I Am Not Sun Wukong/C1 Great shame and disgrace
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C1 Great shame and disgrace
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C1 Great shame and disgrace

The God Slaying Mountain.

He stood tall and straight.

Standing in the mysterious world of nothingness.

God's Calamity Mountain, as its name implied: The place where the gods were slain.

Puff! ~

A man was thrown onto the bare peak of the God-Slaying Mountain, raising dust and dirt into the air.

"Hm?" He clenched his teeth and struggled to get up.

It was riddled with wounds! He was covered in blood …

This was a fur-faced Buddha.

Narrowing his eyes! Even though his expression was pained, a stubborn expression was written all over his face!

She was wearing a lotus root silk walking shoes, a purple gold crown with phoenix wings, and a gold armor with several holes in it.


Dark red blood dripped from the torn end of the golden armor.

His body suddenly went into a trance and powerlessly fell down …

He suddenly opened his fiery eyes and bit his lips.

Putong! He knelt down on one knee.

He held on to the iron rod in his hand, insisting that he should not fall down.

He stuck out his tongue and licked the fresh blood on his lips.


The wind rose and the clouds surged as killing intent filled the air!

A few of the Flying Immortals who were watching the show flew out from the dark clouds and headed over. Their gazes were focused on the God Slaying Mountain.

Who was that?

En ~ It seems to be Sun Wukong.

That's right! It was him! It was him! Victory: Sun Wukong

Who hurt him? What was going on?

Look! Isn't that one of them...

As the Great Pearl of the Apollo...

A chant.

An unrivaled Buddha, glowing with golden light, flew over!

Anger was written all over his face! A murderous aura!

He raised the huge palm high up in the air.

Whoosh! ~

With an apocalyptic force, he slammed his palm towards the God of Destruction Mountain …

Oh ~ Sun Wukong was finished...

Sigh! Late Hero! Who would have thought that Sun Wukong, who had caused such a ruckus in the Heavenly Court, would end up like this …

This Buddha really had the guts to do it! Isn't this one of his buddhist sects?

He could only blame Sun Wukong for meddling in the affairs of the Buddha family. Sigh …

The few flying Immortals in the distance whispered amongst themselves as they shook their heads and sighed.


A deafening sound rang out!

The heavens shook and the earth quaked …

Rocks flew everywhere! Smoke...

Sun Wukong was like a thin piece of paper floating in the middle of the flying dust.

Buzz …

A buzz went through his head.

At this moment, his mind was in chaos!

An intense pain spread but it was quickly replaced with numbness! As he gradually lost consciousness, his soul began to break free from the paper body …

Buddha, you bald ass, listen to Old Sun: this enmity is not a man until it is avenged … The voice of Sun Wukong's soul echoed in the world.

The soul left the body.

Her body was light as a feather.

They were drifting about in the void, completely out of control.

At this moment, his soul was weak and he needed more time to form his origin soul …

Amitabha! Good … The Tang Monk suddenly appeared.

He clasped his hands together with a smile on his face.

His mouth chattered as if he was chanting the sutra for Sun Wukong.

Sigh! With a long future ahead of him, eldest senior brother was finally on his way … The sand monk's relieved voice.

Is the monkey dead? Zhu Bajie asked.

Listening to the conversation of these people, the atmosphere was extremely calm and tranquil.

No sadness at all! There seemed to be a bit of a celebration going on.

It's been slapped flat, did you say it's dead!? He was dead beyond dead … The little white dragon said lightly.

Right now, he didn't blame anyone but himself for being too impulsive!

What does it have to do with you?

The Jade Emperor didn't care. He just wanted to pretend to be meddling in other people's business. In the end, he even killed Luo Hou.

Don't you know who that Rolo is? It was only natural for the Buddha to take revenge!

At this moment, he could only consider himself unlucky.

Master Tang Xuanzang and the others were all followers of Buddha, so it was natural for them to be obedient to Buddha …

Relieved! At this point in time, they couldn't blame their master for gaining the upper hand.

