I Am Not Sun Wukong/C11 Jingu bang upgrade
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C11 Jingu bang upgrade
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C11 Jingu bang upgrade

At this moment, a voice came from the Jingu Bang.

Don't be afraid! I am the Ancestral Master Hun Kun!

He is also your Grand Master! Now for the time being. This sovereign has changed your Jingu Bang.

Congratulations! You can use the Jingu Bang to absorb the flesh in the future. Hehe …

Originally: Because Ancestral Master Hun Kun only had a little refreshment left.

If he wanted to revive, he would have to reconstruct his body.

Thus, he used the Xiantian Supreme Celestial Art to change the attribute of the Jingu Bang.

It allowed the Jingu Bang to evolve, eventually turning into a magic tool that could absorb flesh and blood and convert them into energy.

Since the Jingu Bang has fused with Xiaokong, it has also benefited a lot from the evolution of Jingu Bang.

Therefore, Xiao Kong could also use the Jingu Bang to absorb the Body Refining Cultivator's body and convert it into energy, using this energy to quickly increase the strength of his body and increase the strength of Cultivation Level.

— —

— —

After Nv Ba ran away, the Star Devouring Emperor, the leader of the Xuanhe Heavenly Court, sent his Five Great Starbody Venerable Ones out and ordered them to capture Nv Ba.

Thus, the five Astral Honored Warriors set off in several directions and released their Soulsearch power to scan the surroundings.

However, because this universe was too big, forget about planets, even the number of stars was too many to count.

Furthermore, because Nv Ba's body of ten thousand souls had been destroyed, her soul force had become weak, so she was no different from an ordinary Body Refining Cultivator.

Furthermore, Nv Ba still had a trace of Hou's soul protecting him, so it was not easy to find.

It was normal for the five star bodies to not be able to find Nv Ba after wandering around for a while, and then went back to their own homes.

In reality, the five star bodies didn't think much of Nv Ba, because Nv Ba didn't even have 20% of her mana yet, and in her prime, they didn't even think much of him.

However, in order to deal with the Star Devouring Emperor's wanted posters, they had to send out their own disciples to search for Nv Ba's whereabouts.

To put it crudely, this was just acting, just dealing with the chores.

— —

— —

At this time, Nv Ba's body shook slightly, and a few souls immediately flew out from her body, including Lion Head's soul.

A few malevolent souls pushed Bighead's soul away, flying towards the room …

Little Kong widened his eyes in confusion!

Before he could regain his senses, the souls flew out from the room.

A few souls were carrying two heavy bags.

Just as he was about to ask what it was?

Nv Ba waved her hand and a package flew in front of him.

This is diamond. The currency of this world is also a necessity for body refinement. From now on, both you and I must use it for cultivation. Especially since you're short on money and you use a lot of it.

Sister Ba! You mean this diamond is the same as the pills in the human world?

Nv Ba nodded her head as an answer.

After pausing for a moment, he sent another spiritual message.

Since you are using the absorption of flesh as an energy to level up Cultivation Level, I am using this as an energy source to level up Cultivation Level. Then when we are together, we will each take what we need and not disturb each other. Now, my magic power is less than 20%! But he's still two levels higher than you. Since your Cultivation Level is low, then follow me! Aunt, protect you...

After Nv Ba sent out her spiritual will, she flew away.

Sigh! You can have your sister and aunt for a while. This generation is in chaos …

He wanted to say something, but felt that nothing was appropriate.

With only Dou Yun around to catch up with Nv Ba, the body of the Ginseng Baby really didn't feel safe without Nv Ba by its side.

Little Kong thought: This Nv Ba Zombie is not interested in the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, she's only interested in the soul. Hm! I am a Ginseng Baby that anyone would want to take a bite off. Only she is not a threat to me. Then come with her! It won't be too late to leave after I have the ability to protect myself …

After weighing the pros and cons, he decided to follow Nv Ba first.

Now that the Cultivation Level was down, he wanted to quickly strengthen his own Cultivation Level.

Only then would he be able to escape the predicament that everyone wanted to take a bite out of, and return to the peak to take revenge on the Buddha.

I have an idea. We can form an alliance. What do you think?

Nv Ba sent a telepathic thought to ask Xiao Kong.

The Alliance! Hm! Tell me, I want to hear the specifics...

Because we need all the Body Refining Cultivator in the animal kingdom, we need to unite and also have a division of labor. So we need an agreement.

Hm! Tell me about it...

It's me who is hiding in the shadows, using the Ginseng Baby's innate ability to lure those Body Refining Cultivator to capture you. As soon as they come after me, I'll subdue them. After that, he would absorb their souls and leave their bodies for you to absorb to improve your Cultivation Level s. How about it?

Sister Ba! That's fine. But there is a prerequisite... You have to protect me in secret! Don't let those Body Refining Cultivator s capture me again. If they capture me and eat me, you won't have this little brother anymore … There was sweetness in the mouth and sweetness in the food. Everyone liked to listen to nice words.

I didn't expect you to have such a sweet mouth! Don't worry about that! We're relatives... You should be protected.

Relatives! What relatives? Why didn't I know what blood ties existed between us? Little Kong opened her eyes wide, thinking that Nv Ba really had some sort of relationship with her.

I'm your great-aunt! Heh heh …

Sister Ba you! Taking advantage of someone else … Forget it! Men should not fight with women! I'm too lazy to bother with you...

Little Kong didn't think that Nv Ba would joke around with a zombie.

It was disgusting to look at! I'm not in the mood to joke around with her …

Because Xiao Kong was still not able to directly devour the Body Refining Cultivator s to level up Cultivation Level s, he could only use the Jingu Bang to absorb their bodies and convert them into energy to increase his cultivation.

Even though this animal world cultivates the body, their soul power was extremely strong before they reached Insight Stage and became soulless bodies.

It was perfect for Nv Ba to absorb souls and cultivate, it could be said to be a natural tonic for him.

Here! Nv Ba threw a scroll over and caught it in her hand.

What is it? Sister Ba! Is that your old portrait? Needless to say, it must be beautiful...

He had heard that Nv Ba was very beautiful in the past, so he thought that Nv Ba wanted to show off in front of him.

What portrait? Am I that bored? This was the cultivation art of the Balo Flame Dragon. Name: Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell. This kind of cultivation technique relied on the energy of the body and the poison in one's body to advance to the next level. The current you, I have already laid the foundation for you. You can start cultivating when you have time …

Sister Ba! What is a Baroque Flame Dragon? What laid the foundation for me?

Didn't they hear that the baron Flame Dragon and Kun Peng had perished together in battle!? The Baroque Flame Dragon's status in this animal kingdom is comparable to our Kun Peng. Do you know!?

That sounds amazing! Even the Great Roc under the Buddha was so powerful …

I heard that the way to the middle section of 'Stellar Stage' is to reach the small success stage. Then, you can transform into a Balo Flame Dragon, and then, you can directly engulf the Body Refining Cultivator and level up. Just like those Body Refining Cultivator s, once you advance into the realm of the 'cave', you will be able to become a 'soulless body' that can fuse with all living things, and can even recover all the mana and techniques from the human world. Becoming a wargod in the universe world of the 'Dullahan Barbarian', far stronger than your Sun Wukong's battle against Buddha.

He was shocked!

Hm! How did you know my name is Sun Wukong? Do you have some unspeakable secret? Speak...

Nv Ba knew that she leaked the message, so she did not reply. She looked around, as if she was searching for his prey.

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