I Am Not Sun Wukong/C17 Three young gongzi of rabbit
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C17 Three young gongzi of rabbit
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C17 Three young gongzi of rabbit

Just as she was about to fly into the cave, Nv Ba suddenly grabbed onto her clothes.

Hm! He wanted to ask why.

Nv Ba made a mysterious gesture to keep quiet, and pointed towards the cave.

Then, he sent out a telepathic message, "I feel that there is someone inside!" There were three auras of soul fluctuations. One was in the middle stage of the 'Earth Foundation', while the other two were in the early stages.

Hm! His eyes lit up! Ye Zichen nodded. So that's how it was …

She leaned towards Nv Ba and whispered: "Then what should we do? Wait for them outside!

Suddenly, he realised that he was very close to Nv Ba, and when he realised that it was already stuck to Nv Ba's body, he remembered that Nv Ba's body was extremely smelly! He couldn't help but frown.

Just as he was about to retreat, he strangely discovered that he did not smell the corpse's stench from Nv Ba's body!

He thought it was because he had spent too much time with the zombies. Once his sense of smell got used to it, he wouldn't be able to smell the stench.

But that was not the case. As Nv Ba continued to improve, not only would it not stink, it would even release an enticing fragrance! Otherwise, how could Nv Ba have become the number one beauty at that time!

Don't talk! I'll test it with my soul power …

After Nv Ba released her spiritual will, she started to release her soul power. A formless soul power was released from Nv Ba's body and floated into the rabbit hole, then began to inspect it in all directions.

After a moment, Nv Ba retracted her soul power.

He sent out a telepathic thought. It seemed that these people were hiding something. Go! Let's go in, don't talk while you're behind us...

Xiao Kong nodded and followed Nv Ba into the depths of the rabbit cave.

They followed Nv Ba around many corners, thinking that they were not going to the cave that Young Master Rabbit brought them to previously.

After flying forward for about two thousand meters, a half-open stone door appeared in front of them.

Suddenly: Click! "Click!" The sound.

Then he heard voices coming from inside.

Listen to me, both of you: don't tell anyone about the diamond I buried here. If these diamonds are missing or missing, heh heh! Beware of your little lives...

I dare not! I dare not!

Third Young Master! Just relax! We are all your people.

In the future, if we are able to mine high-grade diamonds, we will think of a way to leave them for you.

However, the manager of the mine belongs to the second young master, so we are afraid that we can't hide it from him …

That's right! That's right!

No! In the next few days, I'll go to the lord to report him and make sure that the second young master in charge will step down. When that time comes, this Wangli Castle will be under my control, and your time to become the manager of the mine will soon be up.

Hearing this, Nv Ba immediately thought to herself: This is a house thief! Most likely, they had also come here in secret, so no one knew about it even if they were killed. Sister Ba! Do it!

After sending out his spiritual will, he rushed out, and still treated himself as the omnipotent Sun Wukong!

Nv Ba had wanted to go over by herself and have Xiao Kong stand guard outside, if there were any escaping people, she would block them.

She did not expect Little Kong to fly in directly. She originally wanted to fly in as well, but she suddenly stopped.

She thought: Let's try it on Empty! One of them was at the same level as him, while the other two were at the same level. How would he deal with this?

Nv Ba wanted to train Xiao Kong so that he could recover her confidence as soon as possible.

Little Kong flew directly into the stone door. He had thought that he was Great Sage Qitian in front of him.

After entering, they wanted to lure the three of them with their Ginseng Baby bodies.

But then he thought: It's not like I'm outside, what am I trying to seduce? The fight began.

At this point, with a thought, Jingu Bang flew out.

"Tai!" The demons attacked … He actually let out a loud roar.

He still treated himself as the Great Sage of the Heavens, Sun Wukong, and raised his Jingu Bang to hit the black-headed rabbit Body Refining Cultivator who was in the appearance of a young master.

This was because the black headed rabbit's Cultivation Level was at the middle stage of the Earth Foundation.

Thus, if he wanted to fight, he had to first kill this rabbit spirit.

The black headed Body Refining Cultivator turned his head around and saw Little Kong slapping a rod towards him.

Calmly, he raised his hand, and a black ghost head blade immediately appeared in it, welcoming the small empty Jingu Bang.

Only to hear: Dang! A golden collision sound rang out.

The result was beyond his expectations! The expected outcome was that the ghost blade would be interrupted by a strike of the staff. At the very least, the blade would have flown out of his hand.

Who would have thought that the Jingu Bang in his hand would almost fly into the air? The web between his thumb and forefinger cracked open, and blood flowed from it.

Even though they were on the same level, the difference in strength was still immense.

Maybe it was because he was too small, or maybe it was because the Ginseng Baby's body was too fragile.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master sniffed with all his might, and his face revealed a look of pleasant surprise!

Hm! How fragrant! It was sweet and fragrant, could this be a Ginseng Baby?

Right! It must be the Ginseng Baby.

Didn't Young Master Bunny buy a Ginseng Baby in the past! Bunny Young Master had lost his life here, but he did not expect that the Ginseng Baby was still here.

Hehe! Great! The third young master of the Black Rabbit was overjoyed and almost jumped out of joy.

Congratulations! Third Young Master! You are really unstoppable if you are lucky! The Ginseng Baby had actually delivered itself to his doorstep.

That's right, that's right! Congratulations...

The two Cynocephali Body Refining Cultivator s flattered and flattered Black Rabbit's Third Young Master.

At this moment, Little Kong thought to himself: Since they're injured, there's no need to continue pretending. Let's just wait for them to come up themselves! Thinking of this, he put away the Jingu Bang, stood on the ground, and licked his bleeding mouth.

Stupid! Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and catch it for me …

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master saw Little Kong putting away his iron rod and the Phantom Head Saber in his hands. The three Body Refining Cultivator s spread out their hands and slowly approached Little Kong from three different directions.

Little Kong chuckled as he looked at Black Rabbit's third young master! He waved his hand.

Come! Come on, come get me...

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master felt that Little Kong was harboring malicious intentions and stopped.

Aiya! Third Young Master! Your life is too good! Looks like this Ginseng Baby is fated to be yours. Look: it only recognizes you!

That's right, that's right!

The two dog-headed Body Refining Cultivator s kept flattering. Actually, these two dog-headed Body Refining Cultivator s were also a little scared. They did not dare to step forward because they could tell that Little Kong was one rank higher than them.

Hm! Really...

When the Black Rabbit's Third Young Master heard this, he believed it to be true and beamed!

He really thought that the Ginseng Baby was a gift from the heavens! His fate was sealed!

If a Body Refining Cultivator in this world were to receive a Ginseng Baby to change their physique, they would have a chance of entering the Insight Stage.

How great an opportunity this was! The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master obviously did not want to miss it.

"Hehehe …"

The third young master of the Black Rabbit walked towards Little Kong with a giggle.

Seeing that Little Kong did not even try to dodge, he truly believed that this was an opportunity that was destined for him.

Reaching out his hand, he spread out his palm, indicating that the Ginseng Baby would jump into his hand by itself.

Little Kong slowly stretched out his hand as well...

F * ck! What a fated fate …

The two dog heads exclaimed in unison! He was extremely envious.

In the next second, they were all wide-eyed!

Xiao Kong's empty hand grabbed onto the third young master of the Black Rabbit before it suddenly sank. It actually fled into the green rocks on the ground.

He had also taken Black Rabbit's third young master's hand away, but the third young master was caught off guard.

Plop! A dog eating shit was lying on the ground.

His right arm was completely pulled into the ground …

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