I am all yours/C15 I can eat sweet too
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I am all yours/C15 I can eat sweet too
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C15 I can eat sweet too

Xi Xin's face was red ,eyes were full of tears and lips were swelling Her dress was little untidy as Yan Shen let his hand loitering on her body when he kissed her .He gave a look with a cute smile on his face which could Bewitched any girl but it helped to grow anger in the the mind of Xi Xin.

Yan Shen indirectly indicated Xi Xin to tidy her dress and messy hair before starting the car .As they were near his villa Yan Shen's phone rang. It was Gu Meg , who in tensed voice said that his men had traced the doctor but he did not have a red colour car . He couldnot tell anything about Little Miss .

Yan Shen reminded him that from today onwards Xi Xin must be called madam or sister in instead of Little Miss .Gu Meg didn't have to worry because Yan Shen brought his wife home safely. Gu Meg should resume to his usual cores. Was the frame ready to be placed in the table? Gu Meg replied in a surprising tone that they were placed accordingly . Hearing this Yan Shen let out a sigh and hang up his phone.

Yan Shen drove into the Courtyard of his villa and open the door of the car. Then he came out of the driving seat and brought out Xi Xin eby holding her hand tightly in one hand and took the backpack in another.

Hearing his card sound Aunt Shi had opened the door beforehand .She looked at both of them and welcomed them with pleasant smile. "Welcome home young master young miss .Get fresh and I will serve you some refreshing drinks ".

Aunt Shi found out that there might be some misunderstanding between them but now seeing the swelling lips and blushing face of Miss Xin and provocative yet charming smile and caring attitude of young master it meant the matter was resolved. so she let out a sigh of relief secretly.

They both went upstairs to get fresh. They took bath and put on comfortable casual wear.Yan Shen called Xi Xin to the master bedroom. They lived in two different rooms .Xi Xin's room was exactly opposite of the master's bedroom.only the first day and yesterday they shared the master bedroom .In the first day Xi Xin slept on the couch , Only yesterday they both spent the night together in the same bed. Though she was angry and detached from him,he was angry too.But the feeling of being together was till lingering in his mind.So Yan Shen decided from today onwards he and Xi Xin would stay together in the master bedroom.

Aunt Shi brought a pot of herbal juice tea which was her speciality , snacks and pastries which were actually favourite of Xi Xin. Yan Shen never ate sweet dish while Xi Xin had sweet teeth .They were actually poles apart in their personality and choice.

But today as it was all happened opposite to the usual days Aunt Shi surprised to see as soon as she put the tray on the bed Yan Shen took a piece of pastry and started to eat.It made both the ladies astonished. The cream of the pastry touched the nose and somewhat made him look funny. Xi Xin started to smile .Seeing her to smile heartily Yan Shen put the remaining part of the pastry in her mouth forcefully. She wanted to avoid it ,so she ducked her head. It was not done timely so some of the cream smashed on her right cheek, which made her more adorable. This brought a smile on the face of Yan Shen Seeing them Aunt Shi left the room silently and without disturbing them close the door noiselessly behind her.

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