I am all yours/C1 The ruthless ceo
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I am all yours/C1 The ruthless ceo
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C1 The ruthless ceo

Yan Shen was holding an important meeting with the delegates of overseas business partners. If it was done perfectly,his business would flourish two-fold even in the other countries.

It's already late today. He had overslept and came to office late. The delegates had to wait for him till noon . It's now 3 p.m . The meeting was in half way.After having lunch they came for the presentation in the seminar hall. After the subordinates clarified the future plans with a well designed presentation ,now it's his time to sum up the meeting. He would add some further information and give a vision to the project.

His cellphone was connected to the projector and he was showing some of the future plans in which he wanted them to collaborate with them and also the investment and profit ratio. The seminar hall had pin-drop silence.

Everybody was just mesmerized by his pleasing ,sexy and appealing tone .He did not say much but whatever he said gave pleasure to the ears. He was tall and slender with an athletic build,his legs were well proportioned .His almond shape eyes were deep brown and unfathomable. His hair was combed neatly with a side part .In a word he was very much handsome .

But who worked under him knew that he was more ruthless than any Hollywood villain. If he wanted anything he could turn down the world for it. He never allowed his competitors to strike him down rather he would take initiative to abolish their business in blink of an eye.

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