I am all yours/C3 Who can made the ceo so much worried?
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I am all yours/C3 Who can made the ceo so much worried?
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C3 Who can made the ceo so much worried?

Xi Xin never called or texted him before.He always called her every time they need to speak.What happened that she sent messages one after another, even she knew that he would be in an important meeting at this time.

The people of the meeting room looked at each other.It never happened that Ceo left the hall in middle of the meeting .He was very sincere about his work.But some messages changed his behaviour.The most important thing was who was this Little Wify? They never heard Ceo was married rather he was the most sort after bachelor of the city.Then where did this wife come from?

All were surprised at this sudden revelation of Ceo's personal life.This person really had ability to make Ceo worried .Even a icy emotionless person like Ceo looked panicked even though for a second ,but it was not escaped from the eyes of the people presented there.

In the office Yan Shen opened his message box and found out another four messages .One of them was " I am not going to live in your house anymore .I will take shelter in my friend's place for a day or two before going back to my own city."

Next one "Don't search for me anymore. I also leave my phone to your house and thank you for taking care of me all these days".

The another one was "I didn't know that Ma Ban is your real love ,then I will never accept your proposal.You hid it from me ,but blame only comes on me."

Third one "I am not going to take the blame anymore."

"If you woke up late and meeting was delayed ,I am not to be blamed.I have also suffered long sleepiness night last few days."

He tried her phone several times but no result.He called Aunt Shi to enquire about her.Aunt Shi said she left home about 10 minutes ago with a little bag pack and told her that she was going to meet her friend and would have dinner with her."

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