I am all yours/C20 A lunch worth cherishing
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I am all yours/C20 A lunch worth cherishing
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C20 A lunch worth cherishing

When Yan Shen recalled the last two days his heart once again seemed to be crushed. He never thought Ma Ban would be so vicious that she dared to go against him and bully his woman behind him.

Yan Shen really underestimated her capability .He should be more alert in future .It was not only a threat to Xi Xin but also to his company . Ma Ban represented that decades-old firework company. Now though they were in decadence but probably she took initiative to work in this company to seduce him and enforced him to invest in her company .

He never thought in this line before but now he was serious about it .Ma Ban was efficient and well behaved. She never forced herself on him .Yan Shen often took her as his female companion to many business banquets and social gatherings as a female companion but she kept her distance from him . Might be this give her courage to dream of being the Madam in future. Now Gu Meg also informed him that she announced herself as future madam to the employees of the company secretly.

Gu Meg t asked for forgiveness with a throbbing heart because he lacked vigilance on the office related facts which should be under his control. Because of good impression and satisfaction received from Xi Xin ,Yan Shen's mood was better so he got only a little punishment of visiting in subsidiary company and also had to attend head office everyday.The subsidiary company was 200 miles far and also to attend head office everyday for one month meant he could not use and sleep in his home at least 2 hours peacefully .

But in his heart Gu Meg was very much thankful to Xi Xin.In older days once he was sent to a remote place to supervise a huge construction .There was not tasty food or any entertainment or acquaintances. He had to live a life of a monk about six months. He had lost at least ten kgs and became feeble. Second time he was sent to work for a rival company to get the first hand information . For fear of being caught he lost his sleep and appetite .The boss of that company was so ferocious that he had two crocodiles as his pets. one was kept in his home and other was in his office .Whoever offended him, he just ordered his guards to throw him to the pond to be fed by the crocodile, without giving a chance to clarify his innocence .Gu Meg even had nightmares for a long time and had to consult psychotherapist .So this punishment to him nothing in compared to them. He happily accepted this .

But to Yan Shen this matter was not so easy because the old man of Ma family had a very good relation with his father .They played chess everyday . Though his father had promised him that he would never interfere in his decision in the company affairs and his personal matter, but the old man could influence his father to give emotional pressure to him. As a cunning businessman Yan Shen could assume the opponent's strategy beforehand easily .

But now he put this thought behind his back. Xi Xin was here for only lunch . After that she would be sent back to the university to continue her classes .

So the lunch should be pleasant with her presence .At first Yan Shen asked Gu Meg to book a private room in a famous seafood restaurants because Xi Xin loved the food there. But it would take some time to go there .Xi Xin couldnot have rest after eating. she had to rush back to the university.

So he asked Gu Meg to buy some food from nearby restaurant .It was the first time Yan Shen would taste take away food and that was too in his office. In his office to he never ate or allowed anyone to eat

He just hated the stinky smell of food to be lingered in his office . In his office only he used to drink coffee in a regular interval .His subordinates were also not allowed to eat food in this floor. They had to go to the cafeteria to have lunch .Maximum time Yan Shen attended clients in lunch meeting in various restaurants around the city .Or if ever he happened to be in office,he only filled his stomach with club sandwich specially made for him in his special booth in office canteen .He only really relished his food at peace in his villa at dinnertime.

But today's exception, because his little wife for the first time would accompany him in lunch in the office. In his heart he really wished that these exceptions might become habitual occurrences in near future. He just got obsessed with the little fairy. He always wanted to keep Xi Xin beside him all the time. But he had to restrained his desire for time being for their better and sweeter future.

Xi Xin was wandering through the office room while Yan Shen was busy with his document. Though it seemed he was immersed in his work in hand but secretly his eyes were following the little Bunny wherever she went. A satisfied smile was painted on his lips.

Xi Xin had never come to his office in this two months except two days ago. But then she was not in a mood to look at the surroundings. Today in a relaxed mood she was loitering and appreciating the aesthetic sense of Yan Shen.The office room was not as cold as its owner. Though it had a combination of dark grey and black shades but a wall has a light shade of beige which gave the office a warm feeling.

There the achievements of the company in last five years were exhibited chronologically and also the vision of the company in future. One could understand how meticulous and clear headed the CEO was. She herself was a student of business management and finance.So this wall attracted her attention more. This also pleased Yan Shen. He actually wanted to see appreciation for him in her eyes. He also decided to cherished Xi Xin to be a real partner in his life and business simultaneously .

The person he cared and loved the most in this world was this woman. He never foud out how and when he was fallen head over heels for this woman .Yan Shen never expected this. So he always was running away from his feelings. In his subconscious mind he always wanted to protect and cherish Xi Xin.

The girl never created tantrum before or disturbed his peace of mind from the day they came into contact. She obediently obeyed his directions and never opposed him .So he had taken her for granted and never given special attention. He was just habituated being her around him.

So when previous day she threw a tantrum he was stunned. Even his cunning mind stopped to work .Only she could escape his punishment for creating such ruckus in office and making him lose face in front of his subordinates .

Yesterday when her messages came one after another which announced her determined detachment from him he was at a loss. A feeling of being abandoned again arose in his heart after so many years .But this time he just could not allow it to be happened. That time he was not capable being a mere innocent child but now he was the most capable person in this city.

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