I am all yours/C19 Punishment
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I am all yours/C19 Punishment
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C19 Punishment

As Yan Shen was waiting for Xi Xin the head of the HR department informed him that Ma Ban was there. She was called on pretext of signing some relevant documents about her experience in this company ,so that when she would submit resume for job in another company she could show her experience.

Yan Shen told him to send her to his office when he called him .Gu Meg personally went to fetch Xi Xin from University. So he accompanied her to company.Ma Ban was standing at the balcony of 5th floor in which the HR department was situated. She saw them entering the main gate. The petite figure of Xi xin along with Gu Meg attracted her eyes .As Xi Xin was walking bending her head she couldnot recognise from so far but the figure seemed to known to her .She was also astonished to see that Gu Meg stopped the security guards for checking this lady; that meant she was a very important person .

Ma Ban came running towards the lift to find out who was she. At the door pressed the button to get into the lift but when the door was about to open a staff from HR department called her name out ,so she had to go back to the department .Meanwhile that lift reached 14th floor, which was entirely belonged to Yan Shen. Without his permission no one could s step there.

Yan Shen was sitting on his chair eagerly looking at the door .He had already seen them enter the lift in CCTV camera. Before that he was taking a stroll in the middle of the room but now he was sitting with calm and composed posture as if he did not care much about her. When Xi Xin entered the room ,he just took a glance to her and unknowingly there was a faint smile shown on his lips.

Xi Xin came near and stood silently for his response. Yan Shen made himself busy with the papers lying before him and carelessly waved his hand to ask her to sit. Gu Meg felt it funny because he knew young master how eagerly was waiting for this lady. He did not mention it but in a low voice asked him "Do I arrange for your lunch now ?"

Yan Shen said " Let's wait a bit before we go to lunch .I have a matter to settle .Call that girl here ,she need to apologize to her.", through his eyes he indicated to Xi Xin.

Xi Xin was surprised. Did Ma Ban continue her job here? But yesterday Yan Shen already told her that Ma Ban was fired ,then what's the hell going on! Her face became tensed and dark. she was little bit annoyed. Seeing her face Uan Shen's heart ached again, but he pretended that he had not noticed her.

Xi Xin was sitting in front of him. So she did not notice the photo frames on the table. When Ma Ban came to the room, she was stunned to see that Xi Xin was sitting there. Yan Shen got up from his chair and came to Xi Xin.He stood firmly behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder.

He stared at Ma Ban with clear and cold eyes .Xi Xin tried to let his hands off from her shoulder as she was both embarrassed and angry but he did not move a bit .Yan Shen spoke in a very clear voice "Mis Ma, I think you owe an apology to her."

Ma Ban did not reply. she was standing clenching her fist and biting her lips .Xi Xin still felt uneasiness .She actually did not want to face Ma Ban again in her life but the hands on her shoulder gripped her tightly and gave assurance that no one would do any harm to her in future .A warm feeling was flowing through her whole body and made her heart beat fanatically .Her cheeks became famous apples because of blush.

Ma Ban was taken aback .She did not expect even in her dreams that this girl would be protected by Yan Shen. Her mind stopped to work anymore.

Yan Shen said once again" Miss Ma you owe an apology to her." This time his voice was more fierce and cold. Ma Ban started to tremble but could not speak.Yan Shen's patients already touched its limit. He continued " If you did not do it now, the consequence will be more hard for you.you can not even imagine ."

Ma Ban opened her lips very slowly and said in a feeble voice" sorry, sorry". Yan Shen said "Shout clearly".

Ma Ban said with more stress this time ."Miss Xi I am sorry for what I have done." "No Miss Xi .Call her madam , and say it loud." A deep and cold voice gave her a reminder. Ma Ban was furious in her heart but she didn't dare to express it. She said loudly " Madam Xi I am really sorry for what I have done ." She bend her head to show her sincerity as low as her nose was about to touch her knee.

"Now get lost and never came in contact with Xi Xin or this company in future .Otherwise you have to meet dire consequences ." Hearing this Ma Ban left the room and went to the lift.

Gu Meg also went out to arrange for the lunch. Xi Xin was sitting absent minded .She could not think that Yan Shen would protect her and give her the recognition as a wife before someone .She always thought Yan Shen would always keep her secretly.It was unfortunate that as a secretary Ma Ban accidentally knew about her.But she did not know that Yan Shen already married to Xi Xin.Otherwise might be she would not take so drastic step to detach Xi Xin from Yan Shen.

Xi Xin was lost in thoughts when she felt a soft pressing on her forehead by a cold thing.She was shocked at first .Whe she looked upwards she saw Yan Shen's face was leaning over her forehead. That meant he kissed her . Realising this ship Xi Xin blushed again .

Yan Shen was smiling naughtily looking at her blush .This little Bunny always pleased his eyes no matter what. She was so cute that he couldnot turn his eyes from her. He never looked at the faces of woman because since childhood he had seen the pretentious women with thi makeup .Under their fake innocence there are vicious nature hidden behind.The nagging attitudes gave him nausea.So he avoided them as viruses as far as possible .Due to his cold aura even his classmates or relatives kept distance from him. Only this girl could reach to him,touch him. He never thought that he could indulge a girl to such extent that she dared to offend him and he had to let her do so in fear of hurting her.Yan Shen could not see even a drop of tears in her eyes and a sad look on her face.

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