She had been listening to these words since the day of their marriage. How many times had she listened to them? She forgot. However, his originally numb heart still hurt.

If he had known about himself and that man last night...

Heh … Even if he was angry, he was only angry that he lost face for him.

"Gu Yuxun, what are you doing upstairs?" "Come down and cook!" Just as he was lost in his thoughts, his mother-in-law Chen Yi's sharp voice came from downstairs.

Gu Yuxun hurriedly changed into her clothes at home, folded up her tattered little dress, and walked down the stairs. "Did Aunt Zhang not arrive today?"

"I'm here, young mistress." Aunt Zhang stuck her head out of the kitchen and spoke to her.

Chen Yi glanced at her unhappily. "What?" If she marries into our family, does that mean she's a young mistress who doesn't care about the sun and spring water? "If you can't even give birth to a child, what qualifications do you have to be a young lady?"

Gu Yuxun's lips were white, unable to utter a word. Every time she met with a baby, she was at a loss for words. Because of her pride, because of that pitiful bit of self-esteem, she wouldn't say that Fu Rongxiao never touched her. She could imagine how her mother-in-law and sister-in-law would mock her if she said something like that. She was afraid that she would never have a place to stand in her home ever again.

"Mute at the mention of children?" Even a chicken can lay an egg! " Chen Yi glared at her in disgust. "What are you still doing here?" Little Yao wants to eat the stewed eggplant pot cooked by you! "If you do it, apologize to her!"

Gu Yuxun took a deep breath and suppressed the surging emotions in her heart. She walked towards the kitchen without saying a word. When she walked into the kitchen, Aunt Zhang's pitiful eyes looked over, and all of a sudden it was as if she touched the weakest spot in her heart, causing her eyes to redden.

She didn't want others to see her weak self, so she crouched down to pick at her eggplant. Aunt Zhang said, "It's better if I do it. Young Mistress, you just watch from the side." I do it fast. "

"No need, let me do it. I don't want them to pick on me again." With that, she skillfully peeled the eggplant and soaked it in water. Staring at the flowing water, she forced back her tears. Even if she didn't look back, she could imagine Aunt Zhang's sympathetic gaze behind her.


She really deserved sympathy.

Alone, not even his closest husband loved him …

Sometimes, she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself.

At lunchtime, his father-in-law Fu Xifeng returned. Sitting at the table, he swept his gaze at Gu Yuxun and Fu Yao without anger. He had a feeling that something had happened. That glance made both of them tense up. Even Chen Yi, who was standing beside them, was too nervous to speak. Only Fu Rongxiao remained calm as he continued to eat, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

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