I am all yours/C26 Confession
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I am all yours/C26 Confession
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C26 Confession

Some thoughts were playing on the mind of Xi Xin. It was all acting of Yan Shen.He was actually using her as a shield in front of this peach blossom.

But Feng Jin was very much annoyed and embarrassed .Yan Shen was her senior in school and also they were family friends. He was always aloof from women ,only she used to talk to him though he never took initiative to talk to her. Though she couldnot come close to him but seeing his disgust to other women she was more close to him. So naturally she thought herself special to him .

she went abroad for higher studies for more than 2 years. Actually she went there to study finance to become more suitable to be his wife and help him in his business .She just came back last week and was about to go to the old house to meet Grandpa Yan but she did not think that Yan Shen was already married to this girl .and doted on her so much .He even allowed this girl to swear to him publicly. Feng Jin was so annoyed that she stomped her foot and ran away like a gust of wind.

Yan Shen looked at Gu Meg coldly. Gu Meg lowered his head apologetically. He never expected this would happen which might ruin the the first date of Boss .The atmosphere was chilling. Yan Shen frowned and his ice cold gazing make all the bodyguards and the waitress shivering .

Xi Xin was still busy with her own thoughts. Suddenly there was growling sound came from her belly. She became embarrassed and flustered about what to do .The chilling atmosphere was suddenly changed into a awkward one. Yan Shen saw the little girl's embarrassed face and cough lightly.Then he ordered Gu Meg to make the bodyguard drive away any unwanted visitor so that his wife could eat without any disturbance.Gu Meg understood the meaning.

The waitress open the door for them. Both of them entered the room. Yan Shen sat on the table and Xi Xin chose to sit far from Yan Shen.The room was purposefully decorated with flowers and balloons. The lighting also used to make a romantic ambience. But Xi Xin was still conflicted .So she didn't pay attention to the room.A series of thoughts with different emotions were coming into her mind .She could not differentiate what to choose. It was not like a stark opposite of black and white but there were different types of grey shades which made her more confused.

Yan Shen was browsing through the menu while he observed with a corner of an eye the activities of this little Bunny .He was sure the little one was really jealous that's why she was acting so weird.

At first it was reset menu of romantic couples dinner what the mood of dating long has been destroyed .Now Yan Shen was trying to coax this little girl by ordering her favourite food .Xi Xin was not paying any attention to him at all, rather she was pinching the roses which were placed in a vase in front of her with her nails .She crushed the flowers one by one.

Seeing that she became more irritated Yan Shen took initiative to clear the misunderstanding. He never explain his matter to any one ,he never coaxed anyone. He was born to be served and coaxed. But as aforesaid Xi Xin was always an exception in the life of Yan Shen. He stood up from his seat and came beside Xi Xin. He calmly sat there and without looking at her he started to speak in a low voice, as if he was talking to himself. " Feng family and Yan family were friends since my grandfather's time. Both the Yan family's and Feng family's old men studied in the same school and University, even took military training together. They were brothers since then."

At this Yan Shen noticed Xo Xin stopped her hand movements and clenched her dress as if she was hearing attentively and trying to guess their relations. Then a playful smile played on his lips for an instant. He continued .."Because of family relation Feng Jin often came to our house since childhood .But I was never close to her. She always used to take initiative to talk to me I only responded because of my mother's nagging attitude. I never liked her.I could not like that frivolous kind of woman ."

" Then what kind of girl do you like?" Suddenly the question came from a sweet voice. A charming smile came into the face of the young master Yan . The dark cold eyes showed a sparkling. The words came out intentionally from the mouth of Xi Xin while she was attentively listening to the explanation .Now she really wanted to dig a hole and buried her head into it or rather find a sand dune and entered under it. She started to blush making her more cute.

Yan Shen took her hand which was crushing the flowers and told softly "I like a girl who is cute and adorable but also has claws and fangs .She gets angry and sentimental at the slightest provocation .When everyone bully her she never retorts back rather hurt herself secretly. I like her so much that I like to protect her cherish her and never be part with her ."

A smile came in Xi Xin's face and her big eyes were full of happiness.She understood the meanings of Yan Shen's words . Since when she met him,she always felt weak infront of others. Yan Shen always protected her directly and indirectly.

The atmosphere started to be warm and ambiguous. Both of them stared into each other for a long time. Suddenly Yan Shen narrowed his eyes and took the left hand of Xi Xin and asked in a heavy voice "I want to know how many days do you need to admit openly our relationship? Do you feel embarrassed to accept me as your husband?"

Xi Xin was long expecting this question in her heart .She was caught red handed today. She tried to tell that it was not the case but before she could speak Yan Shen continued "Or maybe you are angry because I have not put on a ring yet .Ok lets decide from today's onward we both put on our engagement ring respectively and after your graduation we will have our wedding".

Xi Xin was cursing herself for her negligence this time .It was not that she wanted to look hookup with other guys by hiding her marital status . Actually she did not want to be topic of gossips, but complete her studies in peace. When the news of her marriage would be brought out everyone would enquire about her husband. The name of Yan Shen if came into news then surely they would bully her to death .

Yan Shen was the national husband. Everyone in the city was attracted to this great personality. Even if he looked to one person, the person would tell about that to his grandchildren through his lifetime. As he was so popular if her identity revealed surely she would be cursed by all the female fans of him on internet and society .

Xi Xin was not the person who could face troubles , rather she preferred to stay away from it by any means .She did not know if one day Yan Shen left her then she might be the joke of the town . Therefore she would rather remain low key.

Yan Shen did not know about her real thoughts. He was dreaming about the jealousy shown by the little girl in front of Feng Jin. He was not sure about the feelings of this little wife towards him before the incident whether she had fallen in love with him or not.

But today's behaviour somewhat assured him about her feelings. The incident of Feng Jin had played an important role of catalyst to break the ice in Xi Xin's heart and bring out the surge of emotions for him .Yan Shen was happy about the progress of the relation between him and his little wife.

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