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C9 Are You Lost?

"What are you doing?" Fu Rongxiao asked with a frown as he reached out his hand to pull the menu off her face.

Gu Yuxun's face turned even paler. She could see from the corner of her eyes that those people were walking towards her. Could it be... Did he see me too? Feeling flustered, he slapped Fu Rongxiao's hand away and stammered, "I …" "I'll take the order."

"Order?" Do you have a face directly embedded in your order like that? " Fu Rongxiao's gaze lingered on her face and he coldly snorted. "Gu Yuxun, you're the young mistress of Fu Family after all, can you please pay a bit of attention to your image?"

Gu Yuxun was so guilty that she dared not speak. He raised his eyes and saw that the person was only a step away from them. He was so close that she could smell the crisp scent of that morning.

I can't stop thinking about their crazy kisses...

His heart was beating wildly.

She completely panicked. She held her breath and kept thinking about how to explain it to Fu Rongxiao.

The figure drew closer and closer … Close at hand...

He's coming! What should he say?

However …

Despite her wild thoughts, her tall figure passed them at this moment, heading straight for another table. As he passed them, the man looked straight ahead. She was stunned, but she did not dare to look back. He … Did he not see her, or did he want to keep his distance from her?

"What's the matter with you?" Fu Rongxiao frowned as he always felt that she was weird.

Not bad! Not bad!

Yuxun heaved a long sigh of relief. She still had some lingering fear. Hearing Fu Rongxiao's question, she handed the menu to him with a guilty conscience, "Order it. My appetite isn't very good. I can eat whatever I want."

Even his appetite had been scared off by that guy! No matter which table she sat at, she had to sit so close to her!

After being abandoned and having to wait for Fu Rongxiao to order the dishes, Gu Yuxun still couldn't help but look back subconsciously. It didn't matter if she didn't look at the dishes. His deep eyes were filled with a haughty estrangement. He gave her a shallow nod. He was graceful and composed, but there was a distinct indifference on his face. That look reminded her of a royal noble.

She gasped in shock and turned her head around. She did not dare to look at Fu Rongxiao's expression and could only lower her head even lower. Thus, she naturally did not notice that her husband was bowing his head and greeting him.

When the waiter came to serve the dishes, Fu Rongxiao looked at the bottle of red wine and said, "We don't seem to have ordered red wine."

"Yes." "Mr. Dong, who was sitting over there, sent them off on purpose."

Mr. Dong?

Could it be …

She turned her head in surprise and saw that the man's gaze was focused on them.

"So that's how it is." "Fu Rongxiao nodded in understanding. He raised his head to look behind Gu Yuxun and ordered," "Open it."

"No!" Gu Yuxun instinctively grabbed the waiter's hand, causing him to be shocked. He looked at Young Master Fu with some embarrassment, then turned to look at her. She said nervously, "Rongxiao, if you want to drink, can't we order our own wine?" "You don't have to accept favors for no reason."

"You talk too much!" Fu Rongxiao cast an impatient glance at her, grabbed her hand and ordered the waiter, "Wake up!"

"Yes, Young Master Fu." The waiter carried the wine down.

Gu Yuxun had eaten up and down the entire meal, and even the tasty food felt tasteless in her mouth. What was that man trying to do? He thought he could be as carefree as he was, acting as if they didn't know each other! He actually brought the wine over! Was he still lost in that?

She was going crazy!

"Who do you have a grudge against?" Fu Rongxiao's gaze fell on her tensed hands. She was cutting the steak without caring about her image.

It was only then that Gu Yuxun realized that she had lost control of herself, that she might have lost his face again. She felt somewhat embarrassed. "I'm full." Rongxiao, can we leave now? "

"I haven't finished yet …." Before Fu Rongxiao finished his sentence, his phone on the dining table suddenly rang. He glanced at her and took the phone.

The voice on the other side of the phone was very soft, making it impossible for Gu Yuxun to hear his voice, much less hear his words clearly. However, Fu Rongxiao's expression changed drastically. "Silan?"

The two words that came out of her mouth contained all kinds of complicated emotions. However, it caused Gu Yuxun to shudder, and her delicate face turned slightly pale.

Silan …

The woman who left him for two years...

The reason why he hadn't touched her for the past two years was to wait for the return of this woman who should really be sitting on Mrs. Fu's seat.

His heart was in complete chaos. On the other side, he had already hung up. Ye Zichen quickly took out a stack of bills from his wallet, threw it on the table, then turned around and left.

He hadn't even glanced at her. It was as though … She was a transparent person who did not exist at all.

But he was his wife!

"Fu Rongxiao!" Gu Yuxun cried out after he took a step forward. Fu Rongxiao seemed to come back to his senses and remembered that she was still there.

But, even so … She couldn't keep him either …

"I've got to go. You can call the driver yourself."

Without a single bit of guilt or explanation, he walked away without even turning back.

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