I am all yours/C11 Darling ,want to disobey me?
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I am all yours/C11 Darling ,want to disobey me?
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C11 Darling ,want to disobey me?

Xi Xin ,on the other hand, was searching for a plan to escape from Yan Shen .Who knew he would be here in search of her?How she behaved last 2 days and her knowledge about this man's mentality let her think that he was already disgusted with her.He would let her go in her own way .she even mentioned that she should be with her friend and leave the city within two or three days .So she pretended to chat with friend last night. But actually she had no friend in the City.

It's been only two months that Xi Xin came in the city and only one month she was admitted in the university .Xi Xin was not herself a friendly person .She was rather introvert and reserved. She also kept her profile low to keep her marriage a secret. So whenever Xi Xin went to University she took out her engagement ring so that no one could doubt her marital status .

So there was no friends she had. As she brought homemade food so she did not have to go to the cafeteria with friends for lunch. Xi Xin found out a place either in the steps of library or in a corner under a big Banyan tree in the vast field of their department.

Today when she was waiting for bus at the bus stand, by chance the head of the department Dr.Zou was passing by. She was a charming lady of about 45 years. She happened to know Yan Shen and she was surprised to see Xi Xin who was admitted by Yan Shen bhimself in a bus stand all alone .So Dr.Zou asked Xi Xin to get on the car and she would drop her in destination. As Dr.Zou was head of department , Xi Xin could not refuse her.Xi Xin alighted the car .

Xi Xin could not decide over her destination till then .She suddenly remembered about this famous park. So she asked Dr.Zou to drop her at the park .

Xi Xin pretended that she had an appointment with a friend there. After that she was thinking about her future. where do she go now? she might have a seat in the dormitory but would be a lengthy process. Xi Xin had to wait at least 7 days before that. She had not enough money to stay in the hotel.

So Xi Xin was searching for rented house but none was available now. It was the peak days of the year .All the university and colleges just opened. Therefore all the rented house were already occupied by the students and the Teachers from the outside of the city .

The rooms were left till date were out of reach for Xi Xin.So she was thinking about her future plan and was clueless when Yan Shen came to her.

Xi Xin had her favourite food kept before her . Though she was hungry she could not take this .But being hungry since yesterday night Xi Xin felt nausea. She took out water from her bag and drank a mouthful water but could not hold it anymore .

Xi Xin started vomiting ,nothing came out except the water .She felt dizzy and kept her head on the backrest. Seeing her situation Yan Shen took her in his arms.Before that Yan Shen kept foods and drinks in Xi Xin's backpack and took it in one shoulder. He carried her out in his arms from the park and placed her in the passenger seat of his car and then his sat on driving seat and locked the door .So that Xi Xin could not leave the car.

But Xi Xin was so weak and feeling dizziness that even if she wanted she could not do it .of her own.

Xi Xin rested her head on the backrest and closed her eyes. Yan Shen opened the backpack and fished out the bowl of noodles and packed chopsticks. The noodles was still hot. He took out the chopsticks from its cover and took some noodles and put it in the mouth of Xi Xin. After having three or four mouthful of noodles she gained some consciousness .

Xi Xin was going to refuse another take when her eyes caught a pair of cold eyes which was silently threatening her of diring consequence if she dared to disobey its owner.

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