I am all yours/C14 I will take care of you from now on
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I am all yours/C14 I will take care of you from now on
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C14 I will take care of you from now on

In the bed both of Yan Shen and Xi Xin were fighting who would put pastries on whose mouth first .After sometime both of them got tired and lay down side by side. Yan Shen stretched out his hand and took a wet tissue from the tray and wiped out carefully Xi Xin's face. Then he handed over her another wet tissue and came close to her so that she could clean his face. As he came close his breath startled her so much that she slided her body a little and in a trembling hand wiped out the cream from his face .

Then they sat down again and Xi Xin poured the tea into two cups and both of them started to drink silently. she was confused what happened to her .She had left the house in the morning for new shelter but now she was in the bed room sharing with this man .

Not before today they were intimate to this far. They were legal husband and wife but Yan Shen wanted to keep it secret but now he called another person to address her as sister in law .What was going on?

Xi Xin was really stressed that Ma Ban had repeatedly told her that Xi Xin was the third person between Ma Ban and Yan Shen.He would never Love her only could pity her. Xi Xin also started to believe this as he treated her with coldness and certain aloofness. But today his behaviour was far different from before.That's why Xi Xin was little bit confused. What should she do now?

That Ma Ban had already fit four people behind her to know her whereabouts. They even to her University to chase . So she got little scared and went to the office and shouted at young master because she thought that he was behind them to treat her as a captive mistress without giving social recognition of their marriage .But when she saw his reaction yesterday and in the night how he spoke to her she realised that he did not aware about it .

So she was certain that Ma Ban had some plan to keep her away from Yan Shen .She might become more dangerous in jealousy and kill Xi Xin.So Xi Xin wanted to to go far from Yan Shen's life as soon as possible. But fate decided another thing .Who could tell a serious businessman like Yan Shen could leave an important meeting in half way to search for her.

That means she had created at least a place for her in stone heart of this cunning businessman .

She was lost in her thoughts when someone patted her head .Xi Xin looked around to find that a pair of beautiful eyes looking at her in a gaze. She looked at him with the question in her eyes. The man came close and held her in his arms and calmly told her that she didn't need to be scared of him or anybody else in the world. She was his wife .Wife of Ceo Yan Empire ,who could cover the sky in one hand ,and abolish the C city with one stomp of his foot.So Xi Xin could never allow her to be bullied by anyone else .

Though Yan Shen did not know what happened to her in last two days but he would really investigate it on his level. One thing he could understand that Ma Ban had something to do behind this rokues suffered by them for these days .She was already fired from her job .

Yan Shen also would ensure that Ma Ban couldnot come near Xi Xin in future .

tomorrow Xi Xin would accompany him for lunch in his office room around 12 o'clock and she couldn't refuse his order .He would send car for her to the university at lunch time to bring her to the office and he personally sent her off to the university to continue her classes for the rest of the day.

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