I am all yours/C7 The day before
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I am all yours/C7 The day before
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C7 The day before

Yan Shen also called the H.R department's head and told him to settle with the finance department about the salary and benefits of Ma Ban and to release her before he came back to office.He did not want to see her face anymore.

After that he took his coat and rushed away.Gu Meg stood there stupified for some time .He never saw so much panicked expression in CEO's face.He was with him since 12 years ago ,when the incident happened.He was a rookie then.Ceo was also a new calf in business world,just inherited one of the company from his grandfather. The incident created a grave impact on him yet he stayed so much calm.But now he was so nervous.That means that little meant a lot to him. Realising the emergency of the situation he came out of the room hurriedly.He had to make certain calls to arrange the people who would search the girl.He could not contact police because it was strictly forbidden by Yan Shen.

Yan Shen took his black Maybeach and sat on the driving seat straight as mountain.He was so tensed that he forgot to put on his seat belt . After a mild jump ,his senses returned and he put on seatbelt.He drove fast to his home.At first he checked cctv of the courtyard and he found that Xi Xin went out with a little backpack.She looked tired and disheartened.Though she was a cute little girl about 20 years old,but now she looked quite old and haggard.Her look cut a deep pain in the heart .He then called the guards of the main door whether they could remember the taxi number that Xi Xin took.

But one of the guards said that he asked to call a driver or fetch a taxi for the young madam ,but she refused both.She said she would take a bus from the near by busstand and went on foot.Yan Shen was shocked.It was a totally residential complex of the rich people .So the nearest bust stand was atleast thirty minutes away.The little girl walked so much distance under the sun.He could not say anything to the guards because from the first day he instructed them to follow young madam's wishes.It was totally his fault that he could not take care of his wife properly.

While talking with the guards his left foot touched something on the floor of living room.Bending down he found the phone of Xi Xin which he had given her the day after their marriage registration.He ordered a pair of customized couple phone and presented her .He called Gu Meg to find out any progress.But he was informed that till now there was no trace of the girl.

Yan Shen thought about yesterday.He was in his office chamber,busy with the documents of today's deal.Suddenly the door was flung open and Xi Xin ran into towards him and shouted at him."Don't do this to me.I am not your captive ,you know.Why do you send people after me to know my whereabouts?You are so old sceptical rogue.My life is entirely mine,its nothing to do with you."

He was dumbstruck,not only him but all the employees of the floor.They never saw that anybody had so much courage to openly yell at the boss.Actually this girl challenged their boss's patience.

Yan Shen was also got angry and wanted to shut her up.He came close to her ,with his cold stern eyes he warned her.But she didn't pay any heed to him.She was still angry,her face was red,she was panting heavily.Her chest was rhythmically up and down with her heavy breathing.she was so adorable.He had no heart to scold her.

Besides he could not understand what was going on?He never sent anyone to enquire about her because he was the person who brought her here with him.May be his guards Wanted to keep safe their mistress ,so followed her.Before he enquired the matter ,he couldn't say anything.He was like that.He never spoke a word with out any valid proof.So he only wanted to sooth her mood for time being ,and take some time to investigate about the matter.

But at the same time Ma Ban came into the room and she hurriedly came near Xi Xin and held her hand.She was about to bring out her from office.But Xi Xin reacted as sudden as she had been touched by a snake and forced Ma Ban to step aside.Ma Ban looked too pitiful.

This type of rude behaviour made Yan Shen more angry and he asked her to apologise to Ma Ban.But she became more furious and left the room with tears in her eyes.He wanted to chase her but Ma Ban reminded him that there was a important meeting after ten minutes.So he decided to talked to her when he would go to home in the evening.

In the evening when he came home he went to his bedroom to get fresh.There he saw the girl was chatting in her phone and never looked at him.After he came out from washroom ,he found no one in the room.At dinner table Aunt Shi told him that she had had her dinner outside with her friends ,so she was going to study.Yan Shen ate some and drink a half bowl of soup absent-mindedly.He even did not touch his favourite dishes.Aunt Shi found out something wrong ,but she kept mum ,did not dare to say a word.Because Yan Shen never allowed anyone even his family members to meddled into his personal affairs.After living with him since his childhood ,she actually understood him much more than his family members.He was so introvert and decisive that he could not allow other's interference in his personal matter in fear of making the things more critical for him to solve.

After completing his dinner he went to his bedroom again.Though he lost his appetite today , because of absence of Xi Xin at the dinner table,he never broke his daily routine no matter what happened.

Xi Xin was not there .He searched for her entire the 2nd floor including his study.At last she was found in corner of his study room balcony cuddling with a big teddy bear presented by him.She had earphones plugged in her ears and held a book on accountancy.She looked quite cute and beautiful in a pink white kitty night dress.Her legs after knee were naked,the sleeveless pajama made her hands slender and attractive.Her pink lips which were muttering the words from either book or songs looked juicy and attractive.Perhaps she applied her favourite strawberry lip balm .She had taken bath so her hair was still wet and some droplets still wetting the back of her dress.Yan Shen was little worried because she was very feeble.She easily caught cold .So in this open air with wet hair and dress she would sure catch cold and also get high fever.

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