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I am all yours/C9 Gossips started
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C9 Gossips started

Yan Shen frowned again in doubts who the other person she knew in this city without him? Did she lie before? But she never met any other person till she came here. She usually went to the university every day to attend the classes. She always shared her daily routine with him. She never said that she had made friendship with anyone. But wait! she was chatting with someone last night and she said in message that she was going to live with her friend for two or three days before leaving the city. That meant in these days she found out a friend who was more reliable than him and that's why her behaviour changed overnight.

His face grew red with anger mixed with jealousy. Yan Shen searched the belongings of Xi Xin and found out she left everything given by him .Only took things that were with her in her back pack the first day they met. His anger rose higher. She dared to reject his gifts.He switched on her phone to find out any information about her friend. But Alas! every messages , phone numbers and call details were deleted meticulously.Even the messages sent to him were also deleted .The social apps also logged out .He threw the phone in anger and despair.

Then he fished out another key from the table drawer and rushed out to the door .He could not take maybach . It would attract unwanted attention because of its limited edition .So he took out his Bentley and drove to the bus stand .He called while driving his ca. On the other side Gu Meg picked up the phone after two rings and before he said hello Yan Shen asked him" Did you trace the car?"

Gu Meg said that the car was last seen near by the crossing of Sun Hui hospital .At once a face stroke in the mind of Yan Shen .Last time when Xi Xin had a high fever she was admitted to the hospital .A young doctor was taking more care of her which was not liked by him. So after 2 days he took Xi Xin home under bond.

Now that was the boy, this little girl took fancy .He was a handsome boy in his mid twenties .He had an attractive warm personality rather than cold like him. So she refused him for that boy. He gripped the wheel n anger and muttered in his own mind "you are mine and I Yan Shen will never let you go."

He turned left and went to the hospital. He enquired about the doctor but receptionist said that he left the hospital after completing his duty .When he asked for his address the receptionist said "He did not attend private patients ." Yan Shen hit the desk with full force and gave his identity. Hearing his name and seeing his appearance the receptionist started trembling .After looking at the computer screen she hurriedly wrote down the address in a piece of paper and handed over it to Yan Shen. He said thank you coldly and left office in a hurry.

In the office from the 14th floor to the 5th floor all the employees were gossiping about the little wife. It was a news out of blue to them and when they heard that Ma Ban was fired they even forgot to astonish. The person who always showed herself as the future madam was fired off even without a months notice.

She shouted at the HR department head that she would take legal steps but no one paid heed to her shouting. All knew that it was hard to find a legal farm who dared to go against Yan group.

They only thought that Boss had already married but keep it as a secret .What was the reason behind it. Did she not belong to any rich or aristocratic family or did his parents not accept the girl ?Some of them who saw the little girl yesterday gave their opinion about the girl. They thought that she was beautiful but quite immature in respect of personality .She did not have that kind of aura that even Ma Ban carried. The girl might be belonged to middle class family. The beauty of the girl attracted the Ceo but later he realised that she did not match him perfectly. So Yan Shen hir his marriage. Maybe they were going to divorce in near future.

But one thing they could not understand now that the girl dared to barge into CEO's room and shouted at him .Xi Xin even disobeyed Yan Shen's order and did not apologize to Ma Ban. Looking at the appearance of the boss he even could not say a word and let her go.

It was quite unthinkable. Maybe he had a soft corner for the girl but that rude Boss did have any soft corner for anyone ?That was really strange!!

The girl Xi Xin stormed yesterday, also likely stormed their mind today. The boss left the meeting in middle in search of this girl which had never happened before.

It was a overseas deal and Yan group's future in overseas was relied on it but he left the meeting and went in search for the girl .It sounded really strange!!

After sometime Gu Meg got information about the gossips from his informers in the office. He immediately sent a strict mail to the internal for forum that from now on no one should dare to gossip about boss and his personal life .All should be resumed to their personnel assigned work as soon as possible. Any distraction will be punished . So they all stopped gossiping and went back to their respective works but still in their mind the words and thoughts were lingering for the rest of the day.

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