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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C10 Be a friend
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C10 Be a friend

What! You are so unruly...

Hm! Ginseng Baby. What, what are you afraid of? I don't eat you, I just want to be friends with you …

The telepathic thoughts Nv Ba sent out were intermittent, and were a little anxious. It seemed that she had something that she did not want to express.

Ah!" Be friends with me. Is there a mistake...

I don't want to be friends with a zombie like you. Zombies are evil, and I don't want to be part of it.

That's right! Men and women...

What the heck! Aiyo, forget it. I beg you! You might as well eat me …

At this moment, the Jingu Bang in his ear began to move, causing his ear to itch unbearably!

Like a bug crawling in the ear.

It was as if it wanted to fly out by itself.

Little Kong knew, that the wisp of Ancestral Master Hun Kun's soul was guided by Buddha's divine sense.

Hiding in the Jingu Bang, Little Kong didn't know, from then on, the Jingu Bang had a: rod spirit.

Nv Ba once again sent a telepathic thought over.

Don't think about it! Hehe!

It's not the kind of young men and women who mess around.

It's that you're a man and a woman, a man and a woman.

I'm not going to eat a fresh piece of meat like you, little Tinker! Just a packet of water, three seconds. Without strength...

Nv Ba looked vulgarly at the empty Little Ding Ding Ding, her eyes filled with contempt.

F * ck me! I didn't expect that you, a zombie, would have such a strong taste. Who would have thought that I would mess with you … Little Kong said angrily.

I have long heard of the zombie called Nv Ba.

She was the daughter of the human emperor. Chi You attacked the Yellow Emperor, and the Yellow Emperor ordered Ying Long to attack Jizhou.

Chi You invited Feng Bo Yu to fight against the Raindragon army with the torrential downpour.

Thus, the Yellow Emperor ordered Nv Ba to help him out in the battle. Nv Ba successfully stopped the pouring rain and helped the Yellow Emperor win the war.

However, this time Nv Ba had rushed over from Mount Kunlun to help the Yellow Emperor attack Uncle Feng and Master Yu. She had exhausted all of her strength and was no longer able to fly to the sky.

After that there was no more news.

Thus, Sun Wukong had never seen Nv Ba before.

At this moment, an even more unbearable scene appeared.

With one hand, Nv Ba grabbed the empty little girl and with the other hand, she lifted up her red skirt and started to take off her pants …

What! I can't do it with such a strong woman! Didn't they say that you don't like fresh meat? He was just a kid, and Ding Ding hadn't even grown up yet …

What the heck! What the heck! People urinate.

What are you doing, you little brat!

Did he really want to do that? A scumbag! "He must have been a pervert in his previous life …

Nv Ba watched with an evil smile!

That wretched expression caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air!

All the hair on his body stood on end.

At this moment, the matter that made people unable to bear to look was still continuing …

The corpse's buttocks were lifted, and the sitting bones were raised.

Those bones, those red and black dry skin.

Oh! "Ah!"

He couldn't help but spit it out. He wanted to dig out his eyes!

It was too shocking.

Shh, shh, shh …

The stench of urine assaulted his nostrils, making him want to vomit!

The urine of the zombie was still emitting dark green smoke, as if it was poisonous!

He quickly shut his mouth, frowned, and held his breath.

However, the annoying Nv Ba still did not stop, she actually extended her finger and scratched the itch with a wretched face.

What he did was extremely ticklish, hehe … He couldn't help but giggle!

With this smile, he inhaled quite a lot of the poisonous gas that smelled like urine …

Ah! "Ohhh!" He coughed.

He could feel that his nose and mouth were somewhat numb. It was obvious that he had been poisoned.

He frowned! He held his breath again and turned his head to the side.

He thought: If I were to marry such a woman, I would rather be a eunuch myself.

Right now, he was extremely disgusted with Nv Ba!

One reason was because of Nv Ba's identity — — as the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor. Sun Wukong was already disgusted by the collusion between the Heavenly Emperor and the Buddha.

The second reason was because it was a Zombie King that specialized in sucking people's souls. If it was in the human world, Sun Wukong would definitely remove all harm for the people. Kill Nv Ba!

Three because: This Nv Ba didn't care about her appearance, but had actually casually made up about the size in front of him.

Although Little Kong was currently a Ginseng Baby and looked like a little kid, her primordial spirit had lived for tens of millions of years.

It was simply an insult for a woman to be so brazen in front of him!

Of course, a beautiful woman was a different story!

To think that it would be such a shrivelling corpse!

How big was the psychological shadow area? One could imagine.

Estimates have implications for future physiological development.

How could you make the frightened little girl endure? How to thrive?

Nv Ba finally let go of her hand and took the opportunity to quickly find and put on a set of clothes.

The clothes were a bit big, it would be better if he tied a rope around his waist.

Due to her short stature, this dress could be used as a skirt. She didn't need to wear pants at all.

Seeing Nv Ba using her red eyes to look at him in disdain, she tried to find words to pretend to be confused: Sister Ba! I heard that you are the goddess of the human world. Why is it in the animal kingdom?

Have you heard of the catastrophe that destroyed human civilization thousands of years ago?

Nv Ba sent another message over with her divine sense, as if this Nv Ba couldn't even open her mouth to speak.

I've heard of some. What? What does this have to do with you coming to the 'animal world'?

Of course! Nv Ba's eyes were deep, as if she was deep in thought.

After that, she sent another telepathic message: All right! Let me just tell you this: In this great war between the human world and the animal world, the great human gods were first victorious.

We've killed the 19th Astral knight of the 24 bodies of the 'Gelesse Man' universe.

The animal kingdom only has the Star Devouring Emperor and five Astral Honored Warriors. In the end, we were defeated …

Why? Sister Ba! I don't understand. He had actually already won a great victory, then why did he lose so badly? Also, did those great gods perish that time?

Sigh! The Empyrean Gods who had fallen on this side of the human world included Hong Jun, Fuxi, Dijun, Redcloud, Haotian, Nuwa, and the Eastern Emperor. The main reason why the Kun Peng and the Balo Flame Dragon of the animal kingdom perished was because the human world was completely defeated without the protection of the Kun Peng.

Ah!" Sister Ba! So what's the matter with you? Are you there?

Of course I did! I represent my father. I was brought to the Golesey Barbarian Universe. They had always been imprisoned in the largest ornamental garden outside the Hanging River Heavenly Court in the animal world, and used it as a special species for the animal Body Refining Cultivator s to view …

At this moment, the always restless Jingu Bang suddenly flew out from the small empty ear.

A needle-like golden light spun in the air, instantly growing to five feet long and as thick as an egg.

He was still trying to figure out what was going on with the Jingu Bang! He thought to himself: If I don't come out when I need you to save me, why do I have to come out now?

At that moment, the Jingu Bang suddenly stabbed into the headless corpse's neck.


It began to vibrate and suck, and the corpse shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, Lion Head's gigantic body was completely absorbed by the Jingu Bang!

He felt his physical body growing stronger and his stature seemed to have grown a little bit. He could feel his mana increasing …

This... What was going on?

He was so shocked that he was dumbfounded! He could not help but look at Nv Ba.

I've never seen a Jingu Bang this terrifying! He was immediately scared silly.

Nv Ba looked at Jin Duo Bang, then looked at the terrified Xiao Kong, she remained expressionless!

Ye Zichen nodded, while his eyes showed some fluctuations …

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