I am all yours/C10 Madam do you know me?
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I am all yours/C10 Madam do you know me?
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C10 Madam do you know me?

Yan Shen was driving his car in full speed ,suddenly his eyes catch a slender body on the bench of a park while passing by. The appearance was quite known. The person was sitting facing towards the park, from road side only neck and the back of her head was seen. Yan shen was confirmed that it was really Xi Xin.

He was surprised as she said that she should be with her friend. Then why was she sitting alone ?Was she waiting for him ? May be he was busy with some work and let her wait here or he was going to get some food for her. Maybbe she had not had lunch yet .Did she take breakfast?

Yan Shen was about to call Aunt Shi, suddenly a horn behind the car made him come to his senses. He had stopped his car in the middle of the road and there was a queue behind him .He started the car and parked it by the side as fast as he could. Then he came out of the car and apologized to others. He had never apologize before to anyone, this girl made him to do this too .He felt embarrassed for himself but he did not want to waste more time in these things .

so he took out the phone given by Gu Meg and called Aunt Shi me to enquire whether Xi Xin had taken have breakfast and she replied hurriedly that though she requested but she said she would eat with her friend and wanted to spend the whole day with with her.

"Are you sure she said with her not him?" Aunt Shi said without wasting a second with confirmation that she said it's her .He greeted his teeth and hang up the phone.

He called Gu Meg and asked him to find out Whether doctor Li Zu of Sun Hui hospital had red Audi? so that's it. May be this girl lied to Aunt Shi so that she did not doubt her. But when he heard that the girl even did not have a breakfast his heart ached.

He walked towards the crossing and found out franchise of a renowned fast food company. He ordered for a tub of chicken wings, a bowl of noodles and a bottle of cola. He had heard more than once that she loved to eat those. She used to eat at tiffin in those restaurants before she came to stay with him. Now she had to take her tiffin from home cooked and packed by Aunt Shi , which were healthy yet delicious.

But today she may be happy to eat it and would co-operate with him patiently to unfold her secrets behind her behaviour of last 2 days. He searched with his eyes but there was no red Audi, not to mention that no red car was there .So she must be waiting for Li Zu to take her to his home. Thinking this his eyes became more cold and his face beame calm and cloudy .

He crossed the road with handful of food and went straight to the park. In the corner of the bench the backpack was left clumsily and she was sitting folding her legs and her face was burried in the legs .

He stopped before her. Hearing the footsteps stopped before her she put up her face and there was a sparkle in her eyes .Soon it faded away in a blink of an eye. Then her face became indifferent as if he was total stranger to her .But The sparkle in her eyes did not escape from Yan Shen though it lasted even less than a second. It soothed his heart .

He sat down beside her then he handed over the basket full of chicken wings to her hand. Her lips notched upwards like a faint smile but then she returned it with a sorry.

Yan Shen forced Xi Xin but he kept the foods between them and stared at her for a long time without asking anything. Though it seemed awkward for both of them but he still remained silent.

Atlas Xi Xin broke the silence. She asked" why are you here? you told me you have a very important meeting with your overseas partner today?"

Yan Shen replied in a slightly mocking tone "Ma'am do you know me ?I assume You have so much knowledge about my daily cores that I am not a stranger to you, ye?"

Xi Xin bit her lips in despair. What a fool she was!She gave a chance to this prudent man to start .The biting her lips made her more attractive in the eyes of Yan Shen. He felt like to hold his little wife in his arm and comfort her .He would like to give the assurance that he would be always with her no matter what happen ,but ego; this stupid male ego never allow him to bend his head even before the most important person of his life-------_ the person he most cared for.

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