He could only blame himself for being too weak. Forging iron required one's own body to be tough, and it was useless to complain.

Zhu Wancang! It's your turn to perform. Hehe … The Buddha chuckled.

We shall follow the decree! Now it's all up to me, Old Pig. Heh heh …

Zhu Bajie stuck out his pig butt with a wretched face and aimed at Sun Wukong's primordial spirit, which was floating in the air.

What was this idiot trying to do? Could it be that you want to use that fart to destroy my primordial spirit … F * ck me! "Dammit!" Sun Wukong scolded Zhu Bajie, the guy who was in favor of others.

However, he could not make a sound, and could only curse in his heart.

Towards a despicable person like Zhu Bajie who would throw a stone when he was down, he truly hated him to the point of gnashing his teeth. He only regretted not beating him to death at that time!

At this moment, all that could be heard was: Pu! A huge, earthshaking boom echoed out.

Zhu Bajie had actually let out a huge fart! A dark green gas was ejected from the pig's butt, directly sending Sun Wukong's primordial spirit flying.

This … this Zhu Bajie was going too far!

Sigh! This is what you call a wall falling and people pushing...

Humans were always warm. He never thought that Sun Wukong and his fellow apprentices would behave in the same way! Let's go!

Right, right! Stop looking, stop looking! Just looking at it was unbearable! I want to cry...

This female Flying Immortal really couldn't stand it any longer. She wiped away her moist red eyes and took the lead to fly away …

Damn it! Something worse than a beast! I, Old Sun, am really blind to know you bastards …

Gritting his teeth, he cursed Zhu Bajie and the others in his heart.

Hu ~ His nose felt a little sore!

He cried!

He was crying!

They cried in grievance!

Tears streamed down his face …

This was the first time in his life that Sun Wukong cried in sorrow.

A man doesn't cry easily, it's just that he wasn't hurt!

Today, he finally understood the meaning of this sentence.

Everyone had left! Who wouldn't be sad?

A good brother who had shared life and death together.

Throwing a rock when in danger! Who wasn't angry?

Sad! Sad! Anger! Unreconciled! Resentment! Despair! Several extreme emotions were mixed together, causing the spirit fire to begin burning.

A voice in his heart was shouting, "I want revenge!" Revenge! Revenge! If this enmity was not avenged, he swore he would not be a human!

He desperately shook the primordial spirit that did not listen to him.

He wanted to escape from the reek of the stench.

However, it was too late. The fart had already rushed him into an alternate dimension …

The image of the Buddha slowly faded and disappeared.

Only then did Zhu Bajie shake his head and sigh, "Sigh!" I, the wicked man, have made up my mind! The key is: Is this really going to work...

Whether it was useful or not was not clear! Second senior brother! I don't blame you for this! It was best for him to not let his eldest senior brother know about this …

Sigh! He really hoped that this would arouse his eldest senior brother's determination to take revenge, and he would be able to reach that place without a hitch. What kind of place is that?

God knows! Amitabha! He had truly let Wu Kong down! Let's just listen to fate!

The four of them looked at the empty space where Sun Wukong's primordial spirit had disappeared and said something incomprehensible …

It was flowing with brilliant lights and vibrant colors, changing unpredictably.

This is an endless space tunnel, I don't know where it leads to...

Chaotic space flows shuttled back and forth in the space tunnel from time to time.

As soon as he wasn't paying attention, he was sucked into the chaotic space.

Seeing that he was about to be sucked into the space turbulence, he suddenly became clear-headed and immediately grabbed the sides of the space tunnel.

If they completely entered chaotic space, they would never be able to leave.

That was what it meant to beg for death.

"Whew ~ Whew …"

The wind howled!

The gravitational power of chaotic space was simply too great.

The arm was stretched long, slowly, longer.

It was five meters long and seven meters wide, and its arms were as thick as ropes.

His hand was about to break. As he was dying, he wanted to let go.

The large face of the Buddha with a smile that was not a smile suddenly felt that this hypocritical big face was very vulgar! Damn it! So disgusting! Pui!

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