I Am Not Sun Wukong/C14 Ten thousand poisonous dragon tactic
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C14 Ten thousand poisonous dragon tactic
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C14 Ten thousand poisonous dragon tactic

Since the great shaman had calculated that there was a calamity in the animal kingdom!

And this calamity was also related to Nv Ba.

Sigh! The vast universe was simply too vast! The Star Devouring Emperor sighed.

That's right! He placed his hopes on these Astral Venerable Ones. He was obviously not confident … Sigh …

The dark archmage wanted to speak, but hesitated.

Great Mage, please be direct!

The dark archmage with the potato head nodded. This reputed one thought that the Ancestor should personally take action.

Hm! The Star Devouring Emperor looked at the potato head dark archmage and thought to himself, "Are you sure?" I have to deal with a small zombie myself.

Hehe! The dark archmage with the potato head let out a hollow laugh.

Didn't the Ancestor have many clones? That clone's ability was not stronger than the Star Lord's!

Hm! So it was like this.

The Star Devouring Emperor nodded his head before shaking it. A mass of black Qi emerged from his body.

The black qi floated into the distance. This was the Clear Vision Clone that the Star Devouring Emperor had released: The Mysterious Shadow.

A strange, six-eyed black cloud suddenly appeared in the middle of the purplish-red star cluster in the center of Gracie's universe.

This was the Star Devouring Emperor's Visionary Avatar: The Mysterious Shadow.

The mysterious shadow was a huge black shadow, its appearance was similar to a mahjong dice.

It was also like a black cloud, but within the black cloud, there were specks of starlight, and each of the six sides had a huge closed eye.

It released multicolored Soulseeker Chains that shot into every corner of the universe.

Search for Nv Ba's soul force...

— —

— —

Since the soul of the Ancestral Master Hun Kun was one of the three spirits, condensing a corporeal body was easier said than done! And the Jingu Bang has been tampered with.

If he wanted to leave the Jingu Bang, even the Jingu Bang wouldn't!

This way, the energy of his body would be greatly reduced.

In these past few days, every time he had time to rest, Little Kong would start researching the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell and also try to cultivate.

Although the runes on the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell were very ancient, and were hard to understand.

But what kind of person was Little Kong? In his previous life, he was an ancient god.

It was also because he had fallen in the battle against the animal kingdom that he was able to be reborn into Sun Wukong.

Other people might not be able to understand these ancient glyphs, but it wasn't a problem at all for Little Kong.

Today, it was time to rest again.

Xiao Kong continued to study the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell.

Because he had already understood the situation in front of him, he was able to activate the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell in less than an hour.

Suddenly, he felt his entire body brimming with power. His bones and flesh were crackling, and had undergone a qualitative change.

His originally soft, white, and tender skin began to harden. He could feel that he was becoming stronger and stronger.

Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell needed poison to temper the body. Originally, he did not want to have any poison so he could not continue to cultivate.

Who knew that the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell would find the poison source in his body and use it to circulate.

What's going on! When did I get poisoned?

After thinking for a long time, he didn't expect that he would be poisoned.

With a poison source, the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell could be considered as laying the foundation for success.

In order to cultivate Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell, one needed ten thousand poisons. Even though it was called ten thousand poisons, it actually only required ninety-nine poison sources.

The poison in his body could only be considered as a poison, and it was far from enough.

Thus, Little Kong searched for the poisonous Body Refining Cultivator in the forest.

Hope to find venomous snake, venomous toad, venomous spider, centipede, etc.

But there were less poisonous creatures in the forest, and the Body Refining Cultivator s were also lower in levels. Most of them were in the Life Realm, and there were very few Body Refining Cultivator s who had such a cultivation level.

They were hunting all kinds of Body Refining Cultivator in the forest, and Nv Ba killed them all she saw. Since she was here to absorb souls, she didn't care about the quality of her soul at the early stage.

Early morning of the third day, Little Kong was still napping against the big rock.

Suddenly, a stream of spiritual will entered his mind.

Little Kong be careful! You have a Netherworld Python on your head. Hurry up and circulate the 'Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell', when that giant python spits out the venom, you will absorb it...

Little Kong was shocked!

He did not have time to open his eyes, so he immediately used the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell, waiting for it to activate, and only then did he raise his head to take a look.

F * ck! So big! Lil 'Kong was so shocked that he almost cried out.

— —

After a few days of searching, one of the countless soul search chains launched by the Mysterious Shadow finally showed signs of movement.

The Soulsearch chain flashed with a dim light.

"Hm!" In the corner of the forest, there was something strange happening to the soul. I have to check it out...

Before the mysterious figure's voice faded, he had already created an identical clone.

Fly to the faraway corner of Zorma...

— —

At the same time, little Kong discovered that the Netherworld Python above her head was green all over, its body was as transparent as an emerald.

His eyes were red, like two red eggs.

The bloody mouth was as big as a washbasin.

At: Pata! Pata! Sticky saliva!

The sticky feeling of the drops on his face and hair felt like shampoo, but the stench was terrible …

From the looks of it, the Netherworld Python was a Cultivation Level at the early stages of the realm, its stomach area was thicker than a bowl's mouth.

At this time, the Netherworld Python could see that the little empty Cultivation Level below was much taller than it.

Puff! A loud sound was heard.

A ball of poison the size of a goose egg was spat out.



It sprayed directly onto his face, covering his entire mouth and nose.

This was probably the effect that the Netherworld Python wanted. It wanted to make Little Kong be suddenly eroded by the venom. Even if it didn't die, it would at least faint.

This way, it could devour empty space and directly increase it by two levels.

However, this was what Little Kong was waiting for. Everyone seemed to have the same idea.

The venom was sucked into Little Kong's mouth.

The Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell seemed to be very excited, and it began to revolve even faster before he could even think about it.

Immediately, golden light erupted from his entire body, appearing incomparably mystical!

The Netherworld Python was stunned!

It did not expect Little Kong to swallow all the venom and absorb it, and it even seemed to have attained a higher level.

Anger turned into anger!

The Netherworld Python had no time to think. Seeing that the venom did not manage to poison Little Kong, it simply rushed down and took a bite.

Whoosh! A loud sound was heard.

It opened its bloody mouth as fast as lightning, wrapping up the upper half of its body.

Ka-cha! * A crisp sound came from his chest.

The venomous teeth bit straight into his chest and began to spray out venom! The Netherworld Python Heart said you're still not dead yet …

But what made it collapse happened: it felt the venom in its fangs draining away rapidly, as if it were being pumped out of control.

If even its bloodline was sucked out together, the Netherworld Python would feel that something was wrong!

It was too late for him to spit it out.

At this time, the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell was operating extremely fast, and even he was unable to control it.

Hollow was like a bloodsucking leech now, she couldn't shake him off even if she wanted to.


The Netherworld Python's body was slowly withering.

Nv Ba also sucked out the Netherworld Python's soul in time.

In the end, the Myriad Poisonous Dragon Spell that was not controlled by Little Kong forcefully absorbed all of the Nether Python's venom and blood essence before stopping.

The Jingu Bang flew out, absorbing the Netherworld Python's body …

These few days, along with Nv Ba's Cultivation Level's promotion.

Xiao Kong realised that Nv Ba's skin seemed to have become softer, as if there was some moisture on it.

He felt that Nv Ba was not as repulsive as he looked at him!

He didn't know if it was because of the near future or not!

Or had they gotten used to it after spending too much time together?

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