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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C18 Black rabbit third gongzi
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C18 Black rabbit third gongzi


It was only then that the third young master knew he had been tricked!

But no matter how hard it tried, it couldn't pull its arm out.

Fast! You two damn things! Why don't you come and help me...

The third young master of the black rabbit howled.

Ah!" "It's here, it's here!

The two Kobold Body Refining Cultivator s immediately ran over, hugging their legs and head.


He began to pull with all his might.

Black Rabbit cried out in pain, "Ah!" Ah!

Let go, let go!

F * ck!


"F * ck!"

Two pigs! Dead dog! Quick Hands,



Oh! Good.

The two Kobold Body Refining Cultivator s were stupefied!

Only then did he regain his senses. He pulled his arm over and hugged his body.




As they pulled with all their might, Nv Ba floated up to their heads and tapped on them lightly with her finger.


Pop! Two white lights hit his head.

The two Kobolds were immediately dumbfounded, and they stood there in a daze.

Sister Ba! Hold it down so I can let it out...


Nv Ba laughed coldly, a cunning look flashing past her eyes! She wanted to play with this Third Young Master.

He actually turned around and sat on the back of Black Rabbit's Third Young Master.

"Ouch!" The third young master was immediately suppressed to the point that he couldn't move!

Both of Nv Ba's hands lightly grasped onto the dog-heads, and the two struggling souls were grabbed in her hands.

Let's do it! He threw them into his mouth and swallowed them one by one.

Sister Ba! My performance this time isn't too bad right! Heh heh …

He wanted to claim credit! However, he did not have the courage to say those words. The main reason was because he knew he was still weak! He still needed to work hard to become stronger.

"Hehehe …"

Nv Ba's strange laughter made the Third Young Master of the Black Rabbit feel goosebumps all over his body.

After a moment of restlessness, Jin Quan flew out and quickly absorbed the bodies of the two Kobold Body Refining Cultivator s.

Seeing Nv Ba still riding on Black Rabbit's Third Young Master's back, she seemed to feel that it was not bad! Have a great time...

As for the Black Rabbit's Third Young Master, he had long been scared witless by these two perverts and could not control his feces.

A putrid stench assaulted his nostrils, and his brows slightly knitted as he asked: "Sister Ba!" You don't mean to keep this rabbit as a mount, do you? This was too smelly …

He had this thought! But I don't know if this rabbit wants to live like this...

Nv Ba said with her soul power, that way, everyone here could hear him.

Nv Ba's intention was to swindle the Black Rabbit's Third Young Master into revealing the situation within the castle, because they did not even know how many people the Rabbit Family had in the castle on the surface. What Cultivation Level? The rest habits of these people were not clear at all.

As the saying goes, know yourself, know your enemy, and you won't lose a hundred battles.

I, I will! As long as you don't kill me. "Hmm …"

The third young master of the Black Rabbit quickly answered and swallowed his saliva! His body wasn't as shaky as it was a moment ago.

If I don't kill you, I can! But you have to be honest about the defenses of the castle.

Nv Ba sent a telepathic thought to Black Rabbit's Third Young Master.


The third young master of the Black Rabbit hesitated.

Stop wasting time with him! Actually, he didn't need to know about the castle. I went in and you sucked his soul and let me absorb his body. No, no, no, no... I can say, but you, my zombie grandmother! I have to swear not to kill me!

Good grandson! What a sweet mouth! Tell me about the castle. If it's fake, don't blame me for getting angry! Absorbed your soul.

Grandma Zombie! You haven't even sworn to it!

Good grandson! Grandmother, I hereby swear that if Third Young Master is honest and doesn't play tricks, I won't kill him. Otherwise, if he were to be struck by lightning, he would die a horrible death! It should be fine now, right?

Yes, yes! But you must let me up! How uncomfortable it felt to be lying on one's stomach like this … The third young master of the black rabbit said.

He made a plan in his mind: this rabbit hole was a mess. There was a hole in the cave. Most people would get lost in there.

