I am all yours/C18 Started longing for you
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I am all yours/C18 Started longing for you
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C18 Started longing for you

Xi Xin used to sleep in the opposite side of the room . Though they were legal husband and wife but they were not in intimate relationship so far .Till date Yan Shen never pay heed to this .He used to be engaged in his business related papers till late night. When he came to the bedroom at midnight he found her sleeping in her own room .Now he realised that he had missed some sweet experience. He longed for her now. He carefully lay beside her in the bed and kissed her forehead affectionately. Then he covered the same quilt over himself.

Not only it give Yan Shen a pleasant feeling in his heart but also a sense of completeness.

This little bunny did not know how much he adored her. Next day they both left for their respective places after having a happy and hearty breakfast .As Xi Xin was going to take lunch with young master she did not take lunch pack.She would be dropped by another car though it was instructed that she would be observed by his men ,so that one can could harm her anymore .Her mobile phone also had a tracker on. So Yan Shen could also keep an eye on her. he could not let her go far from him. He just couldnot.

In the office Yan Shen always wore a cold face. Not only the subordinates but also the people from other companies could not dare to speak before him without his permission. As Ma Ban was kicked out of her position so Gu Meg was present at his office to give a brief discussion about this schedule.

Yan Shen was thinking about something. In his mind a matter flashed from no where while listening to Gu Meg. One of his hands was playing with a pen and a paper weight and he was gazing at the photos of Xi Xin and himself. The first one was taken on the day of marriage and the second one was when they went for shopping and was taking rest for sometime in a park. The very park, from where Xi Xin was found yesterday .In this photo Xi Xin was playing with roses .She was looking very beautiful. Gu Meg understood that boss was in no mood for work today ,but there were delegates of the overseas company to look after. So he coughed two times ,Yan Shen came back to this mundane world from the memorable moments .He looked to Gu Meg with little embarrassment as it never happened before with him that he forgot business .He was a cunning businessman throughout all those years how could he forget his original self. He came back to his serious posture and started to hear attentively about the daily chores he needed to attend.

After finishing his meeting around 12 o'clock he was waiting at his chamber for Xi Xin.Yan Shen was very happy that the deal was closed very easily with which is dream of expansion in overseas would be benefited by millions. He apologized for leaving the meeting in halfway yesterday ,but the deligets assured him that they were not unhappy at all .They know about his concern about this matter so they realised that there might be some serious personal matters to be attended by him.They were all family man and could understand the situation. Not the least they were also taken care and entertained very heartily by Gu Meg. So they have no grievance.

Hearing this Yan Shen and also felt relief and thankful to Gu Meg.

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