I am all yours/C13 Indirect kiss
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I am all yours/C13 Indirect kiss
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C13 Indirect kiss

Xi Xin became timid and without a word eat out slowly .After finishing her meal ,she was first given water. Then a bottle of cola was handed to her by Yan Shen.Xi Xin took one or two sip when he started the car. Startled by the sound of the car Xi Xin wanted to leave the car but the car was locked .She requested earnestly but the man in the driving seat behaved like he was deaf and nothing can broke his concentration. Finally Xi Xin gave up.

After some time there was a plan in her mind.Xi Xin said in a playful tone" What right do you have to behave like this with me ?If I shout for help, that you are kidnapping me ? public don't know about our marital status so they will put you into jail .I think about your would be Ma Ban. If she finds you in the jail what will be her reaction? she will lose her face not only in office but in the society too."

Yan Shen frowned. Was this girl really insane or trying to play with his patience? Or cleverly demanded an explanation about the relation between Ma Ban and him? He was puzzled for sometimes.Then he regained his confidence and said in a very clear and cold tone" At first you are not a kid but adult enough to be my legal wife. Secondly no one dare to question my Yan Shen's action in this city , thirdly the person you named has been fired today for spreading nuisance in my personal matter .So relax and don't disturb me. Let me drive you home safely."

Hearing that Ma Ban was fired Xi Xin was astonished.She did not think that Yan Shen would take such a step.Was she overthinking these days.Seeing her daze look Yan Shen chuckled .This little girl was really immature.But that's not the problem.He liked her innocence and immaturity.It's like a cool breeze in his crude mundane life.Yan Shen had never spoken so much.But he did not know why and how he lost control over himself whenever he confront this little girl Xi Xin.

Yan Shen then said again " I have not have lunch properly .So take out the chicken wings from your backpack and feed me carefully while I am driving. Remember you are not allowed to eat them. They are specially for me."

Yan Shen knew very well that these were Xi Xin's favourite and her weakness too.But Yan Shen wanted to punish her this way .

Since yesterday Xi Xin made him suffer a lot .He even got a dark circle under his eyes because of the tension Xi Xin gave Yan Shen. He never experienced so much tension even when he handled billions worth deals without a stretch on his face in blink of an eye. But this little Bunny gave him so much pain. There was a feeling of loss that ached Yan Shen's heart more .

Yan Shen ate the chicken wings with the cunning smile at his face .Through the corner of his eyes Yan Shen could see Xi Xin was muttering cursive words . Xi Xin could not bear it anymore to feed someone her favourite food without even tasting once. At last Yan Shen allowed Xi Xin to take one or two bite from each piece before she feed him. But Xi Xin could not eat a piece alone .

Xi xin was puzzled. Though they were married for two months they were never get so intimate before .They even did not kiss each other till date. Yan Shen also being a germophobic did allow anyone to give him food even he used new chopsticks. How could he eat the piece she tasted before .Xi Xin knew how pricky he was about food .It was really so amazing that Yan Shen was eating fast food today .But the most surprised part was that Yan Shen would eat the food tested by Xin.She became speechless .Her hand trembled in fear or nervousness or happiness she was not so sure.

Seeing Xi Xin's condition Yan Shen gave her and coquetish and alluring smile which gave her shivering in her body and she blushed .Xi Xin's looks became so attractive thaYan Shen could not control himself anymore. He stopped his car by the side of the road suddenly and bent over to put his lips on Xi Xin's lips before she could assume anything and protest. Xi Xin felt a light pressure on her lips and hot breath on her face .She could not breath or protest but timidly handed herself over to this overbearing person as her brain became numb. After eating her lips to his fill Yan Shen let Xi Xin go.

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