I Am Not Sun Wukong/C19 Black rabbit third gongzi 2
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I Am Not Sun Wukong/C19 Black rabbit third gongzi 2
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C19 Black rabbit third gongzi 2

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master thought to himself, "You guys should quickly check the number of diamonds!" I'll take the chance to get away.

I'll bring someone to kill you two later! Heh heh …

As expected, when they heard that it was four thousand diamonds, both Nv Ba's eyes lit up!

Four or five thousand! How much?

Pretending to be curious, he ran over and moved away the stone slab.

The diamond inside was sparkling!

"Wow!" As expected, there were so many high-grade diamonds. Hehehe! It's all mine now...

Ye Zichen quickly grabbed it and stored it in the storage room on his waist.

Seeing that, Nv Ba immediately flew over and gave her a push.

Get lost! This one belongs to my great-aunt. "Heehee!"

He staggered and nearly fell to the ground! He turned around and fought over it.

It's mine! I saw it first, it was my …

Seeing Little Kong and Nv Ba fighting over the diamonds, Black Rabbit's Third Young Master had completely forgotten about his existence.

He was secretly delighted! Heart: Trapped! Two idiots! You guys can fight for it! This Young Noble will also leave...

He then turned into a streak of black gas and silently floated toward the entrance of the cave.

As he floated out of the stone door, he could hear Little Kong and Nv Ba arguing inside.

He was secretly pleased with himself: Let's argue slowly! When I go back, I'll bring someone to take care of all of you. Haha …

Puff! A loud sound was heard. Sad at the extreme?

As soon as he turned around, he felt as if he had hit something. It didn't feel like a rock wall. It was elastic, like a rubber wall.

What? He took a closer look and saw that there was nothing in front of him. It was still an endless tunnel.

He stretched out his hand and felt the air in front of him. It was empty, not even the air in front of him was there. What's that? What the heck...

Hearing that, little Kong who was inside was still fighting with Nv Ba for the diamonds, as if she had not discovered that she was running away.

What's going on! Was it an illusion? Was he afraid of the illusion? Ye Zichen thought about it for the time being, so he decided to quickly run away …

He turned into a black wind and flew forward. This time, he was several times faster than before.

Again: Puff! A loud sound was heard.

Another head hit the elastic wall.

It was bounced back immediately and with a "pa da" sound! He landed heavily on the ground.

Hm! Barrier. The zombies must have laid down their Barrier, otherwise they wouldn't have ignored me so recklessly. Right now, he couldn't care about all that. He could only fight with his life on the line …

Thinking about this, he used all his might and charged towards the Barrier.

He only wanted to break his Barrier, even if it meant being injured.

Puff! A loud sound was heard. Hitting the Barrier …

Gritting her teeth, she charged forward against the membrane formed by the Barrier. One meter, two meters.

They all knew that any Barrier would definitely break when they reach a depth of at most three meters.

Hope was right in front of his eyes. It was as if he could see the dawn of hope!

He thought he could finally escape.

As expected!

Boom! * A loud sound rang out.

The Barrier was broken, but due to the excessive force, it fell to the ground head first.

It finally broke! Haha! My third young master should not die …

Overjoyed! He quickly got up and transformed into a black gust of wind to escape once again.

Puff! A loud sound was heard.

He bumped into something soft.

Hm! Could there be another set of Barrier? Impossible! No matter how powerful a Body Refining Cultivator was, it was impossible for them to produce two sets of Barrier in one go. Even if it had the ability, it wouldn't do it, unless it wanted to play with me!

F * ck …

Did I encounter a freak!?

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master was right!

None of the Body Refining Cultivator in this world had the ability to complete two Barrier s.

Even in the human world, there wasn't a single almighty being who could complete two Barrier s at the same time, but Nv Ba was an exception.

Nv Ba had a body of ten thousand souls, it had countless souls on it, of course it would have many strong Cultivation Level s that defied the heavens.

Nv Ba not only had the ability to form two Barrier, she could also form countless Barrier.

Nv Ba was one of the perverts that the Black Rabbit's Third Young Master had met.

He had to completely exhaust himself from playing with it. He was convinced from the bottom of his heart! Just devoured his soul.

Could it be that the Ginseng Baby also obtained a set of Barrier? No matter! First, he had to break through it and escape. He thought so in his heart.

At this point, he couldn't care so much anymore, and he once again used all his strength to rush forward.

Boom! * A loud sound was heard.

With the Barrier broken, the Barrier this time was clearly not as strong as the previous one.

After using too much force, he fell flat on his face.

Sssii! * ~... After sliding on the stone floor for a while, his nose was almost flattened.

The skin had been punctured, and blood flowed profusely.

F * ck! This must be the Ginseng Baby's Barrier; it's so weak!

He got up and transformed into a black tornado as he flew forward …

He couldn't care so much now, the pain meant nothing, and escaping was more important.

Puff! A loud sound was heard.

The heck! He bumped into another Barrier.

What the heck! This f * cking still has Barrier. Damn it! I...

He couldn't help but curse in his heart! Greetings to all eight generations of Nv Ba's ancestors.

There was no retreat right now, he had to use his Barrier to escape!

After learning the lesson from last time, he didn't dare to use 100% of his strength this time. He only used 80% of his strength.

However, even after colliding with it and being bounced back, his Barrier had not been broken at all.

After taking a few breaths, he gathered all of his strength to rush out, but he was still bounced back.

F * ck! How could this Barrier be so strong? He gnashed his teeth in anger! He had the heart to kill.

At this time, Nv Ba peeked her head out from the door secretly, seeing the flustered and exasperated Third Young Master, even though he was expressionless, his eyes flashed with slyness!

Little Kong had already dived into the ground, right under the feet of the third young master with a mischievous smile on his face.

The Black Rabbit's Third Young Master was having fun! He had no idea that he was being watched...

He saw the front bow and the back arrow gritting his teeth as he channeled all his strength, causing his body to tremble! He rushed forward.

Seeing this, the little Kong who had escaped down reached out his hand to block the feet of the third young master. The third young master tripped on the little Kong's hand.

There was no way to retract the force of his charge.

Pa ji! He immediately fell to the ground.

Ouch!" "He fell in all directions …

Hollow held back her laughter and went back into the stone room.

She pretended to fight with Nv Ba again …

What was going on? What the hell! It felt soft. Uh-huh! Why not?

He turned around and saw nothing amiss, so he crawled up and looked around, but still didn't find anything.

This is strange … He turned around and looked at the stone chamber. At this moment, he suspected that he had been tricked!

But then he heard Little Kong arguing with Nv Ba inside.

Rubbing his swollen knees, he felt extremely depressed in his heart!

He thought to himself, I didn't look at the calendar when I left today: I ran into a ghost!

The third young master was definitely unlucky. Having run into a Zombie King, this was even more terrifying than running into a ghost!

At this moment, the Black Rabbit's Third Young Master was on the verge of collapse! However, he couldn't care so much about living.

Another round of arrows flew out from the bow, unleashing 120% of the power.

This was probably the last of the Barrier, and he believed that he would be able to escape death once he broke through …

Just as he was about to charge forward, he still stopped in his tracks with worry. Lowering his head to look at his feet, he wanted to see if anything strange would occur.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with it, he used his strength to rush forward.

Boom! * A loud sound was heard.

As expected, it had broken this Barrier.

He had wanted to fly away in the black wind.

But just to be safe, he decided to take a few steps forward.

Reaching out his hand, he touched the spot where Barrier would probably appear.

After a quick touch, he collapsed completely …

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