I am all yours/C39 The Charity ball
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I am all yours/C39 The Charity ball
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C39 The Charity ball

Yan Shen checked Xi Xin's body carefully while fighting with Xi Xin as She was very much protesting against his such ambiguous actions.He kissed on the places Xi Xin was wounded.

He was continuously teasing Xi Xin .When she shamefully accepting his adore with closed eyes he could not stop smiling .

In the afternoon Gu Meg informed him that there would be a charity dinner which was arranged by the most prominent administrator of the city .An personal invitation was sent to Yan Shen to attend the Gala personally to strengthen his network with the people in power .He knew what was important .

Yan Shen also wanted to introduce Xi Xin to the higher society as his girlfriend so that he could avoid unnecessary business marriage proposal and also stop the dream of his father about his marriage with Feng Jin.

When he took Gu Meg's call he was buring his nose into the hair of Xi Xin. Yan Shen loved her smell most. Sometimes it aroused him to the point of no return, sometimes it calmed him down and gave inner peace .Her rosy lips were like a juicy strawberry always wet and sweet.

Though she did not have a voluptuous body but he loved her curves .They accentuated her purity and beauty .Also it suited him best as it did not attract others eyes . He was that kind of a person who wanted to hide his treasures only to be cherish by himself .But that did not mean she was no beauty rather she was really pleasant to the eyes and elegant .

Today she was wearing an aquamarine colored gown which gave a look of waves around her body and light colour Saffire necklace with dots of dark red rubies below one by one .This was the creation of Master Sun ,the most eminent Jewellery designer of this country .

This piece of jewellery was called "tears of love "and the last piece jewellery he had designed. It was said that it was either dismantled by himself or was stolen after it was made. After that he became heartbroken and left this city to live in a secluded land

When in the Charity ball people saw that necklace on Xi Xin's neck everybody were astonished. The men were discussing about the value of it and capability of Yan Shen whereas the ladies were busy in gossiping about whether it was real or high quality knock off .They became jealous of Xi Xin but they were yet to admit.

They did not think that even person like Yan Shen would be able to get that. Feng Jin and Zeng Meng both were so jealous that they wanted to tear down Xi Xin.

Xi Xin was unknown about all these. She was introduced to others as Yan Shen took her with him all the

When they first entered into the hall everybody was astonished to find out a young girl instead of Ma Ban beside Yan Shen . They knew that Yan Shen detested any woman even Ma Ban had to keep distance with him but to their utter surprise he himself held Xi Xin's waist and let her hold his hand .Yan Shen met his clients and partners all the while with Xi Xin and introduced her as his girlfriend. She gave out a pleasant smile and greet everyone politely .It was the first time she took part in any public program with identity of future Mrs Yan .

Yan Shen was very pleased to see that his little wife was gracious enough to handle this type of big event.

Yan Shen sometimes looked at her with a doting smile .Even if she could not do it ,it was nothing to him. He was above all this formalities. If his little wife messed it up he needed not to be bothered to clean it up. Rather the persons around him were ready to oblige him .

Yan Shen knew that his little wife might become target of these ladies bantering because of the precious necklace of her .So he always kept her with him to avoid any unnecessary problem .

After sometime Xi Xin tugged his sleve.Yan Shen slightly bent his head to hear her muttering " Hubby, I am hungry." Yan Shen was embarrassed. He forgot that he directly brought her to this party after let her make her pose at a famous studio and it took 3 hours .She did not get to eat anything between that time.

Now it was so late. Yan Shen immediately told her to stay there and he himself went to get some food for her .The other ladies including Feng Jin and Zeng Meng left out a big sigh to see hthat Yan Shen was ready to serve his wife . They all thought in their heart what fortune did Xi Xin bring from her past life to be spoilt by Yan Shen?

New chapter is coming soon
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