He wanted to find a chance to escape, he did not want to be Nv Ba's mount the entire time. I really want to get out of here and kill you guys …

This responded to a sentence: the ideal is very full, the reality is very firm.

Nv Ba had already released her soul power from the inside, and formed many invisible Barrier inside the cave.

Nv Ba stood up and let go of Black Rabbit's Third Young Master.

How many people are there in your Rabbit family? How many lived in the castle? How much is in the diamond mine? Little Kong asked.

The Rabbit family had a total of seventy-eight people. There were forty-five people in the castle, and one in the diamond mine.

Lies! This damned rabbit …

Little Kong pointed at Black Rabbit's Third Young Master and roared, "As far as I know, there are more than a hundred people in the castle." He even said that there were only 78 people in total! Sister Ba! I'm going to kill him!

Her eyes were wide open! He raised the Jingu Bang.

Damn it all! I, I swear I'm telling the truth...

The Third Young Master of the Black Rabbit dropped to his knees and hugged Nv Ba's leg as he said, "Grandma zombie!" Grandmother! Goddess! Female Deity's Note: This young master Ginseng should be adding mercenaries, right?

Yes! Of course I mean mercenaries. I don't care if you're a member of the Rabbit family. Anyway, the Body Refining Cultivator in your rabbit family will do.

Oh! Oh! That's it... The third young master of the black rabbit nodded repeatedly.

There were two hundred and twenty-eight of them. There were a hundred and twelve people living in the castle, and twelve people in the diamond mine.

What about one hundred and four?

Both were in Ra City. The Rabbit family had opened a casino and an inn in the city.

Little Empty! Let's talk about the defensive capabilities of the castle, as well as the Cultivation Level s.

Xiao Kong received Nv Ba's telepathic thoughts and nodded.

Third Young Master! Then you tell me the exact layout of the lookout castle's mercenaries, as well as the Cultivation Level levels of the people inside.

"Alright!" Grandpa Ginseng! The specific deployment is...

The third young master of the Black Rabbit described in detail the arrangement of the mercenaries in the Gazing-in-Castle, their schedule, the level of the Cultivation Level, and so on.

The Third Young Master of the Black Rabbit felt that it didn't matter to him if he said these things. As long as his life was around, he could be considered to have succeeded if he could temporarily win Nv Ba's trust.

When he got back, he would tell the old master to change his defense or bring people to catch Little Kong and the others.

However, he never expected that Nv Ba would have completely sealed off this entire place with her Barrier.

If it wanted to escape, it was only a dream. It could only give Nv Ba a reason to devour its soul.

Thirty-two of them were in the middle stage of the Earth Foundation. Who would have thought that there would actually be a peak late-stage Earth Base expert here! Five at once.

Little Kong nodded and a smile appeared on his face! He thought to himself: If I kill all these Body Refining Cultivator, I can at least level up two levels.

Little Empty! We all go for diamonds. Pretending to be happy because it forgot about the third young master of the black rabbit, letting it escape …

Nv Ba sent a telepathic thought to Xiao Kong.

When they heard that they were going to let the rabbits escape, they were completely confused! He quickly replied with his spiritual will: Sister Ba! Then what if it runs away? Are you really going to let it go?

Rest assured! It could not escape. Hehe!

At this moment, Nv Ba's red eyes were filled with a strange craftiness.

Although he didn't know that Nv Ba had already sealed the entire rabbit hole with her Barrier, Little Kong knew that since Nv Ba had said that, she definitely had the confidence to catch Black Rabbit's Third Young Master.

Third Young Master! How many diamonds have you hidden here? Little Kong asked Black Rabbit with a greedy smile on his face.

Oh! In reply to Grandpa Ginseng's words, I must have hidden four or five thousand diamonds here. There were no more details. They were now both showing their respect to their masters! Please accept it, please accept it!

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master clasped his hands and bowed towards Little Kong and the others with a flattering and attentive expression.

From the looks of it, he was just like a filial grandson! Actually, the reason it didn't tell them the exact number on purpose was to arouse their curiosity …

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