I am all yours/C8 Always will be with you
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I am all yours/C8 Always will be with you
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C8 Always will be with you

Yan Shen asked loudly to come to the bedroom.She looked at him,but ignored him and continued to look through at the book and tilt her little furry head with the rhythm of the music.

seeing this ,Yan Shen felt a pinch in his ego.No one dare to ignore him , what that little girl thought she was.Did not she overestimate herself? He had to break her overconfidence.At first she came into his office uninvited ,then yelled at him,caused raucous and now ignored him deliberately.

He came close to her and bent down to take her in his arms.Then he went to his room .The little girl struggled in his arms to get free and cut his earlobe angrily.Though it hurt him but he did not let her free .

The more she struggled ,the more his grip tightened.Atlast he took her to his bedroom and laid her in his bed.Then he locked his door with code.He never used it before but the girl forced her to do so today.

Though they were legally married but they had never share the bed in these months.The girl stayed in the room beside his bedroom.They had not developed any physical relationship between them because Yan Shen thought the girl was too immature for him.He was about 30years old whereas the girl was yet to reach 20.She was still a college student.

When he got married he never thought to start conjugal life.Actually he had woman phobia.He felt disgusted when was touched by any woman.This girl was exceptional.He did not know what was in his mind when he went out from his car to protect this girl that day.It was another city ,he was not familiar with that place.That was a rainy day.The girl was drenched all over and so much panicked.He wanted to send her to the police station or her home.But she was not agree .She even did not want to go to hospital.She only clenched him tightly. Actually he was forced by the situation to take her back with him to the hotel he stayed and then brought her back with him to his home.

She was just like a lost kitten under his protection.To make her more protected he married to her and gave her the status of young madam of Yan family.

She was allowed to roam through every nook and corner of the villa except the attick.Surprisingly he was not allergic to this girl.He never felt disgusted to be with her or touched by her.So there was a soft corner for her in his heart.He really liked to spend time With her.

Now as he closed the door he turned towards her,but she didn't look at him.She pretended to be asleep.He understood if she got chance he would open the door and flee away.Though he was angry but he wanted to talk with her patiently.He had already reached to his limit.He was quite astonished at the behaviour of her.Ever since he met the girl ,he found out she was very soft-spoken , obedient and feeble.How come that she was behaving like this?

He was a cunning business man.He knew how to take any situation under his control .So he showed patience and wanted to discuss about the matter calmly with her.But the girl kept her lips tight.After so many questions he did not able to get any response.So he rebuked her with harsh words and this continued till 4o'clock in the morning. After that he found that the girl fell asleep with tears in her eyes.But she kept mum even after so many harsh and insulting words.

He felt little awkward and angry too.Even he also found some unknown feelings in his heart for the girl.But his ego was still there .With a despised mood he laid down beside the girl and went to sleep.

He awoke at 11a.m when his phone rang continuously.He always went to office at 9.30 sharp.But today he was so late.So Ma Ban called him about the meeting today.The delegates were on the way and about to reach the office.Yan Shen felt dejected and also he had a headache.He didn't look for Xi Xin anymore and went to get fresh.

After getting ready ,he called out his driver to bring the car near main door.He looked handsome in dark blue suit and beige color shirt .He informed Aunt Shi that he was going to be late so he would take lunch instead of breakfast in the office.Aunt Shi nodded and opened the door for him.He changed his shoes and went out.

When he was remembering the details in his mind his phone rang again.It's Gu Meg.He called to inform that young madam stood in the busstand for sometime ,then an audi came , she got up on the car and left.The cctv on busstand showed it.The colour of the car is cherry red.Yan Shen frown before he said anything.Gu Meg added the number plate of the car could not be seen because it was stopped at some distance.But it seemed from the reaction of young madam that she knew the person sitting in the backseat of the car.

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